Prepare 9th and 10th-Class Math Notes With Free Video Lectures

class 9-10 math video lecture

Math is one of the most challenging subjects in matric. To clear complex concepts, you must practice as much as possible. But it can only happen if you have access to quality 10th-class math notes and 9th-class math notes. And Prep By PGC offers you the same as it brings you free video lectures for 9th and 10th-class math. 

9th & 10th-Class Math Notes – Video Lectures 

Prep By PGC offers you free access to video lectures on all chapters and topics of 9th and 10th-class math. The country’s most experienced and highly-qualified lecturers and teachers have prepared these lectures for matric students across Pakistan. And this experience and qualification are reflected in the number of positions secured by Punjab Group of Colleges students in matric exams. Our multi-talented students continued the legacy of distinction by securing 176 top positions across boards in intermediate exams in 2022. 

Now that the same education experts have brought you these lectures, it means you too can secure top grades in matric exams. 

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Prep By PGC offers you video lectures on the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Quadratic Equations

Chapter 2: Theory of Quadratic Equations

Chapter 3: Variations 

Chapter 4: Partial Fractions

Chapter 5: Sets & Functions 

Chapter 6: Basic Statistics 

Chapter 7: Introduction to Trigonometry 

Chapter 8: Projections of a Side of a Triangle 

Chapter 9: Chords of Circle 

Chapter 10: Tangent to Circle 

Chapter 11: Chords & Arcs 

Chapter 12: Angle in a segment of a circle

Chapter 13: Practical Geometry – Circles 


9th & 10th Class Math Notes – Long Questions 

You can’t make 9th and 10th-class math notes if you do not have access to long questions. Again, Prep By PGC offers free and unlimited access to mathematics long questions for 9th and 10th classes. These long questions aim at

  1. Improving the problem-solving skills of students. When students apply their knowledge to solve complex problems, they improve their problem-solving skills. 
  2. Develop logical thinking in students. The experienced faculty here at Punjab Group has designed these notes in a way that involves reasoning, interference, and deduction – all these practices develop critical thinking in students. In this way, you can get the maximum out of your 9th and 10th-class math notes. These long questions also enhance numerical ability. 
  3. Caters to the needs of all boards: These long questions cater to the needs of all education boards of Pakistan. The goal is to provide free access to quality education to all students of Pakistan. Being the hub of educational excellence in Pakistan, Punjab Group aims to bring all quality matric resources at a single platform for students across Pakistan, and that too without any cost. 


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9th & 10th-class Math Notes – Short Questions 

As Prep by PGC has been designed in accordance with the syllabus of education boards of Pakistan, it offers you free and unlimited access to 9th and 10th-class short questions for math. In this way, you can make 9th and 10th-class math notes for short questions too. Once you have made notes, practice them as much as you can to consolidate your concepts. 

9th & 10th-Class Math Notes – Past Papers 

Your 9th and 10th-class math notes are incomplete without going through the past papers. Past papers enable you to understand the pattern of papers. Likewise, they also help you identify the most important chapters and topics. 

Also, you can strategically divide your time on how to solve the paper as well as leave time for revision, at least twice. The app offers you access to past papers of the following boards:

  • BISE Lahore
  • BISE Bahawalpur
  • BISE DG Khan
  • BISE Faisalabad 
  • BISE Gujranwala 
  • BISE Multan
  • BISE Rawalpindi
  • BISE Sahiwal
  • BISE Sargodha 

9th & 10th Class-Math Notes – Set Self-Assessments 

Acquiring knowledge through 9th and 10th-class math notes is one thing, putting it test is another. Prep By PGC lets you test your knowledge by setting self-assessment tests. The more you practice your knowledge by setting self-assessment tests, the more you get command over complex and important topics and chapters. 

The app lets you study from the comfort of your home. Also, you can rewatch lectures as many times as you want – a luxury that isn’t available in on-site classes. Also, you learn most when your mind is at peace. 

In summary, Prep By PGC is your doorway to securing top grades in matric exams and getting admission to top colleges in the country. So, download it now and start studying!

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