LLB Scope in Pakistan

LLB Scope in Pakistan

Law is one of the prestigious professional degrees in Pakistan. There is a historical importance of Law in Pakistan as the founder of the country, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was a renowned lawyer of his times. However, a large number of students ought to join the profession to serve the nation. However, it is essential to know what the LLB degree holds for newcomers today. The article below discusses the scope of LLB in Pakistan with prospects and possible career options.   

Brief Introduction to LLB   

The Latin term LLB stands for “Legum Baccalaureus.” The future of this five-year undergraduate curriculum in Pakistan seems promising. Students can get enrolment in LLB after completing their intermediate.   

In Pakistan, there is no other programme besides LLB for students aspiring to work in the judiciary. Additionally, this degree enjoys the same status and reputation in Pakistani society as the engineering and MBBS, as well as being chosen by parents. However, there is a variety of BA. LLB courses that help its adherents succeed in order to gain its acknowledgement.  

It takes much work to get into law school, but if you succeed in a top law school, it will open up new career opportunities for you. LLB programme scope will help you land renowned jobs in society and legal areas.  

Admission Options for LLB  

After clearing intermediate, students who want to study Law and enter the judiciary can enrol in LLB at various law schools in Pakistan. The country holds top-notch institutions for the same. In the LLB, the student gets an opportunity to study and learn various subjects of Law.   However, there is an entry test to be clear to get admission to LLB. The admission test is known as Law Admission Test (LAT).

The beauty of Law is that it is multi-faceted and applies to every walk of life. Students can choose the specialisation according to their own interests and understanding. However, the whole study scheme is expanded over the subjects mentioned below.   

  • Jurisprudence  
  • Islamic Jurisprudence  
  • Constitutional Law  
  • Law of Contract  
  • Law of Torts  
  • Qanun-e-Shahadat (1984)  
  • Criminal Law  
  • Law of Equity & Specific Relief Act  
  • Administrative Laws  
  • Company Laws  
  • The Arbitration Act (1940)  
  • Law of Transfer of Property  
  • Muslim Personal Laws  
  • Majority Act 1875  
  • Public International Law  
  • Constitutional History of Pakistan  
  • Civil Procedure Code (1908)  
  • Service Law  
  • Criminal Procedure Code (1998)  
  • Medical Jurisprudence  
  • Limitation Act  
  • Service Tribunal  
  • Urban Rent Laws  
  • Law of Evidence & Legal Ethics  
  • Conveyancing & Pleading  
  • Interpretation of Statutes  
  • The Stamp Act of 1899  
  • Intellectual Property Laws  
  • The Court Fees Act  (1870)  
  • Interpretation of Statue  
  • The Suit Valuation Act (1877)  
  • Environment Laws  
  • Banking Laws  
  • Important Labor Laws  
  • Income Tax Ordinance  
  • Land Laws  
  • Labor Code  

These are some of the prominent subjects of the extensive course of LLB. However, Law is an exciting, thrilling course of education that practically implies everywhere. Though on a national scale, there are quite famous institutions, and some of the institutions offer an international degree in Law to students in Pakistan.   

It is advised to watch out for the legal authoritativeness of all institutions with HEC and judiciary boards.   

Career Options after LLB   

After completing the LLB from any of the recognised institutions of Pakistan, students can start their professional careers in the following areas.   

  • Attorney at Law  
  • Judicial Magistrate  
  • Assistant Advocate General  
  • Lecturer in Law College  
  • Legal Adviser  
  • Court Reporter  
  • Additional District & Sessions Judge.  
  • Public Prosecutor.  
  • Attorney General.  
  • Advocate General.  
  • Investigation Police  
  • FIA  
  • Law Branches of Different Departments  
  • Excise Inspector  
  • Different Investigation Agencies Like Anti-Corruption, NAB, CIA et  
  • Anchor Person  
  • Newspapers  
  • Corporate Groups  
  • Banks  
  • Notary Public or Oath Commissioner  

However, pursuing an LLM degree further is advisable to excel in the career to the maximum potential and output. The learning and earning potential after completing LLB are explained in the text below.  

Education Path after LLB  

Though LLB is a bachelor’s degree, many students choose Political Science for their master’s. Academics advise students to pursue an LLM as their first choice because it would benefit them not only in their legal practice but also in papers for the judiciary and enable them to practise Law and become experts in the field. One may apply for civil judge and magistrate positions after earning their LLM. After making their LLBs, some students pursue a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), Bar in Law, History, International Law, or English.  

Career Initiation After LLB 

After passing the LLB, the person can get enrolled in Bar Council. To practice law, enrolling with the provisional bar council is essential. You can check the requirements on the websites of your relevant provisional bar council.  

Earning Potential after LLB in Pakistan   

As LLB is a degree that is employable in multiple positions, it requires ample research to complete the scope of LLB in terms of remuneration and salary. However, a person with LLB can initiate a career as an independent service provider or corporate lawyer. According to reliable resources, the corporate lawyer can earn up to Rs. 600000/- per year.   

It is crucial to remember that salary majorly depends upon numerous factors, like personal and organisational positions and effecting circumstantial elements. Therefore, doing your research while going for any position is essential.   


The LLB scope in Pakistan is vast, immense, and applicable to all areas of life. Be it family life, corporate life, or employee life. Everywhere legal jurisprudence is relevant. Therefore, making your career as a law expert in Pakistan is a great idea.   


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