World Aids Day 2022  World Aids Day is observed globally on the 1st of December. The first world aid day was observed on 1 December 1988. The motto was to show unity and support for HIV patients. Each year different themes are followed to ensure and multiply the processive measures.... Read more

Physics aims to develop a basic understanding of how things work in the first place. Physics is part of the curriculum from the higher secondary education level in Pakistan because they are the country’s base years of formal education. The main motive is to make the students aware of their.... Read more

Often people are found tense about whether they should do employment or start a business of their own. This trend is present in the younger generation to much extent. After completing their degrees, they need help deciding what to pursue. In the article below, we have tried to list the.... Read more

Here is a comprehensive post on the top 5 best Fields in Pakistan after F.S.C. in 2023. After F.S.C., you can learn a lot about various career fields. Most students desire to pursue careers in medicine, engineering, or information technology when they complete their F.S.C.s, but they are still determining.... Read more

Mathematical analysis of numbers, structures, and change dates back thousands of years. It has its roots in ancient philosophy. Although mathematics, often known as “The queen of sciences,” is frequently used for computations, measures, and counting, it is also a complicated area that encompasses theories, the creation of legal precedents,.... Read more

Cancer is a magnanimous term, including multiple diseases caused by the abnormal growth of cells inside the human body. Cancer in breasts- breast cancer is the most common cause of women dying off. The frequency of deaths due to breast cancer is increasing with every passing year. Every year, the.... Read more

Do you want to have your master’s degree in a different culture in a more developed country with more opportunities? Then consider the Fulbright scholarship, For the best experience. It is the most prestigious scholarship programme offered in the US, as the cultural exchange programme welcomes students from all over.... Read more

Punjab Group has added another feather to its cap by conducting a three-day conference at Alhamra Lahore. The forum has invited prominent and well-known speakers from all over the world. The talk is titled- Indus Conclave 2022. It is scheduled to be held from 14th October 2022 to 16th October.... Read more

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