UCP Colleges Open the BS Admissions 2023

BS Admissions 2023

After intermediate, the next stop is to enter the life of advanced and professional education in Pakistan. For this purpose, there are universities and authorised colleges to offer higher levels of education to students in various disciplines. University of Central Punjab (UCP) is one of the prominent education providers, opening BS Admissions 2023 for students in constituent colleges of UCP.   

Benefits of Learning the Bachelors (BS) at UCP Colleges  

You will have the following benefits once you decide to study at UCP Colleges (PGC Colleges). Every student gets entitled to receive state-of-the-art facilities.   

You will get the incredible opportunity to learn and study professionally through the world-class faculty of your degree program.   

Labs are an essential part of study procedures in Pakistan. UCP colleges understand this well. Therefore, they have constructed state-of-the-art labs for better learning experiences.   

The world is changing fast. The essence of education is to prepare students for the future with all the necessary skills and ledge. The professional education providers at UCP Colleges are well-adapted to this reality.   

Another benefit of studying at UCP Colleges is that you will earn a prestigious degree from the University of Punjab (UCP). A professional degree from HEC recognised university is the best fruit of your efforts to get a head in professional education.   

Furthermore, while you study in any BS program at the UCP Colleges, you can avail of multiple scholarships on diversified grounds. The primary scholarship offerings are made for merit-based and need-based circumstances.   

In addition, highly qualified teachers’ professionalism is the major significant point for taking this decision.   

Disciplines Offered for BS Programs 2023  at UCP Colleges

At UCP Colleges, there is a diversified and extensive range of programs for BS 2023 for students with different interests. A brief introduction to each of the BS programs 2023 is available below.  All the programs are scheduled for a period of four (4) years. 

BS Programs 2023- UCP Colleges

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA Hons.)   

The BBA (Hons.) programme combines a solid grounding in the basics of business with competence in one area of specialisation selected by the student from Management, Finance, Marketing, Information & Operations Management, and Entrepreneurship. The programme also gives students much exposure to social science and humanities.  

BS Accounting & Finance  

Our BS Accounting & Finance degree gives students the essential know-how and abilities they need to succeed in the financial industry. The benefits and scope of BS Accounting and Finance are wide and broad.   

BS Chemistry  

The BS Chemistry degree helps students thoroughly understand chemical processes and equips graduates with all the essential skills and abilities they need to succeed. You can join multiple careers after completing your BS in Chemistry.   

BS Computer Sciences  

Four Year BS in Computer Science programme prepares students to address contemporary tech-related issues. Students who major in computer science are equipped to work in the information technology industry.  

BS Economics  

If you want to become a successful and assertive economist, then BS Economics is for you. This BS Economics programme is designed to foster an in-depth understanding of both microeconomics and macroeconomics and strongly emphasises helping students hone their analytical abilities.  

BS English  

As an international language, English is accepted and demanded worldwide. Therefore, our syllabus for BS English is exceptional in many ways. English majors have a significant chance to profoundly understand literary works’ organisation and subject matter.  

BS Mathematics  

Our BS Mathematics degree plan has been created to assist students in problem-solving by analysing, justifying, and communicating.  

BS Physics  

To assist students in developing a conceptual knowledge of the foundations of physics, we designed the BS Physics programme for future education.   

BS Psychology  

The professional four years BS Psychology degree aims to help students become systematic, statistical, and critical thinkers in relation to human behaviour.  

BS Zoology  

BS Zoology programme, created by a top-notch staff, enables students to study animal biology at all levels of biological organisation.  

Look Into Campuses  

Although learning is possible in every way, learning becomes easier in facilitations. Therefore, UCP Colleges offer the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities for students to have the best education.    

Apply Online Today  

To avail of all the amenities and facilities with a recognised, worthy degree with the inclusion of knowledge and skills is just a form away. You can apply through the link.   


BS Admissions 2023 is opened at UCP Colleges for the new intake. You can get admission to BS four-year degree to achieve the academic and professional qualifications. Start your journey today!   



World Environment Day 2023

world health day 2023

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to take action to protect the planet. In collaboration with Côte d’Ivoire, the Netherlands is hosting World Environment Day on June 5th, 2023. Let’s look inside at the essence and need of the logan of this year.  

