FA programme is designed for students who are interested in developing careers in the fields of arts, humanities, journalism, media, and other related fields. The programme features experienced teaching faculty with activities and projects designed to help our students gain practical exposure where students can utilize on-campus art labs and studios, thus developing depth in both knowledge & understanding of their preferred fields.


Subjects FA (Part-I and Part-II)


Compulsory Subjects


  • Urdu
  • English
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies


Elective Subjects


  • Civics
  • Phy.Education
  • Economics
  • Fine Arts
  • English Literature
  • Home Economics
  • Islamiyat Elective




The duration of the programme is two years. The BISE conducts terminal examinations for 1st year and 2nd year separately.


Frequently Asked Questions (faq'S):

Ans: Minimum requirement is matriculation or equivalent. For further details, visit your nearest campus.

FA is a two-year programme in parts with 550 marks each year. Thus total marks of FA are 1100


In FA, you study 6 subjects in both parts I & II. Both parts carry equal marks that are 550. The subject wise breakdown of marks for FA is as follows:


  • English (Compulsory) = 100 Marks
  • Urdu (Compulsory) = 100 Marks
  • Islamic Education (Compulsory) = 50 marks (Part I only)/ Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) = 50 marks (Part II only)
  • Elective subject 1 = 100 marks
  • Elective subject 2 = 100 marks
  • Elective Subject 3 = 100 marks

Ans: Unlike Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering, there are numerous avenues to choose from in Arts. Fields include (but not limited to):

  • Account executive
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Arts
  • Banking
  • Government Jobs
  • Manufacturing
  • Paralegal
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resource
  • Social worker
  • Teacher
  • Writer