Accounting and Finance are the most popular and growing disciplines of professional education in Pakistan. However, people often need clarification about what they hold in the practical sense and the roles for future career growth. This article addresses the same concern to give clarity regarding why should you opt for.... Read more

Introduction  Business Administration is one of the most opted specialisations in Pakistan. It is abbreviated as BBA. It is a bachelor’s degree in business administration and commerce. You can get work in major multinational companies, in the government sector and abroad as well. The article below curates the scope of.... Read more

Punjab Colleges offer diverse types of scholarships to their students. You can also call them scholarships for FSC students and scholarships for students in Intermediate. The scholarships are the push-ups, a source of motivation, and solid financial support in case the circumstances play against the favour. Therefore, this article addresses.... Read more

Online college admission is the easiest way to register for college admissions without wasting time and physical hassle. Remember that getting admission to any college or university in our country is dependent on various criteria and factors. Not all institutions use the same system and process. Not even those who.... Read more

Pakistan is a country with numerous business opportunities. A simple stall selling French fries in any populated area of any city can earn at least Rs. 3k to 6k on a daily basis. However, some people are still looking for business opportunities in Pakistan and ask for exact chances to.... Read more

DPT stands for Doctor of Physical Therapy. It is a treatment given to relieve physical pain or any muscular or bone disorder. This therapy relies on the individual’s medical history and physical examination to reach a diagnosis. Therefore, the diagnosis helps them create a management plan. Additionally, they can incorporate.... Read more

Federal Board Result 2021 Every year students get to see their results online. It is the fastest way to know what your result is. Students of all classes can see their results on their official website. Details of Federal Board Result 2021 here. Federal Board 5th Class Result 2021 The.... Read more

UET ECAT Result 2021 UET ECAT tests are generally conducted during May and July. This year the test date was 12th July 2021. Right after the test has been given, the result comes out in the same month. The test result validity duration is for one year only. Students can.... Read more

LESCO is a big organization where thousands of people are serving every day. People are keen to get LESCO jobs through NTS (National Testing Service) because it is well-known and full of opportunities. One of the main reasons for its high demand is the government sector. Since LESCO is a.... Read more

Criminology is a legal science with a social profile, with application in everything concerning the prevention of delinquency and crime. It applies the methods of science for the discovery, investigation, and interpretation of the external and internal factors that result in crime at any level.  Criminology- An Introduction   In.... Read more

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