We live in an era of technology. Information Technology is massive in the present, and the future is expected to be luminous. In Pakistan, a considerable quantity of students has an interest in computer advancements and IT. Therefore, Punjab Colleges ICS admissions 2022 are open for the new intake. If.... Read more

Students in the tenth grade are frequently confused about the board exams, especially those who have difficulties preparing for the English exam. However, it is critical to achieve high marks in the English paper in order to maintain your overall grades. However, to achieve this, you need English notes for.... Read more

The priority of a student is education. But many students ask about working online and how to do online jobs. The freelance, work-from-home (WFH) concept has seen massive growth in the last couple of years. This article lists ten top online jobs you can do as a student in Pakistan..... Read more

Intermediate is the first step of professional education. Students choose their career from the level of intermediate. As matric results, 2022 is out. Intermediate Admissions 2022 are open now at Punjab Group of Colleges nationwide! You can choose PGC Faisalabad to get admissions after looking at the power points and.... Read more

Maintaining its legacy of educational excellence, Punjab Group of Colleges – the largest educational network in Pakistan – is proud to announce that its students have secured three top positions in the Federal Board of Education and Intermediate (FBISE) exams 2022, including an overall 1st position. Tooba Abdul Basit –.... Read more

If you live in Gujrat or are a resident of a nearby area and are looking for colleges for 1st-year admissions, then Punjab College Gujrat is the best place. This campus of the Punjab Group of Colleges was established in 2021 with every state-of-the-art educational facility available. We know that.... Read more

Do you know that Pakistan’s carbon emissions are less than 1%? Yet our country is ranked eighth among the countries that are most vulnerable to climate change. Since the start of the exceptional monsoon season in mid-June, floods in Pakistan have wreaked havoc across the country. Three of Pakistan’s fives.... Read more

If you are an art student, then an intermediate in commerce (ICom) is the best choice for you after your matriculation. This degree will help you gain basic commerce and business knowledge. The Punjab Group of Colleges offers this course, and our ICom admissions will open right after your matric.... Read more

Intermediate in Computer Sciences, or ICS, is a two-year program offered by public and private colleges in Pakistan. Punjab Group of Colleges offers this program and their ICS admissions will open after the matriculation result is announced. ICS is a two-year academic certification that provides the student with general experience.... Read more

One of the most sought-after intermediate certification in Pakistan among students is Pre-Medical; every student who wants to become a doctor considers it their first significant step toward achieving their goal. Therefore, it is of great importance that you pick the best institution for your intermediate studies. And the best.... Read more

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