Punjab Colleges have helped educate more than 2,400,000 students all over Pakistan. We take pride in securing the top positions on all national boards for the past three decades. PGC’s Intermediate admissions 2022 are open these days. Hence, you can become a part of our community by getting enrolled in our institute.  .... Read more

Punjab Colleges are a renowned name for education excellence throughout Pakistan. They have been playing on the front foot for the last 37 years and are glorious to date. Having a legacy of positions, honours, and wins, they provide unmatched quality with efficient and polished students, players, singers, and athletes.... Read more

11th-class admissions are now open in Punjab Colleges. The Punjab Group of Colleges has a history of academic excellence. We have secured top positions in all Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) from 2005 to 2022.   So, if you are looking for a college for your intermediate studies, then PGC is.... Read more

  Are you done with your matriculation examination and have chosen the field of Faculty of Arts (FA) for intermediate education? Then we have good news for you. FA admissions 2022  for the Punjab Group of Colleges are now open.   What is FA?  The Faculty of Arts (FA) is a two-year intermediate degree. You.... Read more

  In the hardest of times, living nations emerge stronger and more resilient. When the enemy threatened our survival in the 1965 war, the Pakistani people stood steadfast and resolute. To this date, every year on September 6th, Pakistan celebrates Defence Day to honour Pakistan’s successful defence against India, which.... Read more

Punjab Group of Colleges, commonly known as PGC, have been the trendsetter in the college education arena in Pakistan since 1985. The institution changed the conception of higher secondary education in the country. Every year since 2005, many PGC students grab positions in Intermediate Board Examination nationwide. Keeping the momentum.... Read more

We live in an era of technology. Information Technology is massive in the present, and the future is expected to be luminous. In Pakistan, a considerable quantity of students has an interest in computer advancements and IT. Therefore, Punjab Colleges ICS admissions 2022 are open for the new intake. If.... Read more

Students in the tenth grade are frequently confused about the board exams, especially those who have difficulties preparing for the English exam. However, it is critical to achieve high marks in the English paper in order to maintain your overall grades. However, to achieve this, you need English notes for.... Read more

The priority of a student is education. But many students ask about working online and how to do online jobs. The freelance, work-from-home (WFH) concept has seen massive growth in the last couple of years. This article lists ten top online jobs you can do as a student in Pakistan..... Read more

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