A Favorite Teacher is a Future! – Approach them on Teachers’ Day

Teachers Day

Students idealise their teachers. They love how teachers talk, walk, and present themselves and how much knowledge they have about the subject they teach. Students also like a teacher due to their behaviours and actions. But, do you know, they teach you to idealise today BECOMES your reality tomorrow? Therefore, learn wisely from your mentor and reflect on your future. You can learn the following skills from your mentors.

Learn Professionalism from Mentors

Professionalism is the prime characteristic of any teacher. The grip on the subject with the expertise of lecture deliverance comes from professionalism. A student can learn and implement the skill of being professional from a younger age by duplicating their career-oriented teacher. Professionalism also applies in student life in order to ace your academic life.

Learn Empathy from Teachers

Students can learn the fruitful virtue of empathy from their teachers. The teachers who are empathetic towards their students are the most loved mentors on the earth. Empathy is defined as a character of understanding other fellow humans. Students can make their future life easy in terms of profession and personal by developing empathy in their personality.

Learn Hardwork from Educators

Hard work is the secret to success. It is often said that hard work outshines intelligence. A hardworking teacher puts extensive effort into making their students aware of the nitty-gritties and complexities of subjects. If a student learns hard work from teachers, it pays off.

Ace Communications by Observing Them

The favourite teacher often holds a massive grip on communication skills. These skills help them to deliver optimal lectures to students. In addition, teachers maintain class decorum and discipline much better with a solid grip on communications.

You can learn the most in-demand and valued skill from your education provider as a student and future professional.

Develop Patience in Your Personality

The teachers are equipped with a long-lasting precious skill and virtue of patience while remaining in their careers. Patience holds high ranks in life, and religiously it is one of the most proclaimed virtues loved by our creator.

Patience develops calm with stability in the personality of a person. The anger, quickness, and that sense of emergency washes away with patience. Therefore, the patient wins most of the races in life.

Ace Time Management

Another most valued skill you can learn from your mentors is time management. Time management is also one of the most appropriate and value-adding skills always in demand throughout life.

Conflict Management of Mentors

Teachers have amazing conflict management skills in addition to their other skills and abilities. Furthermore, this skill becomes razor sharp with time. Conflict management is a long-lasting and lifelong beneficial skill for anyone. Students can learn it from the teacher they love!

PGC Thanks the Teachers

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) always honours and appreciates the teachers serving the country anywhere in any capacity relating to the education profession. The group offers a special discount for their children at admission to any campus or discipline in Punjab Colleges and sister institutions. You can check out more details in the link above.

Teachers are Givers

Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th October every year. As a student at any point in life, you may like or idealise any of your past or present teacher. Try to read their personality; you will definitely learn the skills listed above. In addition, you can also find many encouraging lessons and tips from your mentors. Just approach the one you like, and tell them they are adored! -It will create a bond between you. Teachers are givers, and they will love this.

You can also learn the skill of giving from your mentors. This habit is also counted as a virtue. A benefit extends up to the lifetime. It’s your time to celebrate a teacher’s day with your favourite mentor. Make them feel special and learn from them today to bless your future.

Why Go for a 2-year Business Administration Program?

Why Go for a 2-year Business Administration Program?

Education institutions in Pakistan offer a bachelor’s degree of four years. The students must participate in eight semesters for degree completion. Afterwards, they get a chance to enter professional life. Students can make it directly to M.Phil. and then doctorate after completing a BS degree program. But the students who are interested in learning business administration but do not have enough time and resources to invest in four years BS program should go for a 2-year Business Administration Program from a reputed university.  

ADP (Associate Degree Program) Business Administration 

Associate Degree Program in Business Administration is the two-year program available in Pakistan. Some of the prominent universities are offering the ADP Business Administration. The programs are in accordance with the guidelines of the higher education commission (HEC). 

Career Development Options 

There is a variety of career development options available in the Associate Degree Program, majoring in Business Administration. The curriculum is designed with the industry requirements for the latest trends and techniques.  

After completing ADP Business Administration, a prosperous career awaits in the following fields.  

  • Education Sector 
  • Marketing Agencies 
  • Human Resource 
  • Administration 
  • Sales 

Scheme of Studies in Associate Degree Program (ADP) 

In associate degree programs, various business-related subjects are taught. Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Business Law, and Business Communications are included. The complete list includes some other subjects besides the elective subjects per the program and specialization scope.  

UCP (University of Central Punjab) Colleges- ADP Programs 

University Of Central Punjab (UCP) offers associate degree programs in its constituent colleges.

These programs’ details are available here.  

Benefits of Enrolling in ADP Business Administration 

Students will have numerous benefits while getting enrolled in an associate degree program in business administration. Some of them are as follows.  

Job Opportunities 

One of the fastest-growing businesses in the world is commerce and business, and the demand for these services far outpaces the supply. Your prospects of finding work following the training will therefore be greatly increased. 

