Explore the Top 5 Best Fields After F.S.C.

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Here is a comprehensive post on the top 5 best Fields in Pakistan after F.S.C. in 2023. After F.S.C., you can learn a lot about various career fields. Most students desire to pursue careers in medicine, engineering, or information technology when they complete their F.S.C.s, but they are still determining other viable options. The F.S.C. is a significant exam, and many students take it yearly. To write the NTS test, you must receive a decent score on this test. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan administers the F.S.C., or intermediate (or 12th class) public sector certificate test, which is the first step toward obtaining a professional degree in various disciplines of study. There are different boards for distinct locations nationwide. 

  • Field of Medicine  
  • Field of Engineering  
  • Field of Architecture  
  • Field of Law  
  • Field of Art, Design  
  • Field of Tourism and Hospitality  

Scheme of Studies after FSC in Pakistan 

After intermediate, FSC, ICOM, ICS, or FA students peruse their professional studies in universities and approved colleges. Admissions are always started at the undergraduate level at BS after intermediate.  

Field of Medicine  

There are a number of professional degrees you can earn after completing your intermediate as an F.S.C. Premedical. However, people often think MBBS is the only way after F.S.C. pre-medical. That is not the case. The following degrees are also able to fulfil your chance to serve humanity.   

You can enter fields like dental, psychiatry, and nursing. In addition, the medical field is the source of doctors, physicians, occupational therapists, surgeons, anaesthesiologists, audiologists, radiologists, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. You might make a respectable living here. Since the healthcare sector in our nation is expanding quickly, qualified personnel are needed to give the populace the most important and most modern medical services.  

Field of Engineering  

One of the most prominent and well-known professions, engineering has consistently been in high demand in recent years. A career in engineering can be pursued in a variety of fields. This field requires a lot of work and revolution.  

In order to succeed in this industry, dedication, passion for your work, and the capacity to innovate are necessary. Making a good living in this field is possible. In this field, expertise is crucial, and your income is entirely based on your experience and practical knowledge of the relevant technological area. Civil engineering, machinal engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, petroleum engineering, aeronautical engineering, and architectural engineering are some types of engineering with a massive scope.  

Field of Architecture  

After doing F.S.C., there is a vast opportunity to go for Bachelor’s in Architecture. In Pakistan, architects are in rising demand. Because the property sector is booming. In the near and far future, there is also great potential in this field. You can either be a residential architect, commercial architect, government architectures, conservation architect, and industrial designer.   

Field of Law  

L.L.B. is the most prestigious law degree in Pakistan. Colleges worldwide award the Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B.) as a legal degree. Of all the legal degrees, it is the most well-known. Law schools highly prize the Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B.), which is by far the most widely-used degree. Many academic institutions award Bachelor of Law (L.L.B.) degrees in Pakistan. However, it is a five-year-long program in Pakistan.   

Field of Art, Design  

Painting, drawing, sculpting, and graphic design are visual media included in an art and design degree. Basic design principles, colour theory, critical thinking, and creative processes are taught to art and design majors. Students can pursue jobs in the visual arts with the information and abilities they get with a bachelor’s degree in art and design.   

The B.S. programme is more technically oriented and may be more suited to people interested in architecture and related professions. In contrast, the B.F.A. curriculum emphasises aesthetic techniques to help students develop their creative potential. It holds a massive growth potential and earning opportunities to work on private and public grounds in multiple areas.   

In addition to these five, one is a bonus field to know. That is a relatively new and exciting field to know.

Field of Tourism and Hospitality  

Students can select from various courses if they want to pursue a degree in hospitality. There are degrees in culinary arts as well as hospitality studies, hospitality management, tourist studies, tourism management, and hospitality sales. While obtaining a degree in hospitality management, students can learn about the industry through internships, study abroad opportunities, or online courses.  

Students can learn about the hotel and tourism industries through the four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Hospitality and Tourism Management programme. Students with bachelor’s degrees in hospitality and tourism management can prepare for positions in hotels, resorts, and other tourist-related enterprises.  

Where to Study for B.S. in Pakistan  

In Pakistan, after completing the intermediate, the students go to undergraduate programs offered in both universities and authorised colleges. You can check out the U.C.P. CollegesU.C.P. (University Of Central Punjab), Jinnah University, and CUST for your respective city and program details.  You can enrol in any of Pakistan’s top 5 best fields after F.S.C.  

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