Avail Free Punjab College Admissions for Pre 1st Year 2024

Free Punjab College Admissions 2024

It is high time to restart your educational journey as the Ramadan and Eid festivities are over for the year. The students of the post-matric class who may be busy in the practical should think about their future endeavours. Pre-first year classes are the best option for you if you are opting for intermediate as in 11th and 12th classes in Pakistan. It is high time to avail free Punjab College Admissions for pre 1st Year 2024. 

Enrol Today to Experience  

free Punjab College Admissions 2024 pre first year

The Best Education 

Intermediate is the dream of school students. The aim of becoming a doctor, engineer, architect, software developer, or entrepreneur passes through the base courses of FSC, ICS, ICom, or FA.  

Therefore, it is the best decision to start as soon as possible to get started. Punjab Colleges is the top private colleges network in Punjab that offers a wide and complete range of board-allowed inter courses.  

Hence, you can choose anyone as per your professional preferences. The list is available in the following.  

  • FSC (premedical) 
  • FSC (pre-engineering) 
  • ICS  
  • FA 

It is good to remember that all the subject combinations that are allowed by the boards of intermediate and secondary education across the province are available in PGC.  

Rich & Value-Based College Culture 

College can be one of the most prominent memories of a lifetime. Punjab Colleges are well- aware of the importance of balancing fun with education and the instillment of high values in our students.  

For the same reason, we have made the college culture of Punjab Colleges rich, contented, and fruitful for our students. The students of free-pre first year will get an opportunity to live in the welcoming, and rich environment at Punjab Colleges.  

Our campus life includes many societies and rich activities that enable our students to move ahead in terms of philanthropy, education, skills, and interests.  

  • Blood Donor Society 
  • Sports Club 
  • Debating Society 
  • Dramatic Club 
  • Music Society 
  • Health Awareness Club 
  • Go Green Club 
  • Science Club 
  • Literary Circle 
  • Art Club 
  • Young Entrepreneur Club 
  • Welfare Society 
  • Islamic Society 
  • Tourism Society 
  • IT Club 
  • Photography Club 

Chance to Study from the Best Faculty 

In addition to the rich college culture, you will also get the chance to brighten up your level of success in intermediate board exams. This is because of our excellent, experienced, and student-oriented faculty members.  

Our teachers put the maximum effort into the most effective and efficient learning techniques that make our students learn by heart and understand the demeaning core concepts of each subject.  

As a result, every year, our students are the top scorers of the intermediate board exams across the province. The legacy of success and achievement continues; you can be a part of the same in 2024 through free Punjab college admissions for the pre-first year of 2024.  

Study with Positive Attitude 

That’s not all. At Punjab Colleges, our teachers instill hope, passion for achievement, and a willingness to hard work in our students. All these elements bring out a positive attitude towards education, exams, and life in our students.  

After All, what remains unattained when you have hope and eagerness to live life to the fullest?  

Free Pre-First Year Intake 

Therefore, we have touched on the base of the experience you may get while you study at Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC). You can visit our website and explore more of what you can learn and get as a student at Punjab Colleges.  

The scholarships and financial assistance are also a great element of quality education at PGC. Keeping the tradition alive, PGC is offering free pre- first-year intake in 2024. Applications can be processed through an online portal.  

You can apply through our website and take the right step for your educational excellence!  


It is high time to avail yourself of free Punjab College Admissions for the pre-1st year 2024, with quality education, rich exposure, and massive opportunities to learn with passion and personality development. You can take a head start on many others who will start when regular classes are offered!  


How Early College Classes Can Shape Your Future?

Early College Classes in Pakistan
When it comes to early college classes, you can see diverse opinions and statements across the web. This is because the concept and details of early college classes in the West are different. However, in Pakistan, these are commonly known as pre-first-year classes. How early college classes are beneficial for students? Go through this article to know more.

Top 4 Benefits of Early College Classes in Pakistan 

Students may feel in chaos when deciding whether to go for early college classes at PGC. There could be any reason for this indecisiveness. However, you will find the top 4 advantages you will get if you join pre-first-year classes 2024 at PGC.  

Early College Experience 

The early college classes, also known as the pre 1st year classes are open for post-matric students. The post-matric students are those who appeared in the board matric exams this year and are free nowadays.  

Since, the next step in their educational journey is college admission. Hence, they are waiting for the result declaration of matric. This will officially open the intermediate classes 2024.  