World Environment Day 2023 

The theme for World Environment Day 2023 is “Solutions to Plastic Pollution,” which serves as a reminder that what individuals do to reduce plastic pollution matters. The result of this action is the actions that corporations and governments are doing to combat plastic pollution. Ecosystems are vital to our survival and provide us with food, water, clean air, and other essential resources. However, human activities such as deforestation, pollution, and overfishing have caused significant damage to ecosystems, leading to a loss of biodiversity and environmental degradation. 

To mark World Environment Day 2023, various events and activities will take place worldwide. Governments, NGOs, and community organizations will organize tree-planting campaigns, beach clean-ups, and recycling drives to raise awareness about the importance of ecosystem restoration. 

Educational institutions will hold seminars, workshops, and debates to engage young people in environmental issues and encourage them to take action to protect their local environments. It is anticipated to see what can be done on individual, corporate and government levels to make plastic pollution a part of history.  

Individuals can also participate in World Environment Day 2023 by making small changes in their daily lives. For example, they can reduce their plastic consumption through the use of paper products and environment-friendly bags.  

Plastic Pollution Facts and Figures 

For the global environment, plastic pollution is a major concern. The facts and figures that make plastic pollution are listed below.  

  • Plastic was introduced as a revolutionary product.  
  • It decomposes and breakdown, but the duration is far more in comparison to the organic products.  
  • Our seas already contain between 75 and 199 million tonnes of plastic waste, and 33 billion pounds more enter the marine environment every year. There is simply too much plastic being produced at this time for the recycling and waste management systems that are in place. 
  • In total, 9.5 billion metric tonnes of plastic were produced between 1950 and 2019, of which 7 billion metric tonnes are already rubbish. This is not entirely unexpected because single-use products account for up to 50% of all plastics manufactured annually. 
  • Most of the plastic is consumed by the Whales.  
  • According to recent studies, the US, Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan are the five industrialised fishing nations whose waters contain most of the floating trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 
  • The consumption of food packed in plastic is poisonous to health. 
  • Animals often get trapped in nets and plastic bags, or the microplastic elements stuck in their throats cause deaths.  

Biggest Plastic Producers in the World  

According to the data resources, China tops the list as a plastic producer due to different reasons. North America, Europe, rest of Asia, the Middle East and Africa comes after the Plastic Leader.  

plastic producers of the world

5 Tips to reduce plastic consumption from World 

The accumulation of plastics must be reduced at any cost. Some of the tips are as follows.  

  1. It Is Essential to Use the Recyclable Products Aside from Plastics.  
  2. Use The Plastic Alternative Materials Instead the Single-Use Plastic Products.  
  3. Avoid Foods in Plastic Packaging 
  4. Try To Bake Your Bread and Grow your Organic Food Items.  
  5. Make Organic Cleaning Products Like Detergents, Cleaners, And Deodorants.  


Plastic is one of the major dangers to the environment. Human life and animals on land and in water are highly at risk. It is high time to take serious precautions against the damages. Today we take the first step to save our years to come. Remember, no change is quick. World environment day is observed to recall the real issues and find solutions.   


Let’s Say No to Tobacco and Yes to Healthy Foods

World No Tobacco Day 2023

Drugs and Tobacco have been widely used for centuries, with cigarettes being the most popular form of tobacco consumption. Despite its popularity, Tobacco is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide. The harmful effects of tobacco consumption on health have been well documented, and people must understand the risks associated with tobacco use and take steps to quit. The 31st of May of every year is celebrated as ‘World Tobacco Day’. This article will explore why we should say no to Tobacco and the benefits of living a tobacco-free life.  

World No Tobacco Day 2023  

Every year, on the 31st of May, International ‘World No Tobacco Day is observed’. This year, the world health organisation (WHO) and its partners will try to spread awareness about the importance of alternative crop harvesting in place of Tobacco. For the same reason, this year’s slogan is: We Need Food, Not Tobacco!   

Eye-Opening Facts for Food Industry and Tobacco   

Food is a necessity around the globe. Its unavailability results in conflicts, wars, and climate problems on a larger scale. Several elements cause the food crisis. Significant players include factors like the pandemic arousal, a strategically taken decision regarding the plantation or non-plantation of certain crops. Moreover, the tobacco plantation carried away the land that could be used for food plantation. The facts of tobacco growth are available in a few points below.   

  • Each year, Tobacco is grown on about 3.5 million hectares of land worldwide. Additionally, tobacco farming adds to the annual loss of 200 000 hectares of forest.  
  • It takes many resources to cultivate Tobacco, and pesticides and fertilisers are frequently used, which degrades the soil.  
  • Since Tobacco depletes soil fertility, land used for cultivating Tobacco has a lower capability for growing other crops, such as food.  
  • As tobacco farmlands are more prone to desertification, tobacco production has a much more significant detrimental effect on ecosystems than other agricultural operations like maise growing and cattle grazing.  