Many students receive positions after the course with banks, insurance firms, governmental agencies, accounting firms, or other relevant businesses. After completing their internships, many interns land long-term jobs, while others choose to pursue advanced degrees in business fields. 

Half Duration Degree 

Four years of full-time study are typically needed to earn a college degree. Diploma programmes differ from them in that they are more focused and less time-consuming. These courses, which often last one to two years, will rapidly prepare one for the job market. Learning about the newest trends and technologies is beneficial. 

Multiple Career Options 

The business administration associate degree programme enables students to investigate a wide range of alternative job paths. For instance, if a person is unsure whether they want to work in the marketing or accounting industries, they can research ADP and take classes in both to gauge their enthusiasm in the respective fields. 

Low-Cost Option 

Due to the excessive cost of tuition, many people choose not to enrol in a full-length degree programme. People who are struggling financially rely on scholarships to enrol in four-year programmes. However, associate degree programmes are significantly less expensive and time-consuming than traditional degrees. 

Scholarships and Concessions 

The associate degree program by UCP colleges offers a wide variety of scholarships and concessions to the students of ADP Business Administration. This is the continuity of Punjab Group of Colleges’ traditions and the sister institutions. Hard work and needs are always addressed at the Punjab Group.  

The students can get scholarships and concessions on merit, need, circumstances and certain situations. You can go through the details and eligibility of scholarships and concessions here. 

Final Word 

Therefore, it is always a promising idea to go for the 2-year associate degree program at UCP Colleges. The quality of education is maintained in addition to the extensive career opportunities. Furthermore, scholarships and concession options are also available.  


Precautions to be taken when dealing with smog in 2022

Precautions to be taken when dealing with smog in 2022

Lahore is the second largest urban centre in Pakistan, with a population of over 1 million. Metropolis often faces pollution problems arising for specific reasons. Since 2017, Lahore has witnessed a thick blanket of winter smog-causing serious discomfort. Residents have experienced severe health issues, and the increase in accidents was alarming. We have listed the precautions to take when dealing with smog in Pakistan in 2022.   

Understanding SMOG   

Smog is the worst form of air pollution. The etymology of ‘smog’ goes back to the 19th century and combines smoke and fog to make ‘smog’. Smog is a common problem in urbanised areas in the world. However, Pakistan experienced ‘winter smog’ for the first time back then in 2017. Winter smog is caused in the winter season and is photochemical in nature. It is a category of air pollution brought on by vehicle emissions from internal combustion engines and factory gases. These pollutants interact with sunlight in the atmosphere to create secondary contaminants, which mix with the initial emissions and result in photochemical smog.   

In the winter, air pollution frequently gets near the ground due to atmospheric inversions. It raises the levels of atmospheric pollution in cities. Los Angeles, Beijing, Delhi, Lahore, Mexico City, and Tehran are the top smog-polluted cities in the world.   

Reasons for smog in Lahore   

Lahore, the heart of Pakistan gets, covered in winter smog in late October for the last some years. The use of vehicles, crop burning, and industrial fuel usage are the local inputs to smog. In addition, the smog that arrives from the neighbouring country India worsens the situation yearly.   

Pakistan shares the border with India in the areas of Punjab and Sindh. Delhi, the neighbouring capital, in November 2021, got the worst five-day haze streak since 2016. Moreover, according to epidemiologists and the World Health Organization, pollution could have caused an increase in the number of COVID-19 deaths in the same year.   


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Health Problems Caused by Smog   

The quality of air is measured by the air quality index internationally. The Air Quality Index (AQI) worsens during Pakistan’s Smog season. Lahore touches a hazardous level of air pollution during smog. In January 2022, the AQI level of Lahore in Smog touched 279 points which are very unhealthy. 

Air Quality Index (AQI) 

Air Pollution Level 






Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups 




Very Unhealthy 



Every winter, as winds and rain decrease, a brown haze high in sulphur and metals like lead accumulates over the subcontinent India and Pakistan.   

People exposed to the developing pollution often become seriously ill, have shorter lifespans, or pass away before their time. During Covid-19, the situation worsened in neighbouring India.   

While in Pakistan, doctors advise limiting outdoor activities and wearing masks. In addition, to reduce the use of vehicles and stop the burning activities of coal from reducing the toxic emissions. However, hundreds of people were sickening from respiratory diseases and cardiac problems during smog seasons.  

Precautions to be Taken to combat Smog in Pakistan  

The precautions to be taken to handle the smog in 2022 before the arrival of the winter season 2022 are crucial to be done. The cycle itself should be continuous in nature. Individual precautions are necessary for addition to implementing government-levelled policies to solve the issue.   

Individual Level Precautions   

The public can also take part in preventive measures alongside the government. Furthermore, people can take the following steps to stay safe while dealing with smog in 2022.   

