What are BS Physics Subjects in Pakistan?

BS Physics

Physics aims to develop a basic understanding of how things work in the first place. Physics is part of the curriculum from the higher secondary education level in Pakistan because they are the country’s base years of formal education. The main motive is to make the students aware of their interests in subjects that could make it easy to choose the right field for them as a future profession. Professional education starts from the undergraduate level in the country. To study in the desired domain, students must complete an intermediate in the relevant industry for base development. Therefore, we are going to discuss the subjects of BS Physics in Pakistan. To understand the importance and essence of physics and its subjects, ensure to read this article to the very end.  

Admission Pre-Requisites for BS Physics  

To apply for a BS in Physics at the undergraduate level of education in Pakistan, an intermediate in relevant subjects is needed. The exact criteria are mentioned below.  

  • At least 45% marks in F.SC Pre-Engineering/ICS/A Level or equivalent with Mathematics & Physics.  

Mathematics and Physics are required to ensure that student holds the necessary concepts, adaptability, and knowledge of Physics and related topics and sub-topics.  

Subjects and Study Plan of BS Physics  

After completing intermediate, students initiate the four-year degree program in universities and the entitled colleges to earn the undergraduate educational degree. The four-year degree program is known as BS in Pakistan.  

To complete a BS Physics degree, the student is required to complete 136 credit hours, studying various courses throughout the tenure. Subjects are mentioned in the following.  

Courses have a variety of subjects divided into compulsory courses, general courses, foundation courses, major courses, and elective courses, respectively. In addition, the research project is also a part of degree completion.  

Compulsory Courses in BS Physics  

The compulsory courses in BS Physics are essential for all students to study, and no choice is available for them to leave. Some of the mandatory subjects of BS Physics are stated below.  

  • Functional English  
  • Pakistan Studies  
  • Calculus 1 & 2  
  • Communication Skills  
  • Islamic Studies (for Muslim Students)  
  • Ethics (for Non-Muslim Students)  
  • Technical Writing & Presentation Skills  
  • Statistics  
  • Introduction to Computers  

These courses are distributed among the number of semesters per the institutions that seem fit. However, these are generally covered in early semesters. These courses are skill-building courses for students, preparing them with the basic, professional skills to perform at their best level in their careers.  

General Courses in BS Physics  

The general courses are taught to students to develop a general awareness about a number of things. The subjects included in the general category are as follows.  

  • Introduction to Sociology  
  • Physical Chemistry  
  • Differential Equations  
  • Computer Programming  
  • Linear Algebra  
  • Introduction to Psychology  
  • Environmental Physics  

Just like the compulsory courses, the general courses are also to be taken by students. These are not elective subjects.  

Foundation Courses in BS Physics  

Universities and colleges include a couple of foundation courses in BS Physics to ensure students have strengthened their physics foundation to build rich knowledge on it. The foundation courses have an additional ability that they already gained in intermediate. Some of the foundation courses of BS Physics are mentioned below.  

  • Waves and Oscillation  
  • Heat & Thermodynamics  
  • Heat & Thermodynamics Lab  
  • Modern Physics  
  • Optics  
  • Optics Labs

The major courses of BS Physics are next in the queue.  

Major Courses of BS Physics  

BS Physics has a variety of major courses. These courses are the advanced knowledge base for students in the degree program. The advanced and upgraded students are ready to make their mark with strong majors in the line. The majors of BS Physics are listed below.  

  • Mathematical Methods of Physics 1 & 2  
  • Quantum Physics 1 & 2  
  • Electronics 1 & 2  
  • Electronics 1 Lab   
  • Statistical Mechanics  
  • Atomic & Molecular Physics  
  • Atomic & Molecular Physics Lab  
  • Solid State Physics 1 & 2  
  • Electrodynamics 1 &2  
  • Classical Mechanics  
  • Advanced Experimental Lab  
  • Nuclear Physics  

Elective Courses of BS Physics  

The elective courses are chosen from the subjects that the institution offers to make a choice from. They could be any of the majors mentioned above. The students should select the electives by scoping research and keeping personal interests and career opportunities in mind while deciding. If one is interested in atomic and nuclear physics, one must not go for otherwise options.  

The best way to make a choice for electives in BS Physics is to consult your mentor and faculty for better guidelines. Furthermore, you can sort your confusion away with the video and text content on foreign college and video hosting websites.  

Skills and Abilities to Develop by BS Physics  

Choosing BS in Physics develops students’ vast knowledge and skill bank. An overlook of skills and expertise is available in the following.  

Knowledge gains in BS Physics  

  • Learn to solve mathematical issues and identify connections between physical factors.  
  • Become familiar with the gathering, preparing, organising, and interpreting scientific data.  
  • Learn about natural laws in a variety of domains, such as biomedical physics, astronomy, astrophysics, electricity, magnetism, classical and quantum mechanics, and optics.  
  • Effectively do research, arrange knowledge, and create innovative ideas.  

Skill Upgrades in BS Physics  

  • Conducting & Executing Experiments  
  • Skills of Theory Development  
  • Ability to understand & apply the Relevant Calculations  
  • Researching For the Valued Data  
  • Preparing Quality Oriented Technical Reports  
  • The Understanding of Mechanics  

Intermediate Course in Physics  

Before BS Physics enrolments, the students have gone through subjects of basic level understanding and knowledge development for Mathematics, Computer, Physics, and Statistics alongside English, Chemistry, and other subjects in their Intermediates and Matric level.  

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