Disadvantages of Tobacco Consumption  

There are several reasons why we should say no to Tobacco. First and foremost, tobacco use is a major cause of many diseases, including swerve lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These severe diseases can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life and sometimes lead to premature death. Tobacco use results in more than 8 million deaths worldwide each year, says; World Health Organization (WHO).  

Secondly, tobacco use is harmful to the individual who uses it and those around them. Second-hand smoke, which is the smoke released from the burning of cigarettes, contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including many known to cause cancer. Exposure to second-hand smoke can cause various health problems, including lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory infections. Children and non-smoking adults regularly exposed to second-hand smoke are at exceptionally high risk for these health problems.  

Thirdly, tobacco use is a major contributor to environmental pollution. Cigarette butts, the most common form of litter in the world, can take years to decompose and release toxic chemicals into the environment. Tobacco farming also contributes to deforestation and soil degradation, negatively impacting local ecosystems and communities.  

Finally, tobacco use is a costly habit that can significantly affect a person’s finances. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are expensive, and the cost of using Tobacco adds up over time. In addition, the health problems associated with tobacco use can lead to increased medical expenses and lost productivity, which can further strain a person’s finances.  

Advantages to Quit Tobacco  

The benefits of living a tobacco-free life are many. For starters, quitting Tobacco can significantly improve a person’s health. Within a few weeks of quitting, a person’s circulation and lung function improve, and their heart attack and stroke risk decreases. Over time, a person’s risk of developing lung cancer and other tobacco-related diseases decreases.  

Quitting Tobacco can also improve a person’s quality of life. Smokers often suffer from shortness of breath, coughing, and other respiratory problems, making engaging in physical activity and enjoying everyday activities challenging. By quitting Tobacco, people can regain their physical abilities and enjoy a more active, fulfilling lifestyle.  

In addition to the health benefits, quitting Tobacco can also have financial benefits. By quitting, a person can save money that would otherwise be spent on tobacco products. Reinvest this money in productive elements, such as paying bills, going on vacation, or investing in hobbies and interests.  

Quitting Tobacco can also have positive social benefits. By leaving, a person can reduce their exposure to second-hand smoke and protect the health of those around them. In addition, quitting Tobacco can serve as a positive example for friends and family members who may also be struggling with the smoke. 

2023 Call for Decision Makers to Save the Planet & People  

The top ten producers of Tobacco are grown in nine low- and middle-income nations, four of which are classified as low-income food-deficit nations. Tobacco cultivation takes up land that could be used more effectively to help the world reach Sustainable Development Goal 2 — ending hunger.  

The 2023 WNTD campaign urges governments and decision-makers to strengthen legislation, create appropriate policies and strategies, and provide the market circumstances necessary for tobacco farmers to switch to cultivating food crops that would impact human life in a better way.  

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control provides specific guidelines and policy options in Articles 17 and 18 on promoting the economic viability of alternatives for those involved in the production, cultivation, and retail of tobacco products and on enhancing environmental and public health protection. The country-level enforcement of these regulations must be improved.  


Let’s decide today to quit tobacco consumption on a domestic level. Also, it is suggested to the decision makers to make strict laws regarding the plantation and consumption of Tobacco on all levels to get rid of it.   


Top 6 Earning Techniques for Students in Digital Sphere

6 Earning Opportunities

Today students want to earn and become independent as soon as possible. It is high time to become financially independent while keeping studies regular and completing your education. However, the priority must be education and learning to become more productive and acceptable for your future and dream career. Here are some earning techniques in the digital sphere that are specifically suitable for students. 

Online Tutoring

If you’re knowledgeable in a particular subject, you can offer online tutoring services to students who need help. To find clients, you can create a profile on tutoring platforms like Chegg, TutorMe, or Skooli. Students often teach juniors at home; they can pursue the same talent in the international market to get good returns. 

Social Media Management

The younger generation loves social media. Therefore, they know the latest features and are very adaptive when it comes to social media. Hence, it is always a great idea to utilise your talents. Likewise, many businesses need help managing their social media accounts. If you’re familiar with social media platforms and have good communication skills, you can offer your services as a social media manager.