  • To reduce exposure, stay away from busy locations when you are outside.   
  • Water intake and rest beneath the shades while working outside.   
  • Avoid hard labour outside.   
  • Avoid driving and smoking to lessen personal share of environmental impact.   
  • If you must drive, go slowly, and utilise your headlights, fog lights, blinkers, and hazard lights—even if it is late at night.   
  • When inside, seal all air inlets, including windows.   
  • Asthma patients should always carry inhalers. Also, if you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. If you think your condition might get worse, keep your doctor’s phone number handy.   
  • Always keep your inhaler close if you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma. If you believe your situation could worsen, have your doctor’s number handy.   
  • It is important to remember that pollution affects everyone differently, and some people are more vulnerable to its harmful effects.   
  • On days with heavy fog, those with asthma, children, and the elderly should exercise extra caution.   
  • Bike riders must wear face masks and eye protection.   
  • Keep your eyes clean and drink lots of water.  

Government Policies to be implemented  

The government needs to implement long-term plans to avoid smog permanently. Effective precautionary measures are as follows.   

  • Permanent reduction in the usage of toxic fuels    
  • Permanent reduction in vehicular emissions   
  • Optimised traffic management program   
  • An effective network of public transport   
  • Reduction in waste burning    
  • Avoidance of Crop Burning   
  • Implementation of modern technology for old brickworks   
  • Planned urban development   
  • Increase in plantation   
  • Evacuate the old vehicles    
  • Agreements for regional environment protection   

Smog affects everyone differently; some people are more vulnerable to its harmful effects than others. Smoke fog or Smog in Lahore has severely affected the people. It is crucial to take preventive measures on an administrative and personal level to combat the smog in Pakistan.   


PGC FSC Pre Engineering Admissions 2022 – Last Date to Apply

PGC FSC Pre Engineering Admissions 2022 - Last Date to Apply

FSC Pre-Engineering is your gateway to a prosperous career in chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. To enrol in an educational institution that is the synonym for excellence and quality in the education sector in Pakistan with a history of 37 years, get yourself enrolled in PGC FSC Pre Engineering through online admissions PGC 2022. Please read the article to know the benefits and do it now before the last date gets off.  

Introduction to FSC Pre Engineering at PGC  

The FSC Pre-Engineering programme is one of the most reliable options for students who want to pursue successful careers in a variety of engineering sectors. The programme serves as a springboard for preparing students to pursue bachelor’s degrees in prestigious universities and colleges.  

Subjects in FSC Pre Engineering Part I-II    

Punjab Group of Colleges PGC offers a rich curriculum for FSC Pre Engineering aligned with the guidelines of national boards’ approved curriculum. Students will learn the following subjects in their 11th and 12th classes.  

  1. Urdu  
  2. English  
  3. Islamic Studies  
  4. Pakistan Studies  
  5. Physics  
  6. Chemistry  
  7. Mathematics  

PGC incorporates the rich values of innovation, discipline, integrity, and empathy. Also, the technology is duly employed in teaching and training students to acing their tomorrow. For the same reason, online admissions PGC are commenced on the web portal. 

Record of Past Positions 

In 2020, there were 153 top positions bagged by the students all over the boards. The students of FSC engineering were also in the winning positions.  Position grabbing is a continuous phenomenon that is linked with PGC. This highlights the quality and assurance of the promises we deliver. 

Duration of FSC Pre Engineering I-II   

It takes two years to complete the curriculum. First-year and second-year final exams are conducted separately by the national boards of intermediate and secondary education, commonly known as BISE.  

State-of-the-Art Facilities at PGC for Pre-Engineering  

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) offers state-of-the-art facilities to its students enrolled in FSC Pre Engineering. The students will enjoy their education at PGC campuses.  

  • Qualified and Trained Faculty  
  • Well Equipped and Updated Labs   
  • Availability of Books and Reference Materials at Libraries  
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply  
  • Water Filtration Plants  
  • Digitally Equipped Classrooms  

Scholarships and Financial Assistance at PGC Pre-Engineering  

Students can have a wide variety of financial assistance and scholarship options in the Punjab Group of Colleges. The types of scholarships are described below.  

  • Merit Scholarship  
  • Financial Assistance  
  • 1122 Workers Concession  
  • Teachers’ Children Concession  
  • Kinship Concessions  
  • Shuhada’s Children  
  • Orphan Students  
  • Need-Based Scholarships  
  • Special Circumstantial Coverage  

The details of scholarships and concessions are available here.  

Extra-Curricular Activities at Punjab Group of Colleges  

Students will have a massively enjoyable atmosphere during their stay at Punjab Colleges for FSC Pre Engineering. Students can get their hobbies and talents addressed at PGC in addition to the focus on their studies. Certain societies and clubs are available that support diverse objectives. The details are available below.  

  • Debating Society  
  • Dramatic Society  
  • Music Society  
  • Literary Circle  
  • Sports Club  
  • Health Awareness Club  
  • Go Green Club  
  • Science Club  
  • Arts Club  
  • Tourism Club  
  • IT Club  
  • Young Entrepreneur Club  
  • Welfare Society  
  • Islamic Society  
  • Photography Society  

You can know here if you are interested in learning more about societies and clubs!  

