Fear of Forgetting Theorems? Make 10 class Math Notes Today!

10 class math notes

The curriculum of class 10 mathematics in Punjab board is extensive, tricky, and has the most geometry and trigonometry content in addition to other things. Therefore, students often feel frightened to forget the theorems, circle, radius and related calculations. However, the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) took an excellent step to design a solution for students enrolled in 9th and 10th classes in any of the boards of Punjab. Now, students can make 10 class math notes from expert knowledge on their smart devices or smartphones. Are you excited to know more? Stay tuned till the end of this article.   

Learn Geometry Formulas for Class 10 Math  

The course is lengthy, tiresome, but ground-breaking when you are a student in the 10th class in any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Punjab. Students enjoy capabilities and strengths in their intermediate and professional education.   

However, preparing for 10-class math is tiresome for many of the ten-graders. We have excellent news for students now; you don’t have to worry about guidance, lectures and preparatory materials because the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has initiated a free matric app as  prep by PGC for matric students to get 360-degree exam assistance for free.   

You can learn chapter-to-chapter and topic-to-topic from expert teachers through free and recorded video lectures. Geometry is a well-explained phenomenon here.    

Practice 10th Class Maths Science Group Freely 

In addition to the video lectures for 10-class maths for science groups, students can make 10-class math notes with professional guidance from subject specialists. Furthermore, students can practice for all chapter exercises, and well-curated random questions available under the tab –Free Assessments!  

These free assessments are available for open access, practice and revision sessions. They can also help students to rate their preparedness for class 10 maths. In this way, students can put their efforts and time as per need.   

Analyse your Level of Math Prep before Board Exams  

In addition to the video lectures and practice sessions, students of 10 can make math notes and test their methodology and concepts for each topic individually.   

The Prep by PGC offers free high-quality (HQ) and expanded video lectures regarding every topic and chapter. All these topics are sub-divided into various lectures helping to provide a detailed explanation and developing a certain level of understanding among students to attempt questions from deviated angles.   

For instance, if a student feels stuck at any theorem, calculation, or conceptual cross path. They can always return to a certain part of lectures to save time and get exactly what they want. This tool benefits students during exam prep by cutting off the clutter, and the focus stays laser sharp.   

Revise Complexed Trigonometry and Radius Formulae   

A week around the 10th board exams is tough and clouding for students. If they think about any math topic, they find they are missing out on formulae and that – trigonometry exercise. Then they can directly consult Prep by PGC for clarity. Solved exercise solutions are available to consult at any point of confusion while making math notes for class 10.   

Attempt Class 10 Math Past Papers Rigorously  

Prep by PGC also has mathematics past papers for class 10 in storage. Hence, students can attempt to past papers for their board. Mostly, the papers for the preceding five years are available. Therefore, no matter whether students go through the past papers at the start or the end of their exam prep.   

Take Time to Learn Objectives for Maths Class 10  

In addition to the numerical and math problem, there is an essential part of the objective portion in 10-class maths. Notes must be made accordingly. Therefore, as a free matric app, the Prep by PGC recognises the importance of objective in any subject.   

It offers 5000+ MCQs and 4000+ Short Questions for objective prep for class 10. In addition, 1000+ long questions are also a part of the content.   

Get all this and many more with Prep By PGC  

By installing Prep by PGC, you can enjoy all the following features for all subjects of class 10 while you make 10th-class math notes.   

  • Easy Installation on Android and Apple iOS Devices  
  • User Interface is Simple to the Core  
  • Course Curriculum is in accordance with Education Boards in Punjab  
  • Prep By PGC is Equally Productive for English Medium & Urdu Medium Students  
  • 365 Days Working App, Available 24/7  
  • Free of Any Fee  
  • Practical is also covered in Relevant (Science) Subjects  
  • Students can Revise any Topic as no Limitation Applies  
  • Quality is Guaranteed as Curriculum is Regulated and Updated as per Official Updates  


We are finally reminding the students to make 10 class math notes with the help of professional video lectures and objective and subjective learning materials. With Prep by PGC, the students can rely on our quality of content as it is supervised by PGC authorities. Moreover, no fees are charged.   


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