Content Creation

If you have writing, graphic design, or video production skills, you can create content for blogs, websites, or social media pages and get paid for it. Currently, the video is the most in-demand type of content. Long and short videos are the most popular content on platforms.  

However, it does not mean you shouldn’t publish other content. Always initiate what you do the best.   


Transcription involves converting audio or video files into text. Many companies and individuals need transcription services. Sometimes, the language barrier is the reason for transcribing. Sometimes, merely text-to-speech is required. It is both a smart and effective job to be done. Furthermore, there are free versions available to initiate jobs on a free version.  You can offer your services on platforms like TranscribeMe or Rev.

Online surveys

You can participate in online surveys and get paid for your opinions. Platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Toluna offer paid surveys. These surveys are usually for diverse purposes to collect public opinion. 


As a student, you can offer your services as a freelancer in a variety of fields, including writing, graphic design, programming, and more. Freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr make it easy to find clients. However, starting where the competition is low is always an intelligent and promising idea. Such skills are high in demand.   

Some of the most in-demand skills are as follows.  

  • Data Analysis 
  • Software Development 
  • User Experience (Ui/ UX) 
  • Web Development 
  • Project Management 
  • Account Management 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Cyber Security 

You can learn any of these skills from the free and paid courses from reputable learning platforms. Coursera, Google Garage, and EdX are some of them. However, please make sure to put in your efforts and patience during the entire process.  

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Benefits of Online Earning for Students 

There are numerous benefits to following the earning techniques for online income. Some of them are discussed below.  

Students can adapt flexibility with their study and earning timings as there is no restriction like a 9-5 job. Therefore, students can well-manage their learning and earning efficiently.  

With flexibility, students can get control of their resources and environments. This will help them to stay vigilant, efficient and productive at the same time.  

The Internet offers a massive opportunity to access the global market. Students can not only hunt the earning opportunities but also can look up the latest trends, in-demand skills, and learning resources to compete with the global participants.  

In addition, students can join various talented people on professional websites, personal websites and social media platforms to learn from them without any monetary investment.  


These are just a few of the many earning techniques that students can explore in the digital sphere. It’s important to find a technique that aligns with your skills and interests and put in the effort to make it successful. 

The Optimal Use of ChatGPT For Students

ChatGPT featured Image

ChatGPT is a natural language processing (NLP) tool that works on artificial intelligence. This tool is considered the most powerful tool to date. However, ethics are afraid to be compromised. For the same reasons, it has been banned in some countries and especially in the field of education and academics, it is not preferred to much extent. However, students can utilise the power of ChatGPT in a better way for much bigger learning opportunities. This article will cover the top advantages students can attain from ChatGPT.  

Learn about any Topic for Free 

ChatGPT works in natural conversation. You will have to ask questions, and it will generate responses through machine learning techniques by gathering information available online. However, you can save time through ChatGPT in comparison to doing regular searches on search engines like Bing and Google.  

You can type a statement as follows to get curated, to-the-point responses for your all-academic queries, concepts and topics as per requirements.  

You may ask: What are the key concepts of accounting?

Get a Bunch of Ideas for Creative Writing 

In addition to the theory, the ChatGPT can be a big support to thinking creatively. For instance, you are looking for different dimensions to write down the story on England countryside life. All you have to do is to open ChatGPT and ask for creative ideas to write a story on England’s Countryside. The AI will help you out.  

You may also narrow down the points and also to get a conversation to expand the content.  

Ask ChatGPT to Teach  

If no professional teaching assistance is available, then don’t worry. ChatGPT is also ready to become your professional mentor for anything. From theory subjects to the latest IT skills, like language learning, skill development, or clearing the doubt, everything is covered.  

The phrases like this can help in this regard.
Teach me the basics of HTML.
Be ready to get responses like this.



Develop the Soft Skills through ChatGPT 

Soft skills are the most crucial element in professional success. Soft skills also become the major support in our personal life and areas. However, not many are well aware due to the lack of professional guidance. Though, the internet is the best source to learn any skill.  

On the contrary, not all people can crack information on authentic, accurate or fake news or articles. However, ChatGPT solved this issue also. Now, you can search for a list or detail about any of the soft skills in no time and effort. You can also copy them to a safe for later use.  

You can ask phrases like this. 

  • Tell me the top soft skills. 
  • Tell me something about communication skills. 
  • How to develop communication skills? 

And get responses like this. 