Admissions are Open for FSC Pre Engineering 2022  

In 2022, as the matric results are declared, Punjab Colleges are accepting new batches for FSC Pre Engineering 2022. The online admissions PGC are open. You can fill out the form here.  

Do not Miss the Last Date of FSC Pre Engineering 2022  

It is essential to apply as soon as possible if you are interested in earning the FSC pre-engineering with clarity of concepts and awareness of the future dimensions. Punjab Colleges prepare their students for a better future through working knowledge and promising skills developments. However, visiting your nearest Punjab College Campus is essential to ensure your admission. Because every campus enrols its students as per their capacity, do not wait for the last date and visit your campus today to get admission to PGC pre-engineering 2022.  


Punjab Colleges FSC Pre Medical Admissions 2022 – Last Date to Apply

Punjab Colleges FSC Pre Medical Admissions 2022 - Last Date to Apply


FSC Pre-Medical admissions 2022 are open at Punjab Colleges. The Last Date to Apply may soon be over. Apply before you miss a chance. If you are unaware of the benefits, you could get by getting admissions to the Punjab Group of Colleges for your FSC Pre-Medical, which can lead you to the prestigious medical colleges in the country.  

FSC Pre Medical Course Outline 2022  

Punjab Colleges offers FSC in Pre-Medical to students who want to enter the field of health and healing- medicine. The course provided by PGC is aligned with the guidelines of Pakistan’s education boards. The course of FSC Pre-Medical comprises subjects as described below.  

  1. Urdu  
  2. English  
  3. Islamic Studies  
  4. Pakistan Studies  
  5. Physics  
  6. Chemistry  
  7. Biology  

FSC Pre-Medical consists of two years duration. 11th and 12th classes are collectively called FSC Pre-Medical if students choose medical subjects. PGC incorporates complex knowledge and develops practical skills among the students. Due to this, students get the proper guidance and from best teaching and monitoring methods. They eventually perform their best at board exams and ace their careers in renowned medical institutions in their further education. You can see complete details here.  

Previous Positions in Pre-Medical Group Bagged by PGC  

In 2019, the Punjab Group of College secured 167 overall positions across boards. In addition, first and second positions in Lahore Board Examination in Pre-Medical Group were secured by Punjab Colleges Students. In Gujranwala Board, 25 Positions were secured by the Punjab Group of Colleges.  

Moreover, our students secured 1st positions in pre-medical in 2020 in the Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Faisalabad Board, and other boards. PGC students got 153 positions across boards in the same year.  

Facilitations Available to FSC Pre-Medical Students at PGC  

At PGC, Pre-Medical students will enjoy several benefits.  

  • Top-Notch Faculty having Quality Education and Massive Experience  
  • State-of-the-Art Buildings with electricity backup and Water Filtration  
  • Upgraded & Well-Equipped Laboratories and Labs for Practical Knowledge Enhancement   
  • Libraries Providing Latest Literature   
  • Well-Structured and Digitally Equipped Classrooms  

Scholarships and Financial Assistance for Pre-Medical Students   

Punjab Group of Colleges PGC provides financial assistance to students needing help. In addition, PGC never leaves the bright students unnoticed. Merit Scholarships are available to the toppers and high achievers.  

Several types of concessions and discounts are available. The list is available as under.  

  • Teachers’ Children Concession  
  • Kinship Concessions  
  • Financial Assistance for Orphan Students  
  • Need-Based Scholarships  
  • 1122 Employee Concessions  
  • Concessions for Shuhada’s Children  
  • Circumstantial Scholarships and Financial Assistance  
  • Afternoon Students are also eligible  

You can look out for the complete details of scholarships and concessions here.  

The Vibrant Campus Life at PGC  

The students of FSC Pre-Medical enjoy their stay at PGC. Campus life is not just about typical studies, exams, and tests. The students are also provided with bright and vibrant life.  

The PGC campuses are fully assisted with various activities.  

  • Welcome and Farewell Parties  
  • Study and Recreational Trips  
  • Sports Gala  
  • Cultural Festivals and Fun Fairs  
  • Science and Arts Exhibitions  
  • Seminars and Workshops  
  • Concerts  

In addition, there are several societies and clubs to polish the art and creative skills in the students.  

  • Blood Donation Society  
  • Dramatic Society  
  • Debating Society  
  • Music Debating  

Online Admissions PGC Are Open  

Punjab Colleges help their students at every level of education. The facilities there are numerous and validating.  Therefore, online admissions PGC are open for pre-medical students. You can fill out the admission form here and apply. The intermediate admissions 2022 through online admissions PGC are open to enrolling in your desired college degree.  

Do Not Wait till the Last Date  

Please make sure to apply right now. And do not wait for the last date of online admissions PGC for Punjab colleges FSC Pre Medical Admissions 2022. The reason for NO LAST DATE DISCLOSURE is every campus has its number of seats and capacity to intake students. Therefore, you must visit your nearest PGC campus and enrol yourself today or apply online by clicking here.  




What can you do with an ADP Accounting and Finance?

