Data Science

Data is emerging as the most valuable commodity on the planet. Back in 2012, Harward’s business review called the job of data scientists the “sexiest job of the 21st- century”. Today, even after a decade, this claim stands true. The Harward business review claims that data science is the most popular job to grow. The emergence of artificial intelligence has multiplied data science efficiency. We are going to discuss the opportunities you can have as a data scientist in Pakistan.   


Organizations worldwide are working on strategies to organise and use data to achieve their strategic goals, as data is referred to as the future oil. Therefore, analytics is referred to as the engine to effectively run organizations. Organisations are making big decisions based on their data. Data science has transformed work ethics and mythology.  

What is Data Science?  

Data science is a field of study that works with a large volume of facts and uses advanced tools and techniques to uncover hidden patterns, extract useful data, and make business decisions. The Data Science curriculum is the amalgamation of Computer Science, Computational Mathematics, Statistics, and Management. Better decision-making, predictive analysis, and pattern finding are all aided by data science or data-driven science. 

What is the importance of data science around the world? 

Given the vast volumes of data created nowadays, data science is a crucial aspect of any industry. Its popularity has expanded over time, and businesses have begun to use data science approaches to expand their operations and improve customer experience. In the coming decade, it is expected that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots, among other innovative technology, will likely rule the world. 

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Work Report 2020 predicts that by 2025, the job with the highest demand and growth will be that of a Data Scientist. 

What are the major topics in data science?  

  • Machine Learning 
  • Modelling 
  • Statistics 
  • Programming 
  • Databases 

What are the qualifications required to become a data scientist? 

  • Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) or FSC. Engineering is needed for the foundation course. 
  • Bachelor in Computer Science 
  • Bachelor in Information Technology 
  • Bachelor in Data Science 
  • Software Engineering 
  • Diplomas and short courses in data science 

Pros of Being a Data Scientist in Pakistan 

We need to spend some time reflecting on this career’s appeal to understand why it is so acclaimed. 

High Paying Salaries: Considering that data scientists are among the highest-paid professionals, this is possibly the most alluring of all. They make $94,280 a year on average. 

Job Security: To enhance operations, cut costs, keep consumers, and stay competitive, almost all businesses, from start-ups to large corporations, hire freelance or in-house data scientists. 

Data scientists are in high demand because they can apply data analysis techniques to any industry, including e-commerce, the social sciences, and astronautics. 

Versatility: Due to the limitless applications of data science, you will be exposed to a diverse variety of projects in a wide range of industries while working as a data scientist, broadening your horizons. 

Flexibility: Depending on your qualifications, you can choose to work full-time for a corporation, freelance, or as a consultant. 

Accessibility: It is now simpler for the typical person to obtain the necessary skills thanks to the thousands of online resources and portals that offer data science courses, guides, and tutorials. Second, as was already noted, because of its endless uses, experts from all backgrounds can pick up the required skills and use them in their line of work. 

Skills Data Scientists have 

The following are the skills that a data scientist must possess, but depending on the organisation or role, their level of competence may differ. 

  • Mathematics 
  • Programming 
  • Machine Learning 
  • SQL 
  • Big Data Management 
  • Data Visualisation 
  • Business Strategy 

Be a Data scientist in Pakistan 

After completing your intermediate in engineering, you can join a professional degree in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Furthermore, you can do post-graduate programs as per your preference. Other options you can utilise include an online degree in data science.  

However, if you have no engineering background but are in data sciences. You can go through the online courses and learning opportunities from the beginning to excel in the skills.

What is the average salary of a data scientist in Pakistan?  

According to reliable sources, a data scientist in Pakistan can earn up to It starts from 50K and goes up to Rs. 1028099/- PKR per year depending upon your qualifications, competency, and skills. According to some sources, the average salary of a data scientist in Pakistan is around 800k. However, the exact assumption of salary for a particular job position is not possible because distinct factors affect the salary choice of employers.  


Becoming a data scientist in Pakistan is the best decision of the 21st century in 2022. The future is related to data, artificial intelligence, and robotics. If you become a polished data scientist in Pakistan, no matter what, you will have massive opportunities around the globe in the coming times.  


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