ChatGPT ask something 

Get Your Exam Revisions Done Rapidly 

Exams and their preparations are crucial for academic success. Many times, students often opt for rapid testing and revision materials. With ChatGPT, now you can do this tedious task quite resourcefully and easily. The ChatGPT is your helping hand in this regard.  

You can go in the following question format. 

  • Get me five questions on (this) 
  • Ask me the top 6 difficult topics on (this) 
  • Provide me feedback on (enter your solved question) 

Get your Grammer Analysis Activated 

English prose, theory and grammar are the nightmares for many of the students. The Chat GPT is also your solution for grammar analysis. You can get your text checked, modified, and replaced for the better. Some of the possible examples are as follows.  

  • Analyse (this) text. 
  • Check the grammar of (this text) 
  • Identify the writing errors in (this) 
  • Modify (this) for professional writing.  

Limitations for ChatGPT 

With advantages, there are disadvantages. While using technology like ChatGPT, it is essential to stay aware of the limitations of the same. In the following text, we discuss some of the cons of ChatGPT.  

  • ChatGPT is a limited Knowledge 
  • ChatGPT does not provide an analysis of anything. 
  • ChatGPT does not provide too many creative options.  
  • You cannot ask for private information from it due to privacy concerns.  
  • Do not rely on ChatGPT completely for your homework. ` 

However, ChatGPT is available for both web and mobile devices.  


In this way, students can get ChatGPT to solve their massive educational matters in a better way. Remember, if you utilise the power of technology and artificial intelligence, it will be most beneficial. There is no need to misuse the innovations which could be utilised otherwise.  


Pre-First Year Classes by PGC are the Best for Career Oriented Students!

Career Oriented Students must go for pre-first year

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) admissions for the pre-first year 2023 are about to close. Don’t miss a chance, apply today and avail the best opportunity to ace your knowledge and sharpen your skills to score the best in intermediate board examinations.  

Apply online for Pre-1st Year 2023 

Introduction to Pre-First-Year Classes 

The pre-first-year classes are opened by PGC. The students who appeared in matric exams this year and these days are waiting anxiously for the result declaration for further education are eligible to apply. The aim of these classes is to empower students’ knowledge, skills, and vision to work for their future and professional education in a timely manner.    

Invest Your Time in the most productive Way 

While studying in the pre-first-year classes, students would be able to utilise their time and energy in the most positive way. There is an extensive availability of distractions for students nowadays. It could result in a waste of time, energy and the power of focusing on the things that really matter.  

Therefore, students’ performance is often affected and results in poor outcomes. Therefore, anything as a productive counter is always the best way to spend time in a positive manner.  

Prepare for Intermediate Earlier Than Many  

The pre-first-year classes are a golden opportunity to take the lead in intermediate in many ways. Students will start their intermediate classes much earlier than the rest of the students who would start a regular learning session. The gap between the initiation matters a lot in the crucial classes linked with the board examination.  

Hence, an early start is always a better option to get a comprehensive grip on the details of the curriculum. The students learn and make enough revisions successfully. These all things contribute massively to the board examination.    

Pre-First Year Helps Understand Board Patterns 

At Punjab Colleges (PGC), every aspect is addressed for optimal results. Similarly, our professional teachers help students to understand the subject, content and requirements of the paper examiner in inter boards.  

Choose Your Preferred Career  

The pre-first-year classes are open for all the approved disciplines of the intermediate by the board of intermediate and secondary education in Punjab. Students can easily opt for any of the following lines as per their preferences.  

  • FSC Pre-Engineering 
  • FSC Pre-Medical 
  • ICS 
  • ICOM 
  • FA 

Pre-First Year is a Free Cost Learning Investment 

In addition to all these benefits, the pre-first year is a learning opportunity without any fee or cost expense. Therefore, it is also the best investment for these high inflation times. Therefore, there is no room to overlook this massive opportunity for learning because of any monetary constraints.  

Apply for Pre-First Year 2023 

The online application for the pre-first year 2023 can be submitted here.  


Pre-first-year classes are the best investment for students who have appeared in matric exams and waiting for results. They can continue their learning without any destructive gap.   



The Free Pre-First Year 2023: Start Intermediate Today!

Start Intermediate today 2023 with pre-first year 2023 at PGC

Intermediate is the dream of many students who want to pursue pre-engineering, medicine, and business or want to enter information technology and their professional life. Therefore, their dreams of landing their preferred profession take the first step in intermediate classes. Hence, students who appeared in metric examinations long for the intermediate admissions the PGC brings the free pre-first year 2023.  