UCP Associated Degree Program (ADP) Accounting and Finance is a two-year program. It is divided into four semesters. Students, after clearing their intermediate, go for university admissions. The usual bachelors consist of four years in Pakistan. However, if you are not willing to enrol in four years of education. The alternative option with adequate skills development to enter the job market is Central Punjab (UCP) for a two years associate degree program. Suppose a student is interested in finance, accounting, and business. In that case, they can be admitted to an associate degree program in accounting and finance. Careers prospects and study schemes with benefits are included in this article.  

An Introduction to Associate Degree Program  

Associate Degree Programs (ADP) are bachelor’s programs that comprise a study course of two (2) years and four semesters. University of Central Punjab (UCP) has initiated ADP programs in multiple disciplines. ADP Accounting and Finance is one of the most popular programs with a rigorous curriculum. 

These ADP programs replace the two years bachelor’s and step in comparison to a long, four-year BS degree in Accounting and Finance.  

Career Prospects After ADP Accounting and Finance Degree  

The associated degree program in UCP in the field of accounting and finance offers adequate and efficient skills in finance that you can enter the job market in any of these and other related areas.  

  • Accounts Department  
  • Audit Firms  
  • Banks  
  • Debt Collection Agencies  
  • Financial Consultancy Firms  
  • Corporate Sector  
  • Industry  

In addition to these careers, ADP graduates can go into various government and private positions.  

Scheme of Education under the UCP Associate Degree Program  

University of Central Punjab (UCP) designed a rich curriculum to enrich the students with the knowledge and practical skills to ace the job market. The crucial element of this degree program is the rich study scheme. Students will learn the following subjects.  

The course has a variety of compulsory subjects, foundation courses, major subjects, and elective courses. The total credit hours required to complete the ADP Accounting and Finance are 67 hrs. More details can be seen here.  

Benefits of Enrolling in ADP Accounting and Finance  

Students will enjoy numerous benefits from enrolling in ADP Accounting and Finance at constituent Colleges of UCP.  

  • Degree Completes in Lesser Time as Compared to a four-year BS.  
  • Chance to Study from World-Class Faculty  
  • State-of-the-art Labs  
  • Rigorous Curriculum  
  • Prestigious UCP Degree  
  • Scholarships  
  • Well Equipped Labs  
  • Ready to Start Career  

Scholarships & Concessions for ADP Accounting and Finance  

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has a rich history of awarding and supporting their students at every step. Sister institutions are working at the same pace. Therefore, the students have the same scale of support and appreciation available in an associate degree program in Accounting and Finance at the University of Central Punjab UCP colleges. In the UCP ADP program, there are three types of scholarships available.  

  • Merit-based Scholarships  
  • CGPA-Based Scholarships  
  • PGC (Punjab Group of Colleges) Alumni Scholarships  
  • Kinship Concessions  

You can check out the complete details here.  

Eligibility Criteria for ADP Accounting and Finance  

The students who cleared Intermediate are eligible for admission to the Associate Degree Program Accounting and Finance at the University of Central Punjab.  

Admissions Open 

It is time to get admission to Associate Degree Program in Accounting and Finance. To complete your bachelors in lesser time with adequate skills and knowledge gain, click and fill out the admission form here.  

Punjab Colleges 1st Year Admissions-Last Date to Apply

Punjab Colleges 1st Year Admissions-Last Date to Apply

PGC ensures you receive a premium education as the intermediate years are very crucial in your academic journey. Our intermediate admissions started right after the matric result was announced. However, Punjab Colleges’ 1st year admissions last date is near. So, if you still have not enrolled yourself, now is your chance.

Why the Punjab Group of Colleges for Intermediate Education?

Punjab Colleges have a history of securing over 450 positions across all educational boards. Not only this, we have a network of alumni who are doing great in their chosen fields. Some are working in high posts in Pakistan, while others have gone abroad and are living their dreams.

So, if you want to know why you should choose PGC for your HSSC, we have multiple reasons. Keep reading to find out.

Facilities for PGC Students

You will always receive first-rate educational resources from Punjab Colleges. We will assist you in your pursuit of a career as a doctor, engineer, or entrepreneur. As a Punjab group student, you will have access to the following important facilities:

Highly Experienced Faculty

PGC takes pride in having highly skilled instructors who hold degrees from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Since you will be studying under the guidance of our instructors, they will prepare you for the intermediate examinations as well as your professional life.

The faculty also ensures that your preparation is up to par by taking tests and conducting internal assessments in accordance with BISE guidelines. Consequently, you will be able to test your papers successfully and you will get good scores.

Purpose-Built Campuses

PGC is the best institute to study FSc in Lahore. With every educational facility at your disposal, we have 423 campuses spread over 118 cities in Pakistan. You will be studying in well-equipped classrooms. We also have air-conditioned libraries to provide you with all the learning materials and a comfortable environment.

There are clean cafeterias where you can have lunch and hang out with your college friends during your break. In addition, we have security guards stationed at each campus gate to assure your protection. Enrol yourself at the nearest campus before Punjab Colleges’ 1st year admissions last date. 

