BS Physics

Scope of BS physics in Pakistan:

The BS physics degree in engineering is specifically designed to rigorously prepare students for a technical career in industry, perhaps as engineers, analysts, or consultants. We prepare students by developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the classroom and through research opportunities on or off-campus.

“Engineering” literally means “to make things happen”. Engineering is traditionally about infrastructure.

In today’s world, engineering is recognized as a discipline that also creates technology and products that help make our lives easier. The computers on which we surf the net; medical services, and technologies we trust; household appliances and vehicles.

According to the American Physical Society, 60% of physics students graduate and get a job in some engineering position. Physics students are often better engineers because they are better trained in mathematics and have a broader critical thinking and problem-solving skillset to meet the challenges of an ever-changing technological landscape.

Fields after ICS physics:

Students who have completed ICS, it is better for them to continue their studies and go for a relevant BS physics or any other degree program. In any case, a student cannot pursue studies, have the options for short courses and diplomas.

Following are the fields that a ICS student can choose after intermediate.

  • Software Engineering.
  • Computer System Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering.
  • BS Nanotechnology.
  • BS Space Sciences.
  • BS Physics.
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Computational Physics.
  • BS Mathematics.

Is Physics a good degree?

BS Physics

Physics’ scope is really good in the market. The qualified physicists are not much in numbers. That fact makes them more in demand and valuable. Specializing in physics is a good deal.

What has applied physics:

There are variety of physics applications in daily life. For example, medical tools, such as X-rays or operations with laser, would not be possible without this branch of science. Is also present in most everyday objects such as telephones, televisions, and almost all electronic devices. Moreover, without the physics neither could airplanes fly, the cars could not move and no buildings could be built. Almost all things are related to physical in some way or another.

BS Physics has many fields of study whose applications are in life daily life of humans. The best common are astrophysics, biophysics, molecular physics, electronics, particle physics, and relativity, among others. Physics belongs to the natural sciences and involves the study of matter and its movements; and behaviors across space and time.

What’s more:

  • Relate concepts, such as energy and force
  • It is one of the fundamental branches of the disciplines of science
  • The greatest goal of Physics is to understand how the Universe.



The electromagnetic force is usually exhibited in fields electromagnetic fields electric, magnetic fields, and light.

All electrical equipment used in daily routine are associated with electromagnetism. From microwave ovens, fans electric bells, and electric bells to alarm clocks.


The term atomic physics may be associated with nuclear power and weapons nuclear. Although nuclear physics deals only with the nuclei of atoms. Generally, in scientific fields the context is considered broader between several branches; only scientific studies are that specific.


This field is called physics quantum or quantum mechanics. The applications of quantum theory include quantum chemistry, super magnet drivers, lasers, microprocessors, magnetic resonance imaging, and microscopes electrons.

It has also influenced string theories, candidates for a Theory of Everything. New advances in this field are working to improve quantum cryptography. Another goal is the development of computers quantum; they are expected to process tasks much faster than classic computers.


In the theory of relativity, Einstein determined that the laws of physics are the same for all observers. Too determined that the speed of light is the same, regardless of the speed at which the observer trip. One of the effects of that theory is that different observers traveling to different speeds can have different perspectives of the same event; however, all observations are correct. GPS systems rely on it to function. Electromagnets are also possible thanks to relativity. The Older TVs, or those without plasma screens, worked with a mechanism based on relativity.


It is the field of physics (BS Physics) that studies the base of atoms, their constituents, and interactions. Other forms of nuclear matter are studied. Nuclear physics is not the same as atomic physics, a field that study the entire atom and its electrons.


Study how air behaves and the relationship it has when an object goes through it. Without the knowledge of this matter, aircraft could not have been designed, rockets, cars, or bridges that survive hurricanes.

Air is a fluid and to pass quickly through it, it is necessary to do it in a long, thin vehicle? You could create as little resistance to the fluid as possible to go Quick. In the same way, it is that humans advance in the sea faster if they swim horizontally; for that reason, planes and trains are shaped tubes.


East field is closely linked with physics atomic and has many aspects in common with theoretical chemistry, physical chemistry, and chemistry.

This branch of physics measures properties of rotation and vibration of the spectrum of molecules, the distances between the nuclei of the molecules, and their properties, among other stuff.


In practice, modern research involves a lot of physics work observational and theoretical. Some areas of study that attempt to determine to include the properties of dark matter, black holes, if they travel in time it is possible if wormholes can form if the multiverse exists, and the origin and destiny of the universe. Astrophysicists also study the formation and evolution of the System Solar, galaxy formation, cosmic rays, and astrophysics particles.

What should I do after BS in physics?

Why study BS Physics? If you are a person interested in your environment. Have the curiosity and who wants to know the why of things, if you have professional concerns and are open to working in fields related to science, technology, computer science, medicine, new energies, teaching. If you are one of those who want your higher education to have the ability to train you to enter a current labor market, nationally and internationally, with high qualification, then your choice is Physics.

What can I work on after studying physics?

According to official studies, the degree of satisfaction with the professional activity carried out among the BS Physics group is one of the highest. The labor field that this career opens up to you is and has one of the lowest unemployment rates.

Following are some examples.

  • New Materials
  • Meteorology
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Renewable energy
  • Optics and Lasers
  • Medicine and Biophysics
  • Electricity and electronic
  • Quality and Environment Control

In addition to many other fields such as Research and Development, Teaching, Consulting, etc.

Astrophysics and space science:

Below is the brief description of astrophysics and space science.

Astrophysics – Study of the physics of the universe and the stars. Orbital Mechanics – Or astrodynamics, of the spacecraft. Astrobiology – Study of the existence, origin, presence, and influence of life in the whole of the Universe. Exobiology – Study of the possibilities of extra-terrestrial life in the Universe.

Is the Degree in Physics valued?

In this sense, it must be remembered that a graduate in BS Physics is highly valued both from a social point of view. For its high level of training, and from a business point of view, since the Physicist is above all a person capable of seeking the means to find answers to phenomena of different kinds, in the field of science, innovation, and technology, business, computing.

Physics is very broad and versatile with great content both in Mathematics and Computer Science as well as in theoretical and experimental Physics. In addition, you will be able to access a multitude of specialized studies, in case you want to complete your training with a master’s degree at this or another university, in fields as varied as materials engineering, electronics, environment, new energy sources, applications in medicine.

In addition, each student is assigned an Academic Advisor who guides them in a personalized way throughout their Physics studies.

BS Physics jobs and salary in Pakistan:

  • Accelerator Operator
  • Applications Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Design Engineer
  • High School Physics Teacher
  • IT Consultant
  • Lab Technician
  • Laser Engineer
  • Optical Engineer
  • Research Associate
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Specialist
  • Web Developer

Physicists earn based on their experiences. BS physics is highly recommended if you want to earn a good salary package. The education and experience matters in what you are going to be hired for and what the salary will be. The average salary in this field starts from at least 35000 and goes up to 300,000. It can be changed according to the market value.

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