The aim of the Blood Donor Society is to gather a team of highly motivated students who can enthusiastically put in an effort to gather blood from volunteer donors amongst the students, faculty and staff of the college. It is the responsibility of the society to ensure the availability of blood at a time of emergency or for regular cases.


The Debating Society plays a prominent role in facilitating students with the possibilities to explore their capability in the field of debating/declamations. The society conducts bilingual monthly and annual debating events. The best teams are presented with trophies on the basis of their performance. The society also selects the teams of debaters for participation in the inter-college debating/declamation contests.


At Punjab Colleges, dramas, short plays and skits play an integral part at welcome parties, concerts and other occasions. To improve the quality of such activities, students require a proper arrangement in this regard so that they can exhibit and enhance their dramatics skills. Through the dramatics club, students gain confidence, improve their public speaking skills and learn to express themselves. This club aims to contribute to personality and character-building through the performing arts.


The Music Society has been established to polish the innate abilities of students in singing and music. Pakistan’s most popular superstars like Atif Aslam, Abrar-ul-Haq, Goher Mumtaz and Mustafa Zahid started their journeys of success through this society. The society organizes regular workshops to talk about various genres of music such as Classical, Pop, Fusion, Sufi-rock, Pop-rock, Rap, Jazz, Trance etc. The Society also organizes frequent gig-nights, singing competitions and concerts.


This society aims to promote healthy reading and writing habits among students. The circle convenes regular events and each session comprises of a selection of a particular book in prose or poetry, followed by discussion on the author, chosen excerpts and important chapters. After the session, all members are required to contribute a small review and critique. The sessions are conducted in both Urdu and English literatures. The circle also intends to involve speakers and renowned writers on its guest-list.


The aim of this club is to promote the country’s cultural and natural heritage through tourism in a sustainable way by making our students conversant with regional trends and diversity. The club will also arrange different tourism activities.


IT Club is dedicated to providing students with a club focused on IT-oriented activities. The aim is to give our students a chance to develop IT-based projects and get a hands-on experience to gain more knowledge about IT. Club members will participate in field trips to software houses, IT related campus projects and other IT-related activities.


Extracurricular activities are incomplete without sports and here at Punjab College, we keep this on the top of all activities. Some highlights of the sports agenda include league tournaments of badminton, basketball, cricket, hockey, football and table tennis. Apart from on-campus activities, students also take an active part in inter-college tournaments.


Health Awareness Club is established to arrange the activities related to general health awareness among students. Seminars are conducted in coordination with experienced local doctors to increase awareness about important health related issues like self-medication and mental health.


The Go Green Club is about focusing towards energy conservation, recycling of natural resources and planting maximum number of trees so that the coming generations would benefit from decisions made today. We need to act as proven examples of self-sustenance in energy conservation and taking footsteps that would enable us to become the 'Pioneer institution' within Pakistan in addressing such an important global issue.


Science Club is dedicated to providing students with a club focused on science-oriented activities. The goal is for students to learn, develop professionally and enjoy social interaction with fellow students in an extracurricular environment. Club members participate in field trips, campus projects and other science-related activities.


The Art Club is mainly responsible to streamline the production, promotion and showcasing of art work by the students. That is why the Art Club members remain busy throughout the academic session in various demanding activities. Students associated with this club make themselves available outside working hours, as they play the main role to develop art projects which they can showcase in regular and annual events. They can also participate in art, painting and poster-making competitions.


Young Entrepreneurs Club focuses on educating students about the importance and benefits of entrepreneurship and offers startups with incubator services. It organizes events to help students and alumni connect to the networks’ supporting startups.


The Welfare Society at Punjab College is a non-profit society run by students. This society works for the welfare of humanity without any discrimination of cast, creed, color, sect and religion. It serves deserving students, indigent patients and college staff. The society will regularly organize events and seminars to increase awareness about social welfare activities. These events will also be used as a major source for fundraising to help deserving people in case of any natural disasters or any other event.


The Islamic Society is responsible to promote activities that can build a positive image of Islam and to also discuss the most common misconceptions about Islam. Seminars will be conducted in coordination with popular Islamic scholars to educate students with knowledge of Quran. It provides spiritual support to students through the activities designed in a more organized form. The society will also regularly conduct Qira'at competitions between the students.


The ultimate purpose of the Photography Club is to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography, while studying. The club will organize regular workshops in collaboration with popular photographers. Members of the club will also explore the possible opportunities for photography projects and explore the possibilities of exhibitions on and off campus. The society will also regularly conduct photography competitions between the students.

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