What is I.Com? I.Com is an intermediate degree program in Commerce. It is an ideal program for thousands of students who get admission in I.Com every year. Students generally choose this program because it is a career-oriented field. Especially people who are interested in banking and mathematical dealings from the.... Read more

What is FSC Pre-Medical? FSC means the Faculty of Science and pre-medical is the preliminary intermediate level of medical studies. In other words, it is an intermediary 11th and 12th class after matriculation. it is the first step towards the field’s professional knowledge. Usually, students with bioscience subjects in matric.... Read more

What is FA General Science? FA General Science (FA-GS) is a significant and worthwhile intermediate program. You can read complete details of Short Courses after FA General Science here in this content. It holds all the core educational aspects within one program. After matriculation, this is the common choice of.... Read more

Education is the source of good changes in society but good education not only bring changes, but it also develops people’s personality and enables them to think, evaluate, discuss, have a viewpoint, and to be aware of right and wrong. Education plays an important role in any country’s development in.... Read more

College without Parents Help: Achieving something in life has always been challenging for people around the world. Every goal requires more effort, investments, and most importantly determination of accomplishing that goal. Similarly, the expense of higher education has gone beyond the affordability of parents and students. Instead of increasing literacy.... Read more

It is the cherished desire of every bright student to get higher education. But! Getting an education does not only require zeal and enthusiasm, it also requires money and time of an individual. People with sufficient resources make it possible for them and the education process smoothly goes done. The.... Read more

After matriculation, an intermediate-level class is the first one that you take in college. HSSC offers different programs such as ICS, FA, FSC Pre-Medical, ICOM, and FSc Pre-Engineering. The term “FSC Pre-Medical” refers to pre-or preliminary intermediate studies related to the medical profession. Students choose to major in this career-oriented.... Read more

FSC Pre-Medical: After Matriculation, the first class in college is intermediate level. The 12th class includes different programs (ICS, FA, FSC Pre-Medical, ICOM, and FA-GS) with different combinations of subjects. FSC means the Faculty of Science that teaches the basics of science field and profession. It depends upon the student’s.... Read more

According to the changes made recently in the education system by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), a new policy has been introduced about 2 years’ bachelor degree programs. It has been notified to all the colleges and Universities that two years’ bachelor’s degree will now be exterminated and instead of.... Read more

What is B. Com? B.Com is a commerce field and has two dimensions within the education system. Simple B. Com is two years’ programs and B. Com (Hons) is a four years’ program after inter degree. Only those students who have successfully passed 11th and 12th classes (Intermediate) can take.... Read more

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