The pre-first-year classes are free to join  

PGC offers the most anticipated education session of the year, the pre-first year, for free. The pre-first-year classes aim to empower our students with knowledge and practicality while utilizing their available time resources. As the matric results are yet to be declared and regular admissions for intermediate are pending, students can use their time in a productive way while managing and covering the course curriculum in advance for other students who may start regularly.  

Apply Today for Free First Year Classes 

You can opt for the intermediate discipline of your choice  

The intermediate classes usually offer FCS pre-engineering, FSC premedical, ICS, ICom, and inter in humanities under the faculty of arts. All these disciplines are open for the pre-first year 2023 at PGC; therefore, students can make a choice according to their subject preferences.  

In the brief, the pre-first year, we’ll help you in many ways  

  • Students can get numerous benefits if they opt for free first-year classes and add the Punjab group of colleges. Some of the advantages of joining the pre-first year are as under.  
  • Pre-first-year classes in 2023 are free for interested students without any expense.  
  • Students will get extended time to cover the lengthy course of intermediate classes.  
  • Due to the early completion of the syllabus, students can make a couple of revisions before the final board examinations.  
  • Intermediate classes are incomplete without proper guidance regarding the intermediate board examinations. Hence, the students will get comprehensive guidelines to attempt the board exams in the best possible way in the pre-first year classes 2023 at PGC.  
  • Completion of courses in such an extensive manner for intermediate multiplies the confidence among students. Therefore, they can stay optimistic about their abilities and perform their best in the board examinations for the best results.  
  • Pre-first-year classes are the best investment in terms of time and money.  
  • Students will get a chance to network with their like-minded students in the pre-first-year classes. 
  • PGC offers the best teaching faculty for all the disciplines at intermediate; therefore, every year, many students manage to stand in the top positions in board examinations. 

With all these benefits, there is no room for confusion as to why you should not be admitted to pre-first year classes 2023 at PGC. You can apply for admission, and the link is available below.  

Take the lead and reimagine your future today  

It is your time to take the decisions in your hand regarding your future and start today. Click the link below in confidence to apply for free pre-first-year classes in 2023.  

Don’t miss the chance and apply today  

Remember to fill out the form today before the admissions go offline for the year, and you may miss your chance for a lifetime. Therefore, it is best to remember that early deciders, our early risers and early risers are wise people.  

Apply for Pre First Year Classes 2023 at PGC 


Punjab Group of Colleges PGC always work for the benefit of students. For the same reason, they have initiated the pre-first-year classes for 2023. However, that time and seat constraints are always there. Therefore, it is an intelligent decision to apply today on the prescribed form till the offer lasts.  


Enrol In Pre-First Year and start ICS Today!

Pre First Year PGC ICS

Intermediate in computer science is one of the most popular specializations and intermediate when it comes two professional educations. The students who have appeared in the matric exams and nowadays are enjoying a free vacation without any purpose and waiting for results to get admission further can get themselves enrolled in free reference to your classes for their better future investment.  

Introduction To Pre-First-Year Classes  

Pre-first-year classes are an outstanding initiative the Punjab Group of Colleges PGC took. The pre-first-day classes are a golden opportunity for matric students who are waiting for their results and willing to pursue their professional careers in technology and computer sciences. The pre-first year classes develop learning and knowledge building among students before the regular admissions take place; in this way, a lot of crucial time of students gets saved and optimized. These well-managed time resources enable students to learn better, gather more knowledge, and perform better in their board examinations for greater results.  

Brief Intro About Intermediate in Computer Science  

Intermediate in computer science ICS is ideal for students interested in IT, technology, and the latest information technology trends in the world. Mostly the students who have opted for computer sciences and their matriculation also opt for intermediate and computer science ICS to pursue their dream careers.  

ICS becomes a doorway to their BS in any field of computer sciences, be it hardware engineering, software engineering, or any other related area of interest.   

At Punjab Group of Colleges, ICS is offered with three combinations for the ease of our students. These combinations are allocated per the study guidelines by the official intermediate and secondary education board. Therefore, students can choose the specialization in forms of combination as per their subject interests and priorities.  

Advantages Of Pre-First Year At PGC  

Students can get a number of benefits from the free pre-first-year classes for ICS at the Punjab Group of Colleges. Some of them are listed below.  