Fully Equipped Laboratories

Our campuses are equipped with advanced laboratories. You will have access to the latest equipment. Our labs have everything from cutting-edge computers to fully equipped science apparatus. Our experts will also accompany you to the laboratories to instruct you on how to use the instruments.

Microsoft Certifications

Our collaboration with Microsoft enables us to provide free Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications. You can learn to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel without investing a penny. However, you need to be a part of the PGC community for this. The Punjab Colleges Intermediate Admissions Last Date is near. So hurry up before it is too late.

The PGC App and Online Portal

Punjab Colleges has created a learning app for its students called PGC. You may now study and learn from the convenience of your own home. You will have access to video lectures, MCQs, and past papers that have been solved.

As a result, you will be able to study for your tests during your most productive hours. You can also use the app to ask professors questions and receive a quick response. Only PGC students have access to our e-learning app. In addition to the app, you can obtain all of the study materials you need for exam preparation on the PGC online portal.

Campus Life

To provide a balanced campus life, we provide a wide variety of cultural, educational, and social programs. Every year, we host funfairs and festivals where you can exhibit your artistic abilities. Additionally, we organize enjoyable and educational tours under the supervision of our experienced staff.

We arrange welcome and farewell parties to celebrate your presence at our institute. Along with attending seminars and workshops, you will learn from skilled and inspirational speakers about their real-life experiences. However, you cannot benefit from any of this if you miss Punjab Colleges Intermediate Admissions Last Date. 

Furthermore, you can also discover your hidden talents by joining numerous societies and clubs. Some of them are as follows:

  • Debating Society
  • Music Society
  • Dramatics Club
  • IT Club
  • Health Awareness Club
  • Islamic Society

Sports Activities

Sports, as we all know, are essential to extracurricular activities. As a result, PGC provides a variety of activities in which you can participate. Furthermore, several sportsmen and artists, including Wahab Riaz, Hassan Ali, Abrar-ul-Haq, Atif Aslam, and others, are also among our alumni.

Sports activities include the following:

  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Kabaddi
  • Boxing
  • Swimming
  • Football

Thus, go to your nearest campus before Punjab Colleges’ 1st year admissions last date arrives and become a part of our growing community right now.

Scholarships and Incentives

The Punjab Group of Colleges believes in rewarding students for their hard work and excellence. That is why we provide scholarships to students. Additionally, we provide the option of fee concessions if you are unable to pay for your education.

Here are some of the incentives we provide:

  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Shuhda’s Children
  • Students with Special Needs
  • Need-Based Concessions
  • Orphan Students
  • Kinship
  • Special Circumstances Financial Aid
  • Incentive Policies for Matric Students

Punjab Colleges 1st Year Admissions Last Date Coming Soon!

If you want a high-quality education with a vibrant campus life for your intermediate years, then PGC is everything you wish for. However, the admissions are closing soon. Every campus has a different last date for Intermediate admissions. So, you have to visit the campus in your area and find out about the last date to apply before it’s too late.

For more information, contact us at info@pgc.edu.

Prep by PGC: Ace Your Urdu Exam with the Best Urdu Notes for Class 10

Prep by PGC: Ace Your Urdu Exam with the Best Urdu Notes for Class 10

Urdu is our mother language and everyone can speak it. However, not everyone finds it easy to study. In addition, it is difficult to score good marks in this subject. So, to help you ace your Urdu exam in matric finals, we have provided you with Urdu notes for class 10.

You can access these notes from anywhere at any time. How? The Punjab Group of Colleges has launched an app named “Prep by PGC” for matric students. Thus, you can now study and prepare for your Urdu exam easily.

Why Should You Prepare from Prep by PGC?

What is better than having Urdu notes for class 10 available with a single click? The app, along with the Free Online Matriculation Portal, has so many features. Read further to know why you should download the app right now and start studying from it.

User-Friendly Interface

So, when you launch an app or a website, what frustrates you the most? Isn’t that how long it takes for pages to load? Therefore, created our software with a user-friendly interface to prevent this. Our goal is to make it easier for our students to learn.

As a result, when you try to study Urdu notes for class 10, every topic will be available to you right away. Similarly, you will not have to wait long to access any other feature.

Every Reading Resource on a Single Platform

Everything from Urdu notes for class 10 to solved past papers is available in one place. As a result, you do not need to read through many textbooks or go to various classes for every subject. Isn’t it amazing?

Prep by PGC has all of the preparatory materials on a single platform. All you have to do now is log in to your online portal or app and begin prepping. You will get access to the following resources:

  • 5000+ MCQs
  • 1500+ Video Lectures
  • 10th Class Solved Past Papers
  • 9th Class Solved Past Papers
  • 4000+ Short Questions
  • 1000+ Long Questions


You are probably thinking that an app with this many functions will be too expensive. However, this is not the case. PGC prep is free. YES! It is completely free. As a result, if you believe you cannot afford to pay for the academy, you do not have to.