Therefore, until the result is awaited, it is an ideal time to enrol in free pre-first classes 2024 at PGC. These classes will give actual college experience before the regular admissions and sessions occur.  

Utilisation of Time Resources 

After the board exams are over, students are free with peace of time and ample time to plan their future. Hence, the best option is to do something productive at this time. Which not only enhances the skill base, or knowledge base and can be effectively advantageous for the next phase in education-college life. Early college classes are the most effective time management and utilisation for this.  

Therefore, the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has initiated pre-first-year classes to enhance students’ skill sets through knowledge and skills. 

Extension of Time Span for a Course

We all are aware of the availability of time for intermediate part 1 & part 2 till the final exams. Many students feel overwhelmed with the contraction of time for the sound coverage of course curriculum content for each subject. The number of subjects is divided into two intermediate years. 

Therefore, students can avail themselves an early access to the course content of their chosen discipline far before the start of intermediate regular sessions with early college classes. 

By the way, do you know; what disciplines are available for intermediate study?  

  • FSC (premedical) 
  • FSC (pre-engineering) 
  • Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) 
  • Intermediate in Commerce (I. Com) 
  • Faculty of Arts (FA)  

Are the courses offered under the BISE Punjab throughout the country? You can also check out the courses available in your province through the BISE, relevant to your city or locality.  

Opportunity to Choose the Right Career  

Last but not least, this is the most powerful opportunity, you as a student can get at the pre-first year classes 2024.  

Often, students choose one field for any reason. But, when course content starts, students feel problems in concentration or interest in the same. Then they want to switch fields, but can’t do it because of lack of time, or resources.  

With PGC’s pre 1st year classes 2024, students will start ahead of regular sessions, so playing with subjects and fields is a safe area. Hence, if you plan to switch the fields once you get familiar with the course content, you can do it with regular intermediate sessions.  

Therefore, you will go safe and learn in your regular inter sessions 2024. Whether you choose to continue the chosen field or choose to switch, the choice is all yours.   

Why Punjab Colleges Are the Best Option for Pre- First Year 2024? 

Now, if you are curious about why to go for PGC? You can get your answer in the following.  

  • PGC is the largest private network of colleges in the country. 
  • Every year, our students bag the top positions in all intermediate fields across the inter boards.   
  • We offer Massive Scholarship Options. (like free pre- first year 2024) 
  • PGC has a network of knowledgeable and experienced faculty throughout the campuses.  

Online Pre 1st Year Applications 2024  

Do you want to apply for free pre 1st year classes 2024 at PGC? Apply through our online portal to get a head start and lead the future.  


Early College Classes can effectively shape your future for many reasons. Therefore, the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) brings pre-first year 2024 for the students who are free of their matric exams. Online applications are accepted, apply today and take the right step for your future.  

How is Pre-First Year Beneficial for FSC Students? 

Pre 1st Year for FSC Students

The Faculty of Sciences (FSC) comprises two major disciplines in Pakistan, pre-medical and pre-engineering. Students interested in taking medical or engineering as their future careers always opt for any of these. The matric exams are now over, and there is plenty of time before the actual intermediate admissions take place; therefore, the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) brings pre-first year for FSC students. To learn the benefits and advantages for future doctors and engineers, read this post in detail.  

Early Exposure to the FSC Curriculum  

FSC pre-engineering or FSC pre-medical are Pakistani society’s most demanded and prestigious education lines. The pre-engineering and pre-medical courses are the students’ dream courses since matriculation or school days. However, we often observe that the students who opt for FC pre-engineering are pre-medical and seem to be under pressure and tense regarding their performance and career choices in case of tough competition and marks variation. For this reason, it is always advised to try harder and to put in more effort.  

Many students join academies and take extra classes during the intermediate years if they are students of FSC, either in pre-engineering or pre-medical. However, the Punjab group of colleges brings a golden chance for the prospects of FSC pre-engineering or pre-medical in 2023 to get exposed to the FSC curriculum either in pre-engineering or FSC pre-medical. You can now enrol in the pre-first year 2024 at PGC and cover the syllabus before the regular classes begin.  

Enough Time Availability for Adjustment  

As you have seen above, PGC is offering a free pre-first year. This will allow you to start your FSC pre-engineering or FCS pre-medical, no matter which disciplines the students opt for their intermediate. For instance, our 176 students stood in higher positions in intermediate examinations across all Punjab boards in 2022.  Similarly, last year, in 2023, 171 top positions were bagged by our students. 

