Early childhood education refers to educational programs and practices focused on children between the ages of birth and about eight. Early childhood education programs are created to assist and enhance this stage’s rapid development in cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects. Early childhood education programs come in a variety of shapes.... Read more

The Secretary of Education in Pakistan is Dr. Sajid Yoosufani. He was appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is responsible for the administration and implementation of policies related to education in the country. Furthermore, he has been working for the Pakistani government for 32 years and is an expert.... Read more

What is Continuing Education in Pakistan? Continuing education is the source through which you can continue going to the long path of improvement. People get this education with the aim of becoming better professionals. Also, in an environment as competitive as the current one, companies look for qualified candidates. They.... Read more

What is Minecraft Education Edition? Minecraft Education Edition is a collaborative and useful platform. It focuses on teachers, students and educational institutes. It aims to promote creativity, collaboration and problem solving in a fun and imaginative environment. This video game is one example. As a teacher you can use the.... Read more

What education is needed/required to become a registered nurse? Would you like to be a nurse and you don’t know what you have to study to get it? The nursing field is quite popular among students now. The care of the sick, among many other functions, makes the nurse a.... Read more

When Looking to Finance Higher Education, What is the Best Order to Look for Funding Sources? Want to get higher education? Worried that how can you source funds for your higher education? What is the Best Order to Look for Funding Sources? Here is the solution! Read this article till.... Read more

Physical education is that discipline that encompasses everything related to the use of the human body. It helps the integral formation of each human being. The means used in this type of education are motor games, sports initiation, educational sports, and recreation, etc. Students take this subject to add fun.... Read more

The United States, according to the latest published data, devoted 13.4% of its public spending to education. They spent 22.55% on health and 9.43% on defense. The US spends almost $15,908 on one student. It is the estimated cost of a post-secondary student. The spending on graduate and postgraduate students is an average.... Read more

Introduction: The main purpose of education is the integral development of a person. In addition, it is a source of its obvious benefits for a fuller and better life. Education can contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. It develops a society in which people are aware of.... Read more

What is Secondary Education? Secondary Education is taught after the primary education. It includes intermediate classes. This type of education is transmitting from primary to post-secondary. It is also a bridge leads students towards higher education. What is Post-Secondary Education? Post-secondary is also known as non-tertiary education. It provides people.... Read more

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