Whether you need short questions and answers or MCQs, you can access them without spending a pennySo, what are you waiting for? Install the app right away to get started with your preparation.

Accessible to Every Student

We have some exciting news for you! It makes no difference which school student you are; you can profit from it regardless of which institute you go to. The app is designed for all students because we believe everyone deserves an equal chance to produce amazing results.

Thus, Prep by PGC is your ultimate solution if you find Urdu subject challenging and want to prepare for it. Furthermore, by downloading the app or signing into the online test portal, you can access the Urdu notes for class 10 right now.

Learning from Highly Qualified Faculty

Our professors and lecturers are highly qualified and hold degrees from prestigious institutions. They have full command of the subjects they teach. Thus, they make certain that you are completely prepared to ace your matriculation examinations.

As a result, our professors went above and beyond to provide these Urdu notes for class 10. Thus, you will not only be learning from professional professors but also will be doing it in the comfort of your own home.

No Downloading Restriction

The app is available for both Apple and Android users. We understand that iOS has strict regulations and policies, which is why we designed an Apple Prep by PGC version. So, you can get it on your iPhone here.

Similarly, if you have an Android phone, you can also download the app from Google Play by clicking here. Thus, there is no restriction on downloading the app or accessing the Free online matriculation Portal.

Caters to Every Board’s Requirements

We fully understand that each board has a different set of requirements. As a result, our faculty has developed lectures on all subjects in accordance with the guidelines of all educational boards. We have secured almost 450 positions across all boards in 2021. That indicates our efforts in preparing you for the matriculation exams.

Therefore, the app will prepare you appropriately regardless of whether you belong to the Lahore board, Faisalabad board, Gujranwala board, Multan board, etc. As a result, you will be able to ace your final examinations and generate outstanding results.

So, if you need Urdu notes for class 10 along with short questions and answers, solved papers, and MCQs, install Prep by PGC. In addition, you can also log into the online portal with Facebook or Google account and access all the prep material for free.

Free Matric Prep by PGC | 9th & 10th video lectures and more. 

Prep by PGC: Get the Best Physics Class 9 Video Lectures for Free!

9th class is the first standard at school where you have to study physics as a distinct subject for the first time. If you have trouble understanding physics concepts, we have a solution to ease your preparation. PGC has launched an app where you can access physics class 9 video lectures along with past papers and MCQs.  

The app is named “Prep by PGC.” It contains all the necessary materials for you to prepare for your matriculation examination. And the best part is, you do not have to go to the academy for it. You can stay at home and study at any time you want. Isn’t it great?  

In addition, there is an online portal known as the Free Online Matriculation Portal. You can log into it and get physics class 9 video lectures along with other subjects’ lectures and papers.  

Why Prep by PGC? 

PGC took this initiative to facilitate the students. We believe that every student deserves an education and must have equal opportunities to prepare for the final exams. That is why the online portal and app are designed to fulfil this objective.  

Let us look at some of the amazing features of Prep by PGC.  

Preparation by a Highly Qualified Faculty 

PGC takes pride in having the best faculty in town. Our professors and teachers are highly qualified and hold degrees from renowned institutions. They ensure you are fully prepared to ace your matriculation exams.  

Thus, our faculty put extra effort into preparing these physics video lectures for class 9. So, you will be learning from experienced teachers in the comfort of your home.  

User-Friendly Interface 

So, what annoys you the most when you open an app or a website? The time it takes to load pages, right? You do not like waiting and it irritates you. Our goal is to facilitate our students’ learning. So, to avoid this, we have designed our app with a user-friendly interface.  

Thus, when you are trying to study physics video lectures for class 9, every video will open straight away. Similarly, you can access every other feature without having to wait long.  

Single Platform for Every Preparation Material  

From physics video lectures for class 9 to solved past papers, everything is available to you on a single platform. Thus, you do not have to open different textbooks and attend separate classes for each subject.  

Prep by PGC contains every prep material in one place. All you have to do is log in to your online portal or the app and start preparing right now. The following are the resources you will have access to: 

  • 5000+ MCQs  
  • 1500+ Video Lectures   
  • 10th Class Solved Past Papers  
  • 9th Class Solved Past Papers   
  • 4000+ Short Questions   
  • 1000+ Long Questions   

Anybody Can Download It 

Whether you are an Apple user or an Android lover, you can download the app. We know that iOS has strict rules and policies, which is why we have created a Prep by PGC version for Apple. So, you can download it on your iPhone here. In addition, you can download the app on Google Play from here if you use an Android phone.  

Not Restricted to Punjab Group Students 

We have good news for you! It does not matter which school student you are; you can benefit from it irrespective of the institute you belong to. Thus, if you find physics a difficult subject and want to prepare for it, Prep by PGC is your best option.  

You can access the physics video lectures for class 9 right now by downloading the app or logging into the online portal examination.  