This year, in 2024, you can be the one after position holders in board examinations if you adequately take your decision. We are here to assist you and to help you in your learning journey with our pre-first-year classes.  

Early Access to the eLearning Resources  

Professional guidance is not the only benefit of taking admission in pre-first year classes at PGC, but early access to e-learning resources which are solely accessible to students at Punjab Colleges, is also the prominent advantage you cannot ignore.  

At Punjab Colleges, our students enjoy state-of-the-art facilities with libraries, labs, and e-learning assistance at the classroom level. Punjab Group of Colleges firmly believes in incorporating the latest learning modules to enrich the learning experience for our students.   

In-Depth Concept Development   

When the elements of the curriculum, a complete syllabus, combined with flexible time, professional guidance, and technical assistance, the students perform very well. We do this at Punjab Colleges to empower our future leaders to stand tall and strong in their relevant fields, whether they choose FSC pre-engineering or FSC pre-medical.   

Better Understanding of Proposed Examination Pattern  

Completing and covering the course curriculum is only one aspect of scoring the best in board examinations. For the same reason, our professional teachers prepare the students at PGC well for the intermediate examination pattern.  

Multiple Revisions Results in Perfection  

Revisions, class tests, and sendups are prominent parts of our teaching pattern for intermediate classes in Punjab colleges. With the help of all these elements, our students get through multiple revisions and test sessions, ultimately resulting in a solid foundation of concepts and mechanisms of things explained in the syllabus.  

Therefore, if you want to achieve the perfection that is attainable through practice, practice, and practice, you should waste no more time and enrol yourself in pre-first year classes at Punjab colleges today.  

Pre-First- Year Classes are No-Money Expenditure  

Free pre-first-year classes are a gold mine for students sitting idle after matric examinations and having no productive option besides waiting for regular admissions and results to be declared. We add PGC care for our children. Therefore, we welcome you to our pre-first year FSC pre-medical or FC pre-engineering classes without fee submission. Yes! You heard it right the pre-first year classes at Punjab colleges are absolutely free.   

Optimal Utilization of Your Resources  

We at Punjab Colleges want our youth to utilize their most precious resources in terms of time, energy, and enthusiasm for the best and most profitable career and future they will make. The admission forms are available; visit our website if you want to learn more.  


Pre-first-year classes are the proud initiative of the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC). We offer free classes for students who are interested in FSC engineering, pre-medical, I.com, ICS, or FA.   

Pre-First Year Classes by PGC are the Best for Career Oriented Students!

Career Oriented Students must go for pre-first year

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) admissions for the pre-first year 2024 are open. Don’t miss a massive chance to succeed. Apply today and take advantage of the best opportunity to ace your knowledge and sharpen your skills to score the best in intermediate board examinations.  

Apply online for Pre-1st Year 2024 

Introduction to Pre-First-Year Classes 

PGC opens the pre-first-year classes. The students who appeared in matric exams this year and these days are waiting anxiously for the result declaration for further education are eligible to apply. These classes aim to empower students’ knowledge, skills, and vision to work for their future and professional education in a timely manner.    

Invest Your Time in the Most Productive Way 

While studying in the pre-first-year classes, students would be able to utilise their time and energy in the most positive way. There is an extensive availability of distractions for students nowadays. It could result in a waste of time, energy, and the power to focus on the things that really matter.  

Therefore, students’ performance is often affected and results in poor outcomes. Therefore, anything as a productive counter is always the best way to spend time in a positive manner.  

Prepare for Intermediate Earlier Than Many  

The pre-first-year classes are a golden opportunity to take the lead in intermediate in many ways. Students will start their intermediate classes much earlier than the rest of the students who would start a regular learning session. The gap between the initiation matters a lot in the crucial classes linked with the board examination.  

Hence, an early start is always a better option to get a comprehensive grip on the details of the curriculum. The students learn and make enough revisions successfully. All these things contribute massively to the board examination.    

Pre-First Year Helps Understand Board Patterns 

Every aspect is addressed at Punjab Colleges (PGC) for optimal results. Similarly, our professional teachers help students to understand the subject, content and requirements of the paper examiner in intermediate boards across Punjab.  

