Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are the most extensively used and applicable type of objective exam section. They are used to assess the most significant educational outcomes, such as knowledge, comprehension, judgment, and problem-solving skills. In all boards of intermediate and secondary education (BISE), MCQs take up a major part of the exam. Half of the marks are allotted to this objective part, hence making it the most critical to pass it. Students of 9th and 10th classes must try all efforts to excel in this section of their matric exams.

Now you can easily access 5000+ MCQs, free of charge through Prep by PGC app that gives access to solved MCQs of all subjects from the last five years. Let’s discuss what benefits you can gain from solving MCQs in Prep by PGC app.

Easy to Prepare

MCQs are considerably difficult to solve and excel since they are the trickiest with the most high risk. In the board exams, acing MCQs or objective section is integral since it contains half the weightage of marks. However, it may seem difficult to prepare it at first, access to solved MCQs through Prep by PGC app makes it all easy for students. Solved MCQs through Prep by PGC app saves you a lot of hassle of going through different kinds of hard copy notes. It also saves a lot of time with effective preparation from the comfort of your home.

Best Way to Score Maximum marks

The objective part of board exams is mostly covered with MCQs. This means that MCQs have equal weightage to long and short questions. Therefore, it is important to score the highest in the MCQs section to achieve maximum marks in the exams. Solved Free MCQs from Prep by PGC app allow you to score high marks in their exams. Solved MCQs are easy to prepare, hence it is the best way to score maximum marks in board exams.

Efficient preparation in the shortest time

Studying solved MCQs through Prep by PGC app can save a lot of time. Students have to go through thousands of unsolved MCQs of different subjects. This is why Prep by PGC app has compiled 5000+ latest solved MCQs of all subjects for effective preparation in the shortest time.

Best Solved MCQs App For Class 9th & 10th

Free Access without any cost

It is inconvenient for students and their parents to afford a hefty amount on different kinds of notes. In today’s modern era, studying from notes can be a hassle for students. Prep by PGC app gives free access to you for 5000+ solved MCQs. This app not only saves money but also saves from the stress of handling different kinds of hard copy notes.

Convenient to Revise

When the time is short on hand, it is wise to use all one app for your fast revision. Prep by PGC gives easy access from mobile and laptops, anywhere and anytime. You can now use solved MCQs from Prep by PGC app to revise all of the courses and all possible MCQs to come in the shortest time.

Where to Find Latest Matric MCQs?

For those of you who are in matric and want to achieve maximum marks in your exams, download the Prep by PGC app and register now. Get FREE access to the latest matric MCQs of the last five years to make your matric preparation easy.

How Can Students Benefit from Career Counselling?

In a student’s life, the selection of the right career is one of the most important and life-changing decisions. If it is not taken seriously enough, it may result in lifetime regret, frustration and demotivation. However, effective supervision from a professional educational advisor takes a student down the path to success. Career counselling for students helps develop and expand their enthusiasm for who they are and what they are truly capable of being.

Career counselling in Pakistan depicts a very sad picture as there is no career counselling after the 10th class or at the college level. A lot of students end up opting for majors with zero interests either owing to societal pressure or parental choice. Therefore, it is a crucial need for students to have career counselling sessions at the school and college levels to realize their potential for a successful career choice. To understand its significance in student’s life, this article discusses the multiple benefits that students can gain from career counselling.

To understand market trends and scope

Market trends shift from time to time. There was a time when earning a doctorate or an engineering degree ensured a student’s future. But now, many new professions are providing students with other career possibilities. Career counselling assists students in setting realistic expectations for their chosen profession. A career counsellor also enlightens and tells them about additional possibilities that they may not have discovered. Such a career in computer science or information technology has gained the most popularity among students due to its numerous possibilities in this digital age. Thus, it is better to consult with career counsellors to understand the dynamics of market needs and demands.

To choose the right career

Most of the students are unaware of their potential. Many of them live their life without choosing their career of interest. This leads to unhappiness, depression and frustration in society. To excel in your life, you must choose the right career according to your interests and personality traits. Career Counselors are experts at assessing students’ aptitude, personality, interests, and other aspects. They use this evaluation to suggest the best career options from all the available and relevant options. Therefore, career counselling at an early stage in life is highly crucial

To gain confidence and insight

Before deciding on your career choice, it is important to gain complete insight into the prospects of your chosen career and to understand what kind of skills are required and what would it take to excel in it. Career Counselling helps students understand the hurdles and requirements in  his/her career path. This knowledge helps to develop the confidence to overcome these hurdles and fulfil the requirements.

