Students who appeared in the matric 2023 exams will get ample time before the intermediate admissions for the next study plan. During this free time, it is ideal for students to invest their energies and time resources in productive learning activities. Therefore, Punjab Colleges (PGC) offer a free chance to.... Read more

Yes, you read it right. You can get the 10-class past papers on your smartphone in just a few minutes. This article covers the questions like why past papers are important, how to get them, and what you will get out of them as a benefit with respect to preparing.... Read more

The sole intention of making 10th-class math notes is to learn the maths formulations by heart. Attempting a correct method brings full marks for any question in the analytical subject of mathematics for the 10th class. Therefore, making accurate 10th-class math notes in the science group to score your best.... Read more

9th class English notes are essential to make in order to score well in every aspect of the extensive course content. Therefore, Prep by PGC brings professional help for free to make preparation for class 9 English with notes. Get through the article below and learn how to make class.... Read more

Chemistry is a complex science subject with different principles and multiple branches. To score well in the final matriculation examination, you must have top-notch preparation. And chemistry 10th class past papers are a great help in improving your overall grades.   Where Can You Find Free 10th Class Chemistry Past Papers?  The Punjab.... Read more

Do you want to make detailed 9th class English notes by staying at home? I have the best solution for you. Keep reading to find out.   English has a lengthy syllabus compared to other subjects. And you need to have very detailed 9th class English notes to prepare the whole syllabus. Moreover, these notes.... Read more

Pakistan has been facing rising inflation for the past eight months. Many people have lost their jobs; the price increase is a new norm. Therefore, it is essential to make extra money and generate stable income sources in 2023. This article lists the top five earning opportunities, which are workable.... Read more

Physics for class 9 is one of the most essential subjects for science students. Nomatter, students opt for Biology or Computer, Physics is a compulsory subject. Typically, preparation for Physics is a bit consuming. Therefore, Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) brings a complete preparation material to ensure guaranteed preparation in.... Read more

Urdu is one of the compulsory subjects at the matriculation level. Urdu has the most extensive syllabus when compared to the other subjects. However, you can improve your preparation by going through the Urdu past papers 10th class.   The Punjab Group of Colleges took the initiative and launched an application named.... Read more

The curriculum of class 10 mathematics in Punjab board is extensive, tricky, and has the most geometry and trigonometry content in addition to other things. Therefore, students often feel frightened to forget the theorems, circle, radius and related calculations. However, the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) took an excellent step.... Read more

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