Result of the 10th class 2021 BISE Bahawalpur Date The BISE Bahawalpur result for the 10th class will be available on the internet for students to verify. The Board of Middle and Secondary Education has recently implemented serious security measures. So that the result of the Bahawalpur 2021 board cannot.... Read more

Higher education comes after the secondary educational period. It is the education that students usually get after they have completed their first two cycles of education in school and in college. Since higher education is professional learning, it is taught at the university. Many colleges also offer higher education depending.... Read more

Childhood is the most important and effective part of one’s life. It is the creation of human historical development. It is a relatively late result of men becoming. Whatever people grow like is mainly because of childhood period’s learning. In the early days, when primitive childhood did not exist. As.... Read more

General Education What is General Education? The word education finds its origins in Latin, specifically from the Latin word education. It was originally meant to raise and create. But we can focus on the meaning of education only. It is the source of promoting the development of the intellect and.... Read more

What is formal education? What is Formal Education? Education is the process that is carried out to instruct and train a person. Formal, on the other hand, is what has formality. That is, with a mode of development or execution that adjusts to certain requirements or parameters. The idea of.... Read more

What is compulsory education? Since we are born we are all educated. We are all led to think or do certain things. Like it or not, education is inevitable. That is why the claim that it is also mandatory is surprising. Unless the obligation does not consist in educating oneself.... Read more

How is a federal loan different from a private loan for an education? Federal student loans are governed by governmental department of Education guidelines. These are typically offered at lower, fixed rates than private loans. However, in federal loans, unlike private ones, there are limits on the amount to be.... Read more

What is Montessori education? Montessori education was created at the beginning of the 20th century to be put into practice with children. It was specially designed for those who had certain difficulties in acquiring curricular learning. This educational style aims to promote the natural development of students’ skills. It enhances.... Read more

What is the economic status? What is the economic status? In this way, the concept of economic status refers to the position that a person occupies in society. It is concerning others according to their income, education, and employment. In addition, three classes or levels of wealth emerge from these.... Read more

Why is technology important in education? Technology has brought about revolutionary changes in all aspects of life, including interpersonal communication, the economy, the entertainment sector, and even education. Students appear to be dealing with changes that drastically impact both their daily lives and how they learn more than ever.   Thus,.... Read more