To bring stability to life

It is very stressful for students in their teenage to decide what career their life will depend on. Most students, without proper career guidance and career counselling remain unstable throughout their life. They develop no interests, resulting in unsuccessful careers for themselves. Some of them also keep on hopping from one career choice to another. But career counselling can help you remain calm when it comes to taking a career decision. Counselling helps bring about focus, and maintain that focus throughout your activities. Through proper scheduling and planning, they try and make your life more organized and manageable. Through this, you are not pushed under the bus. They help you succeed in your goal one step at a time.

To change unwanted behavior patterns

Most often, students and professionals are dealing with bad habits that are hard to break such as procrastinating not keeping updated on the latest developments in their chosen career paths, neglecting emotional and mental health and not trying to self-motivate. But with the help of career counselling, students can come out of such behavioural patterns that lead to unproductive activities as they make students aware of their true potential and support them throughout the entire process, ultimately motivating the students.

To remove career-related frustration

Deciding on a career can be a demanding task for both parents and children. A lack of any source for expressing emotions and thoughts may add to the existing frustration. Career Counselling provides a platform for reducing such frustrations and refocusing attention on the best career possibilities. It is the best way to express all concerns and worries regarding a career so that it is easy to move forward with the plan with confidence and a clear mind.

To understand your strength and weakness

As a student, we tend to get distracted by money, peer pressure or other factors in selecting a career. However, it may not be a suitable profession for a particular student. Your aptitude, skill set, and personality plays a significant role in choosing an occupation. A career counselling session helps students understand their traits. Students can better know their strengths and weaknesses to see which job will suit them the best. Thus, students need to choose the career that they like, rather than getting into a profession just for the sake of earning money. If you do not like your profession, you will not be able to become very successful at it

To better focus on your energies

You can better plan your career once you have identified your career based on your strengths and weaknesses. Goals will become much clearer, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Once you know what career you want to pursue, ask your career counsellor to help you with the steps you need to take. Your career counsellor will assist you in preparing for your future career. Clarity of professional goals goes a long way in accomplishing the milestones you set for yourself.

How to Excel in 10th class maths with Prep by PGC

If you are a matric student facing difficulty in preparing 10th class maths subject then this article is a must-read for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the important tips that will help you achieve maximum marks in the maths matric exam. But before we jump onto the tips, the main key player in excelling 10th class maths is Prep by PGC app. This app is introduced by Punjab Group of Colleges, a renowned name in academics, that gives you Free access to the latest matric preparatory resources. With this, we will let you know how you can easily ace 10th class maths with Prep by PGC app, which is free!

Prepare Maths Long and Short Questions

Preparing mathematical long and short questions can be quite a complicated task since one mistake in the mathematical equation can put you in trouble. This is why it is important to strengthen this part of the matric exam. For this, you must practice long and short questions from Prep by PGC in a separate rough register, because Prep by PGC includes all those important questions that are most likely to come in matric exams.

Clear Concepts With 10th class maths Video Lectures 

For mathematics, it is necessary to clear the concept first, since the calculations cannot be memorized. To have a full grip on maths and excel in its matric exams, you can lean on the Prep by PGC app. This app features video lectures that are pre-recorded and can be watched anytime and anywhere. Therefore, you must clear your concepts through 10th class maths video lectures in Prep by PGC app for you to get full marks in your maths matric exam.

10th Class Math App

Practice Maths MCQs 

MCQs or objective part is the trickiest section of the exam. Especially when it comes to maths, such tricky MCQs can be risky and can cost you a lot during exams. So, you must refer to 5000+ MCQs in Prep by PGC that will thoroughly prepare you for all kinds of MCQs. It is important to go through them, practice them repeatedly until you get a full grip on the concepts.

Revise Maths Past papers 

Once you have cleared your concepts and practiced them well, it is time to revise them all before your exam. While revising seems easy, it is very difficult for a student to revise all of the course in a short time. This is why past papers come in handy when it comes to revision. Past papers not only help you revise in a small time but also guides you on what kind of exam will come and which questions are most likely to come in your paper. Prep by PGC has all the latest maths past papers that will fully prepare you for your matric maths exam.

Self-Assess Your Maths Performance 

When you have followed all the steps of preparation from conceptualization, to practising and revising it thoroughly, it is time to finally assess your preparation to become confident about your preparation. While you need a teacher or a tuition center to assess your preparation, Prep by PGC offers you an online self-assessment test that you can take at the comfort of your home with absolutely no cost. With such self-assessment tests, you can analyse where your preparation stands and what more should be done to achieve your exam goals. Therefore, for 10th class maths, self-assessment tests of Prep by PGC app will completely prepare you and guide you in excelling in your maths matric exam.

So, if you are a matric student facing difficulty in 10th class maths then download Prep by PGC app and register yourself to get FREE access to latest preparatory resources of MCQs, short and long questions, past papers, video lecture and more for matric 10th class maths.


