Scholarships & Fee Concessions

At Punjab College we believe that hard working students deserve rewards, and that every child deserves an education. Incentives and scholarships have always been a source of encouragement and much needed support for students. These awards inspire talented students to work harder and attain the best results in their examinations. Position holders are the pride of their alma mater. Punjab College offers a number of incentives for all those students who perform exceptionally well in their Boards/University exams. Other than incentives on the basis of performance, Punjab Group of Colleges is also concerned about the need of education of those students who can’t afford the fees and provide financial support by giving them concession or free education through different categories


1. Merit Based Scholarship

Punjab Group of Colleges promotes hard work and excellence. We offer an exclusive scholarship to students who show excellent performance in academics, they can avail up to 100% Fee Waiver. Students with 75% or above marks are eligible to apply for free education at the time of admission. Whereas, students with 70% or above marks can apply for a special fee concession of 50% percent.

2. Teachers’ children

Punjab College facilitates the teachers and ensures that their children can avail high quality education. Children of teachers at public sector and known private Institutes are eligible for this concession.

3. Kinship

Punjab College take care of the family of its students. The direct family members of old & current students are offered a special discount for their education.

4. Orphan Students

Orphans are entitled to a special scholarship at Punjab Colleges. Those who have lost their fathers/guardians, they can apply under this category.

5. Students with Special Needs 

To motivate students with special needs for getting education and illuminating their minds with spark of hope, a special fee concession opportunity has been ensured for them.

6. Need Based concession

Knowing the fact that not all students can afford the fees and face economic crisis, PGC is concerned about their need of education and provide financial support by giving them concessions or free education.

7. 1122 Employees

The employees and paramedical staff of rescue 1122 risk their lives in the line of duty. They deserve our support and to cope with that Punjab College is providing special concession for the children of Rescue 1122 employees.

8. Shuhda’s Children

Punjab College takes special care of children of Shuhada of armed forces and police of our country who sacrificed their lives for us. We provide a specific concession to Shuhda’s children so that they can study in Punjab College without getting any financial burden.

9. Incentive Policies for high achievers

Punjab College honours the students who perform exceptionally well in their respective Boards. The top position holders in intermediate from all boards are awarded with a brand new car/cash prizes.


Students securing top positions in matric from all boards are awarded with a brand new car/cash prizes upon joining Punjab College.

11. Incentive policy for PGC student in universities

Old students of PGC can avail concession at the time of admission at University of Central Punjab-Lahore, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University-Karachi, and Capital University of Science & Technology-Islamabad.

12. Special Circumstances Financial Aid

If the father/guardian of any current student unfortunately passes away, the responsibility of their fees will be taken over by Punjab College itself and education will be free for the student.

Others Discounts:

Afternoon Programmes

Programs that are being offered to students in Afternoon hours at PGC, it is another opportunity for students to avail 50% discount on fee and get quality education without any financial constraint. Furthermore, all the scholarship categories mentioned above can equally be applied on all Afternoon programs for students studying in Afternoon classes.