Scope of Zoology in Pakistan

What is zoology?

The word zoology comes from the Greek language, zoos (animal) and logos (treatise, science). That is why zoology can be defined as the science of animals. From this moment on, it will be easier for readers to guess the main field of the study of zoology.

In this article, you will get to know about the scope of zoology in Pakistan along with the details of what type of study this is.

It is the study of animals from the points of view of; morphological and anatomical description of the different animal species. That is, how they are externally and internally, and how some animal species differ from others.

How it works, how an animal works inside, its nervous, respiratory, circulatory system if they have it, and that how its muscles work.

The biology of the species is that it studies the animal’s way of life. Feeding and its reproduction, and how it develops.

Behavior and distribution:

Biology of the species: how it relates to other species and to the environment that surrounds it. Once all the characteristics of each species are known, a classification is carried out. That determines what requirements an individual must meet to be considered a specific species.

What is the study of zoology?

Scope of Zoology in Pakistan

As a general rule, and not only in Pakistan, zoology is studied as a specialty within biology. So if you seek to study zoology to become a zoologist. You should first look at which universities offer biology studies with it. The Program or specialty of zoology must be analysed.

If you have already finished your degree, you can look for a master’s degree, doctorate, or specialization course that will allow you to move towards this speciality. That will enhance your learning about zoology and the scope of zoology in Pakistan.

What does a zoologist do?

The profession and Scope of zoology in Pakistan; The professional opportunities of zoologists are diverse. The first and most common being dedication to zoological research, choosing a specialization in an animal group or even in specific species of great ecological or economic value.

On the other hand, you can also dedicate yourself to work in museums since zoological collections require updating due to novelties. You can work in zoos where you collaborate, and in wildlife conservation centers.

In the field of this type of education. They can do it in formal education for high school or university students and outside the formal field of environmental education.

They can also work as experts in public or private nature conservation entities that work in this field, or that require the performance of fauna studies for environmental impact studies or environmental evaluations for the development of projects.

Scope of zoology is Pakistan is defined well when we discuss about its profession. Another aspect, perhaps less idealistic, is working in companies that distribute and breed animals or animal products for sale, such as pets, and so on. That opportunity also defines scope of zoology in Pakistan.

If you like photography, you can specialize in animal photography and seek to work as a photographer for different media. Moreover, you can even, through a specialization, work as a journalist specializing in zoology.

From all this, books or scientific articles can be written that give relevance to the zoologist and that allows them to develop a good professional career.

As we can see, the career opportunities of zoologists are not as restricted as they may seem. Given the trend towards environmental awareness, it is expected that it will increase.

The Department of Biology, and Evolution of the Faculty of Biological Sciences imparts the Master’s Degree in Zoology. It is to complete its current contribution to the postgraduate course in the field of scientific and applied study of the relevant field.

Master in Zoology

The Master in Zoology is based on the training that until now has been imparted with remarkable success in the Specialty of Zoology of 4th and 5th years of the Bachelor of Biology. That has been lost in the current Degree in Biology.

This training has a strong base and is complemented by other aspects of the study and management of animal species. It is useful for the professional insertion of graduates in the field of the environment, health, agri-food, etc.

The interest of this approach focused on the study and management of would be justified for three reasons: the need for this knowledge, its scientific validity, and its training demand.

Life is not structured in the form of self-replicating matter, but indiscrete units that we group into species. They retain genetic diversity and shape ecosystem diversity. For this reason, multicellular animals constitute a level of integration of living matter that deserves to be scientifically studied from an integrative perspective.

That is, scope of zoology in Pakistan, from an approach based on the combination of environmental and evolutionary processes that have configured its current diversity of forms. Without a basic biological knowledge of the animal species, it is impossible to address and solve such important problems.

As a fact, those are related to the management of pests, vectors, parasites, and species of commercial interest (fisheries, hunting, etc.). Also to evaluate the consequences and scope of their disappearance as a result of human action.

For this reason, this type of study aimed at knowing who they are what they are like (morphological diversity), how they live (diversity of habitats and behaviors), and why they have come to manifest as they do (ecological and evolutionary processes) are necessary) the different species.

All these aspects constitute a central theme of biological knowledge in which it is necessary to train specialists. Scientific vitality of this approach to the study of life is the need for knowledge of animal species. It is supported by its national and international scientific vitality.

Scope of zoology in our educational environment:

The scientific interest and the popular nature and media value of certain animals make them attractive to many researchers and fellow citizens. Those are fond of nature, who promote the creation of scientific societies or non-governmental organizations dedicated to their study and conservation.

The scope of zoology in Pakistan has a strong grip over career you choose. Many of the large international NGOs are dedicated to the protection of the environment use animals as models. With which to diagnose the state of conservation of nature and develop the conservation debate in public opinion. The information provided by the Faculty of Biology shows that the specialty in Zoology has been one of the most successful of others.

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