  • Students can get early and complete exposure to the ICS syllabus.  
  • In addition to the exposure, students will also get an opportunity to learn from the best subject specialists at PGC.  
  • PGC also offers e-learning facilitation to its students. For this purpose, classrooms are well equipped with teaching assistance hardware. In addition, other resources in terms of apps and other digital content are available for PGC students.  
  • Professional guidance and exposure to the entire curriculum and proper guidance from an early stage regarding the board examination develop absolute confidence among students.  
  • With this confidence, students not only perform exceptionally in the board examination but also learn to explore the unveiled opportunities around them.  
  • With this self-exploration quality, the students who studied at PGC often stay successful in their professional life because they are the ones who imagine early, start quickly, and eventually take the lead.  
  • The pre-first-year classes also bring a monetary advantage to enrolled students. This is because the pre-first-year classes are offered for free to those who want to avail themselves of their time efficiently.  

Apply Today  

Now, if you want to send your application for the free pre-first year of 2023 at the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC), you can click on this link and apply online.  


ICS could be your gateway towards a successful career in the field of information and technology. Refrain from wasting your precious time waiting for regular admissions to start after the board examination results. In this fast era, the best time to start is today! Get enrolled in the pre-first year 2023 with PGC for a proud future tomorrow. 


Is I. COM for You, Or Not? Pre-first Year 2023 Will Help You Decide!

pre-first-year 2023 PGC ICOM

Are you done with your matriculation? And nowadays, you are considering which field to choose for your intermediate, as you are not an engineering or a medical person. Therefore, you are thinking of going into some field like business accounting insurance actuaries. Now you think about choosing the intermediate in commerce, but you are confused and unsure whether you would be a good fit for it or not. Don’t worry. The pre-first year at PGC will help you decide the same. For the decision, you must go through this article’s end.  

The Course Content for I Com  

To start this entire discussion, let’s discuss what i.com actually is. ICOM is an intermediate level of study that focuses on the area of business, accountancy, and commerce. Hence, it is just a specialisation like pre-engineering, pre-medical, ICS, or FA.   

Therefore, those who are interested in something other than pre-engineering or pre-medical and not even in computer sciences or simple linguistics can opt for icom if they have any interest in trade, business, or commerce.  

Pre-First Year 2023 at Glance  

It is often scepticism, Regarding the length and content of the syllabus of icom. However, the course length is decided by the Board of Intermediate and secondary education throughout Pakistan. Therefore, the best way to complete something lengthy is to start early and finish early.  

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) understands the students’ struggles quite well. For the same reason, our students have been the top scorers for many years. Which ultimately results in the highest ratio of students landing in top universities for commerce, medicine, engineering, IT and other specialisations.  

The pre-first year 2023 initiative at PGC offers a golden opportunity for matrix students who have a handsome time deciding which way to choose for their career through professional education.  

The pre-first year classes are free of cost and aim to assist our future students in a better way that equips them with the latest knowledge and a grip on the curriculum to score well in their intermediate board examinations.  

Starting early eventually provides Peace of Mind, Clarity in thought process, and a solid grip on the content and concepts of crucial intermediate years, which definitely stands helpful in professional education and later in career days.  

A solid grip and clarity with the hope of scoring high and better understanding in various aspects boost our students’ confidence level, shown in the intermediate board examinations in terms of better performance and optimised results.  

Advantages Of Enrollment in Pre-First Year at PGC  

Now if you have a question that it’s OK to take the pre-first year, but why PGC? We have listed down some prominent features of enrollment in the pre-first year at the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC).  

  • Punjab Group of Colleges is the largest educational network in Pakistan.  
  • Punjab group of colleges is a part of the Punjab group, and it has several sister institutions offering education from nursery to PhD.  
  • For the past 37 years, our students have been our pride, and continuously, we have been in the top rankings when it comes to the results of intermediate examinations throughout Punjab.  
  • In 2022, Our 176 students bagged the top positions across Punjab boards.   


Apply at Pre-First-Year 2023 Today!

Punjab colleges have the best teaching resources comprising subject specialists who are equally well-trained and better understand student psychology. Therefore, the teaching methods they adopt help our students understand, evaluate and absorb the knowledge they are getting as a student, which ultimately results in better performance.  

Education Prospects After I.COM  

after you complete your intermediate in commerce, oh also known as icom. You can be admitted in any of the lines from your university as your BS or bachelor’s programs.  

  • Accountancy  
  • Business Administration  
  • Commerce  
  • Insurance  
  • Banking  

Admissions For Pre-First Year 2023 PGC Are Open  

Now, if you have made up your mind for icom, the best time to initiate your studies is the first year at PGC.  The admission forms for the free pre-first year 2023 are available. For other information, you can visit our website!  