Best Apps For Schools for Online Matric Lectures

Are you bombarding Google’s search box with searches like best apps for schools or best apps for matric students? If yes, you need to stop right now as the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has got your back. With the launch of the Prep By PGC – website and the app – PGC has provided matric students an opportunity to learn from the best teachers of country, and that too for FREE! Prep By PGC contains online lectures for class 9 and online lectures for class 10 of English, Maths, Physics, Urdu, Chemistry, and other subjects.  Let’s go down into the nitty-gritty to find out more about Prep By PGC – a historic education initiative by the Punjab Group. 

 Learn From the Best 

Did you know that students of the Punjab Colleges have secured 488 top positions across all Punjab Boards in 2021? These astounding numbers speak volumes about the success of the PGC, its staff, and the quality of the education it imparts. And what makes this app the best free education app for matric students is the fact that Pakistan’s top education experts and lecturers– who enabled PGC students to secure 488 top positions in different boards of Punjab in 2021 – have prepared all the content for Prep By PGC.  

Thus, Prep By PGC provides you an opportunity to learn from the best in the country. And by fully utilizing this opportunity, you can ace matric exams and get admission to the country’s top colleges.  

All you need to start learning is to get a device desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablets] and an uninterrupted internet connection. Bingo! You are all set to ace matric exams. The sole and noble objective of creating this platform is to provide every student access to quality education across the country.  

 Online Lectures For Class 9 & 10 

As stated above, Prep By PGC covers the syllabus of all education boards of Punjab. The app contains over 1500 video lectures for classes 9 and 10, over 5000 MCQs, 4000 short questions, over 1000 long questions, and past papers for all subjects of matric. Thus, Prep By PGC combines all resources at a single platform and provides you access to everything you need to ace matric exams.  

Another feature that makes this initiative one of the best apps for schools students is that you can create self-assessment tests. Therefore, you have a chance to gauge the level of your preparation for matric exams, identify areas and subjects where you are lagging behind, and cover the weaker spots.  

Through past papers, you can cover a considerable portion of your matric course and understand the pattern of the exam as well. 

Prep By PGC is Free – It Costs Nothing  

Yes, you read it right! The best app for schools students is absolutely free. All you need to do is to sign up using your Facebook or Google credentials. Once your account is created, the app provides you free access to over 1500 video lectures for classes 9 and 10, over 5000 MCQs, 4000 short questions, over 1000 long questions, past papers for all subjects of matric, and self-assessment tests.  

Thus, if you utilize this app properly, you can significantly reduce your educational costs by getting rid of academies. It is a fact that academy expenses constitute a major chunk of a student’s overall education expenses; as a matter of fact, it has been observed that academy fees are higher than schools and colleges in several cities of Pakistan.  

Learn From Anywhere, Anytime 

Prep By PGC gives you an opportunity to learn from the comfort of your home. Unlike academies where you have to make a physical appearance at specific timings, the app gives you an opportunity to learn anytime and from anywhere. It is a proven fact that when your mind is at complete peace, you learn and understand things quickly.  

Another great feature is that it is extremely easy to navigate and use different tools and features of the website and the app. As the sole purpose is to facilitate users and provide them access to quality education, the interface is user-friendly.  

Thus far, the response to the app has been overwhelming. Tens of thousands of students have downloaded the app and used the website to benefit from the quality educational resources 

Android and iPhone users can download the app . Desktop users can click go to the website directly and start learning immediately.  If you are facing any trouble using the app or website, you can reach out to us at 

Prep By PGC is a one-of-its-kind initiative in the education sector of Pakistan. By getting the most out of this best free educational app, you can score excellent marks in the matric exams and get admission to top colleges in the country.  



In every era, there are people who keenly take interest in setting up a business. However, the awareness about different businesses and opportunities are allowing people to start their own business. The term used for a private business setup is called entrepreneurship. It can vary from a smaller to a huge scale.

You might be wondering what it takes to become an entrepreneur or rather, what does it take to be a good entrepreneur? Since we all want our business to grow and bring us the best benefits.

In addition, when stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, many people are confused and often fail to meet their initial objectives. Studies have even shown that, of new businesses, approximately 82% do not reach four years of life.

However, one of the main attractions of starting a business is being our own boss, something that for many is a dream. But, it is important that you ask yourself, what does it take to be a good entrepreneur?



In this article, you will learn everything related to entrepreneurship and how you can make your business successful and last for many years.

It should be noted that currently, we can find different business models, which have driven the development of new ventures. Technology based entrepreneurship is one of that kind. These types of entrepreneurs deal in technology-based stuff. They may import things and sell them in good rates or develop a product and sell it to the best buyers in town. They provide technology based services that attract people’s attention.  Smart choices according to the trends will grab more public consideration.

What does it take to be a good entrepreneur?

