Pakistan holds a massive potential for growth in digital payments, online transactions, and cash-less banking due to various reasons. This article discusses the scope and potential of digital payments. Furthermore, the answer to the query of how digital payment benefits Pakistan is also a part of this write-up.  Introduction to.... Read more

Lahore is Pakistan’s second-largest urban centre, with a population of over 1 million. Metropolises often face pollution problems arising for specific reasons. Since 2017, Lahore has witnessed a thick blanket of winter smog causing serious discomfort. Residents have experienced severe health issues, and the increase in accidents was alarming. We.... Read more

Accounting today has been popular as the universal language of business. Thus, it makes sense that all business professionals should be fluent in accounting and finance. But do you really need to study finance?   Well, you might think that non-accountants do not need to study more about finance and accounting. However,.... Read more

Students idealise their teachers. They love how teachers talk, walk, and present themselves and how much knowledge they have about the subject they teach. Students also like a teacher due to their behaviours and actions. But, do you know, they teach you to idealise today BECOMES your reality tomorrow? Therefore,.... Read more

The commercial business today is growing in every field. Accordingly, the demand for professionals in business administration is increasing. In fact, according to research, some business administration jobs are projected to grow by 8% from 2020 to 2030. This means that there are more opportunities to grow a career in.... Read more

UCP is a renowned private sector university in Pakistan. UCP works under the umbrella of the largest educational network in the country. UCP decided to expand its education network to the entire province of Punjab. Therefore, students can earn an acclaimed degree while studying in their own cities. This article.... Read more

The 6th of September has enormous historical significance in Pakistan. On this day, the country comes together to remember the courageous soldiers and people who bravely defended our country during the 1965 Indo-Pak War and made the supreme sacrifice. To successfully address the difficulties of the present and the future,.... Read more

After matriculation, many students are willing to go to the social sciences in their later years of education. They also are not so fond of hard subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Therefore, they look for an ideal option that not only gives them freedom while studying but also.... Read more

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