Fulfils Every Board’s Requirements 

We understand that every board has different requirements. That is why our faculty has created lectures on every subject according to all educational boards’ standards. We have secured more than 450 positions on all boards in 2021. That displays our effort in preparing you for the matric exams.  

Thus, it does not matter whether you belong to the Lahore board, Faisalabad board, Gujranwala board, Multan board, etc. the app will prepare you accordingly. So, you will be able to ace your final exams and produce amazing results.  

It is Totally Free! 

You must be thinking that an app with these many features will definitely cost a lot, right? however, this is not true. Prep by PGC costs nothing. YES! It is totally free. Thus, if you think that you cannot afford to pay for the academy, then you do not have to. 

Download the app right now and start your preparation. So, whether you need short questions and answers or physics video lectures for class 9, you can access them for FREE.  

For the Online Matriculation portal, visit this Free Matric Prep by PGC | 9th & 10th video lectures and more.  

Vibrant Campus Life at Punjab Colleges

Vibrant Campus Life at Punjab Colleges


Punjab Colleges have helped educate more than 2,400,000 students all over Pakistan. We take pride in securing the top positions on all national boards for the past three decades. PGC’s Intermediate admissions 2022 are open these days. Hence, you can become a part of our community by getting enrolled in our institute.  

We aim to facilitate our students’ success by delivering quality education. In addition to preparing you for intermediate examinations, we help you develop the skills that you need to thrive in this highly competitive world. So, there is so much more to PGC than education.  

The Well-Balanced Yet Vibrant Campus Life of Your Dreams! 

At Punjab colleges, we provide you with a vast range of social, educational, and cultural activities. The combination of these fun activities results in a pleasant campus life that you dream of. Additionally, you will have the chance to engage in healthy activities to show off your hidden talents.  

11th class admissions 2022 of the Punjab Group of colleges are going on. Thus, do not waste a second and apply online or visit your nearest campus to have the experience of a lifetime.  

Welcome and Farewell Party 

From the moment you join us, we aim to celebrate every moment with you. So, to celebrate your presence, we will arrange an exceptional welcome party for you. Similarly, to honor your time with us, we organize extraordinary farewell events at the end of your intermediate years.  

Cultural Festivals and Fun Fairs 

You will get a chance to exhibit your artistic potential at the fun fairs that we organize every year. These cultural festival events are fun-filled and an opportunity for you to develop self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills.  

Study and Recreational Trips 

Punjab colleges understand the importance of the break you need from the exhausting study routine. That is why we arrange exciting study and recreational trips for you to northern areas. To ensure your safety, our team of experienced staff supervises the tours.  

Seminars and Workshops 

To provide you with experimental knowledge, we arrange different seminars and workshops for you. Many industry professionals and motivational speakers are invited to speak at these events. As a result, you will have the chance to learn from their life experiences and success stories.  

Science and Art Exhibition 

To generate a platform for innovation and art, PGC organizes different science and art exhibitions. You will have the opportunity to pursue your interests and passions.  


PGC is known for arranging exceptional concerts. We believe in promoting the culture of our country. That is why musicians and singers from all over Pakistan come to perform at these concerts.  

Societies and Clubs 

Along with academics, you will have quality time for interacting in mindful extracurricular activities. We ensure an enjoyable educational environment where you can actively participate in studies as well as healthy activities.  

For this, we have different societies and clubs that you can join. These are as follows: 

  • Music Society 
  • Dramatics Club 
  • Debating Society 
  • IT Club 
  • Photography Club 
  • Art Club 
  • Tourism Club 

Sports Activities 

Sports activities are highly encouraged at Punjab Colleges. You can partake in local, regional, and national competitions. You will indulge in the spirit of sports and develop sportsmanship. Do you know that a lot of great athletes are a part of our alumni, such as Wahab Riaz and Hassan Ali?  

We have a sports club that you can join as well. All you have to do is apply for intermediate admissions 2022. The sports activities that you can take part in are as follows: 

  • Cricket 
  • Football 
  • Badminton 
  • Volley Ball 
  • Basket Ball 
  • Weightlifting 
  • Gymnastics 


Throughout your journey at Punjab Colleges, you will be challenged with several competitions to enhance your abilities. We aim to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers by emphasizing the importance of activities other than academics.  

Therefore, we boost your confidence and motivate you to think out of the box. In addition, when you win the competitions, you will get cash or non-cash prizes.  

Following is a list of competitions that you can participate in at PGC: 

  • Qirat and Naat 
  • Calligraphy 
  • Stand Up Comedy 
  • Coding 
  • Online Gaming 
  • Singing 
  • Photography 
  • Painting 
  • Essay Writing 
  • PGC Takra 

Apply Now for PGC’s Intermediate Admissions 2022

11th class admissions 2022 of the Punjab Group of Colleges are now open as the matric results have been announced. You can enrol and gain substantial knowledge along with experiencing the best campus life.  

Now is your chance to stand out from others and learn from the best faculty in town. So, be a part of our growing community and help our legacy grow.  

For more information, you can contact us at infor@pgc.edu.  

Admission Open