Choose Your Preferred Career  

The pre-first-year classes are open to all the intermediate disciplines approved by the board of intermediate and secondary education in Punjab. Students can easily opt for any of the following lines per their preferences.  

  • FSC Pre-Engineering 
  • FSC Pre-Medical 
  • ICS 
  • ICOM 
  • FA 

Pre-First Year is a Free Cost Learning Investment 

In addition to all these benefits, the pre-first year is a learning opportunity without any fee or cost expense. Therefore, it is also the best investment for these high inflation times. Therefore, there is no room to overlook this massive opportunity for learning because of any monetary constraints.  

Apply for Pre-First Year 2024 

The online application for the pre-first year 2024 can be submitted here.  


Pre-first-year classes are the best investment for students who have appeared in matric exams and are waiting for results. They can continue their learning without any destructive gap.   



All About FSc. Pre-Engineering

FSc Pre-Engineering is a two-year foundation programme designed for students who dream of pursuing higher studies in engineering. In Pakistan, FSc Pre-engineering is considered one of the most sought inter-level programmes for those students who want to advance their career in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, or related studies. This programme gives the right exposure to scientific knowledge and experience that helps them find their passion at the intermediate stage. It is important to have analytical and quantitative thinking and the right aptitude for science and mathematics to ascertain your admission into one of the top engineering universities. 

Pre-Requisites to Get into FSC Pre Engineering 

A student looking to get admission in FSC Pre-Engineering must fulfil the criteria to complete their matriculation with the science subjects.  

The science subjects are Physics, Chemistry, and Computers, with other subjects including English, Islamiyat, and Pakistan Studies.  

Admission to FSC Pre Engineering 

Pre-Engineering is the most reputed and high-merit education line in Pakistan. Therefore, the top scorers of matric board exams are ideally chosen for FSC Pre Engineering. The highest scorers are chosen for admission in the most reputed engineering college for higher secondary education, also known as FSC Pre-Engineering for further education.  

After FSC Pre-Engineering  

After students get admission to FSC Pre-Engineering, they spend a couple of years in FSC part 1 and FSC Part 2. in which students get advanced foundation education. After that, the students appear in the board examination for FSC part 1 and FSC part 2 separately.  

BS after doing FSC Pre Engineering  

After students clear their FSC Pre Engineering in classes 11 and 12. They can take admitted to four-year bachelor’s program in any of the engineering fields they want to pursue.  

For admissions in BS Engineering, students are required to score high in board exams and entrance tests.  

Careers Options after FSc Pre-Engineering

The main purpose for students to study in Pre-engineering is to get into various fields of engineering and mechanisms such as: 

  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Aeronautical and Space Engineering 
  • Mechatronics Engineering 
  • Atomic Engineering 
  • Meteorological Engineer 
  • Telecommunication Engineering  


Doing FSC Pre Engineering is the only way to get professional education in engineering subjects in Pakistan. Therefore, students must study efficiently and learn the concepts by heart to score high to achieve their dreams coming true.  



A Guide to FSc Pre-Medical

FSc Pre-Medical is an initial inter-level programme associated with the medical field. This intermediate programme offers the core subject of biology that directs to a career path in MBBS and its related fields. FSc Pre-Medical is chosen by ambitious students that dream of getting into top medical colleges. It is considered one of the highly sought intermediate programmes with top merit among other inter-level programmes. FSc Pre-Medical is one of the most challenging intermediate programmes requiring a lot of effort, determination and passion to succeed to get top scores for admissions to top universities.

Core Subjects of FSc Pre-Medical

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

How to Excel in FSc Pre-Medical

Students of FSc Pre-medical are highly ambitious, goal-driven and hardworking that study day and night to excel in it. It’s important to know some tips before heading out for your goal.

  • Schedule your timetable
  • Pay attention to concepts rather than just cramming
  • Learn how to memorize concepts
  • Get maximum benefit out of test sessions
  • Stay determined, patient and success-driven throughout your FSc journey

Career pathways of FSc Pre-Medical

While students mainly choose FSc Pre-Medical to become a doctor, it is necessary to understand that MBBS is not the only career pathway of this programme. Pre-Medical students have many career options at their hands. Such as:

  • Doctor of Nutrition
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (D. Pharmacy)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Nursing
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Psychology
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • (Bachelor of Science)
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • BSIT and BSCS
  • Arm Forces
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