The pre-first year of 2023 could be one of the best decisions you will ever make regarding your education and career. The benefits of the pre-first year are numerous, in addition to its free availability. So don’t miss the chance; enrol yourself, complete your intermediate curriculum beforehand, and take the lead of your future differently.    


How is Pre-First Year Beneficial for FSC Students? 

Pre 1st Year for FSC Students

The Faculty of Sciences (FSC) comprises two major disciplines in Pakistan, pre-medical and pre-engineering. Students interested in taking medical or engineering as their future careers always opt for any of these. The matric exams are now over, and there is plenty of time before the actual intermediate admissions take place; therefore, the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) brings pre-first year for FSC students. To learn the benefits and advantages for future doctors and engineers, read this post in detail.  

Early Exposure to the FSC Curriculum  

FSC pre-engineering or FSC pre-medical are Pakistani society’s most demanded and prestigious education lines. The pre-engineering and pre-medical courses are the students’ dream courses since matriculation or school days. However, we often observe that the students who opt for FC pre-engineering are pre-medical and seem to be under pressure and tense regarding their performance and career choices in case of tough competition and marks variation. For this reason, it is always advised to try harder and to put in more effort.  

Many students join academies and take extra classes during the intermediate years if they are students of FSC, either in pre-engineering or pre-medical. However, the Punjab group of colleges brings a golden chance for the prospects of FSC pre-engineering or pre-medical in 2023 to get exposed to the FSC curriculum either in pre-engineering or FSC pre-medical. You can now enrol in the pre-first year 2023 at PGC and cover the syllabus before the regular classes begin.  

Enough Time Availability for Adjustment  

As you have seen above, PGC is offering a free pre-first year. This will allow you to start your FSC pre-engineering or FCS pre-medical, no matter which disciplines the students opt for their intermediate. For instance, our 176 students stood in higher positions in intermediate examinations across all Punjab boards in 2022.  

This year in 2023, you can be the one after position holders in board examinations if you adequately take your decision. We are here to assist you and to help you in your learning journey with our pre-first-year classes.  

Early Access to the eLearning Resources  

Professional guidance is not the only benefit of taking admission in pre-first year classes at PGC, but early access to e-learning resources which are solely accessible to students at Punjab Colleges, is also the prominent advantage you cannot ignore.  

At Punjab Colleges, our students enjoy state-of-the-art facilities with libraries, labs, and e-learning assistance at the classroom level. Punjab Group of Colleges firmly believes in incorporating the latest learning modules to enrich the learning experience for our students.   

In-Depth Concept Development   

When the elements of the curriculum, a complete syllabus, combined with flexible time, professional guidance, and technical assistance, the students perform very well. We do this at Punjab Colleges to empower our future leaders to stand tall and strong in their relevant fields, whether they choose FSC pre-engineering or FSC pre-medical.   

Better Understanding of Proposed Examination Pattern  

Completing and covering the course curriculum is only one aspect of scoring the best in board examinations. For the same reason, the students at PGC are well prepared by our professional teachers regarding the intermediate examination pattern.  

Multiple Revisions Results in Perfection  

Revisions, class tests, and sendups are prominent parts of our teaching pattern for intermediate classes in Punjab colleges. With the help of all these elements, our students get through multiple revisions and test sessions, ultimately resulting in a solid foundation of concepts end mechanisms of things explained in the syllabus.  

Therefore, if you want to achieve the perfection that is attainable through practice, practice and practice, you should waste no more time and enrol yourself in pre-first year classes at Punjab colleges today.  

Pre-First- Year Classes are No-Money Expenditure  

Free pre-first-year classes are a gold mine for students sitting idle after matric examinations and having no productive option besides waiting for regular admissions and results to be declared. We add PGC care for our children. Therefore, we welcome you to our pre-first year FSC pre-medical or FC pre-engineering classes without any fee submission. Yes! You heard it right the pre-first year classes at Punjab colleges are absolutely free.   

Optimal Utilization of Your Resources  

We at Punjab Colleges want our youth to utilize their most precious resources in terms of time, energy, and enthusiasm for the best and most profitable career and future they will make. The admission forms are available; visit our website if you want to learn more.  


Pre-first-year classes are the proud initiative of the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC). We offer free classes for students who are interested in FSC engineering, pre-medical, I.com, ICS, or FA.