CSS Exam

CSS Exam

What is the meaning of CSS?

CSS stands for Central Superior Service. It is an exam that directs the person to get a government level job. Details of CSS Exam here.

What is the CSS exam for?

CSS exam in Pakistan is held by the Federal Public Service Commission to recruit eligible candidates to the services under Federal Government. It is also a competitive examination. People are keen to pass this exam as it is a life-changing step towards a brighter future.

People from around the world, apply for this exam. They aim to achieve a bureaucratic or any other high-level position.

What qualification is required for CSS?

A person with a bachelor’s degree who has obtained a minimum of 2nd division would be eligible to appear in the CSS exam.

What is the age limit for the CSS exam?

People aged between 21 to 30 years are eligible to appear in CSS exams. Students must study hard for at least one to two years and then appear in exams.

Is the CSS exam difficult?

It is a common perception that CSS exams are difficult. However, people who are well prepared and willing to get good marks can easily obtain good marks.

What is CSS Salary?

Once you have passed the CSS exam, starting pay or salary will be 60,000 or even more than that. It depends on the type of position in the job. It is not all. The 17th-grade person is also entitled to a car and a house until retirement. There is a specific staff to proceed with at the workplace.

After retirement, there are more hidden benefits for the person to unlock in form of money and other facilities.

Being a civil servant of Pakistan is an honorable job for anyone.

What are the passing marks in CSS?

Based on numbers, allocation is done. The more number you get the higher position you will be able to attain. There is a quota system for each region. Based on that quota you will be hired on different jobs.

Can you pass CSS on the first attempt?

It is necessary to have a thorough and strategic plan in preparations for CSS exam before the attempt. In that way, students can easily pass the exam in first attempt. Start studying at least before 2 or 3 years so that you can have a strong grip on whatever is going to be in the exam.

What are the Subjects of CSS?

Syllabus of CSS:

To get details of CSS exam syllabus and subjects, click on this link below.



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