To become an entrepreneur, the first thing you must know is what is an entrepreneur? In short, it is a person with the ability to discover and identify a business opportunity, and become the creator or founder of an initiative.

Now let’s discuss, what does it take to be an entrepreneur? The first thing you should know is that it is not necessary to have previous experience or certified knowledge on the subject, it is only about having a good attitude and enthusiasm to carry out any business idea.

However, there are certain requirements that every good entrepreneur must have. These are necessary elements to achieve business success.

Motivation is a key factor for success in the world of entrepreneurship.

Be patient, this is key when starting a venture, since perseverance is essential to overcome obstacles and not give up on the road.

Keep your energy always high, this is necessary to carry out the different business tasks.

Stay aware about the new ideas and trends. A good entrepreneur focuses on what is best to grow the business and do not get in completion with others. Improvements and beneficial strategies are their ultimate goal.

Keeping yourself organized and punctual can result in the best entrepreneurship. Choose a business type that interest you the most because then you can put the best efforts.

What must I study to become an entrepreneur?

If you are reading this, surely you are interested in starting your own business. When researching what does it take to be a good entrepreneur? We find many related careers, also entrepreneurship and job orientation courses. Relevant courses are being offered in many institutes.

It can give you a broader vision of the business and can help you put different techniques into practice.

However, it is important to clarify that this knowledge can help you create and manage an enterprise. Everything depends on you and your skills for the business to grow and make its place in the country and even in abroad. Building a good business and get an enough profit requires a smart and vigilant mind. People can also use their experience with time and if you have studies business, you can rock among other entrepreneurs.


Right aptitude, patience, handling skills, and right planning will make this entrepreneurship venture an easy task. These are the essential factors that one should project. Therefore, encourage yourself to carry out the practices of your ideas and projects, this is the best idea to stand out from the competition and be successful in your business.


Mass Communication Scope

What is mass communication?

The mass communication degree has been designed to enable an individual to create any type of content for media. They learn to create and receive content for newspapers, social media, or any other media platform. Through this type of study, students learn to publish the required or trending content that is for the use of the readers or viewers.

What is the mass communication scope in Pakistan?

Mass communication is a 4 years degree program that has 8 semesters to be completed within that duration. Students with at least 50% marks in the previous (intermediate degree) can take admission in this program.

What are the jobs after mass communication?

There are multiple jobs available with different designations for those who have studied mass communication. People can join media groups, work in any newspaper-related organization or they can also become a journalist. Reporter, Radio jockey, film director, producer, TV host, or anything started to media can be chosen as a profession after this degree. Choice of the job depends on one’s interest and specialization.

It is a vast field and mass communication scope is great because of social media’s growing trend. The number of social media platforms and channels is increasing. Media communication has got the hype on this date. That’s how the importance of this degree and scope is equally greater than before.

Mass Communication Scope

Mass Communication Scope

Mass communication scope is higher for those who are skilled and competent in their field. The creativity of the person also contributes to a successful career. The more you are proficient the more you can earn.

Let’s see how much salary a person can get after this degree.

Salary after mass communication:

Salary after this degree is also good. Based on your skills and interest, your salary can range from 35,000 to more than 2 lacs. Mass communication scope includes many opportunities for people around the world.

Is mass communication a good career?

Any ceremony interest-based career comes to the best career. A relevant degree adds more flavor to your choice of career. Mass communication scope gets better just because many people take interest in such media-related fields. It is an entertaining as well as a progressive field.

Mass communication scope abroad:

Many journalists have gone abroad during their jobs. People can enhance their experience in the relevant fields and join the best positions in foreign countries. The mass communication scope abroad is also worthy and beneficial for one’s future. Earning is doubled up when getting a salary in dollars or euros.

Top 10 Tips for Exam Preparations


When studying, always keep in mind various recommendations that are familiar to us. However, we never know which one is the best for us. While all are important, each must find their ideal way to study. Knowing how to prepare for an exam is essential to obtain good academic results and to overcome the different challenges that arise throughout the school year.

The preparation of an exam must be approached with time and dedication since only if you maintain continuous progress will you be able to obtain the necessary learning for its completion.

Would you like to know the best study guidelines and methods to pass your exams successfully? Stay and read this article, we will show you the best top 10 tips for exam preparation and passing your academic tests. Do not miss it!

It is important that from the beginning of the school year you carry out adequate planning of the different existing subjects, since only in this way will you be able to progressively expand knowledge, more calmly and efficiently.

Top 10 Tips for Exam Preparations

Top 10 Tips for Exam Preparations

With a good organization, you will avoid the typical burden of not having enough time to study the entire syllabus. You will not feel stressed by arriving at the exam with the lesson half learned, and therefore, you will have a good chance of successfully passing the test.

1. Study in a suitable place:

When studying you must select a place that allows you to get the most out of your work.

Choose an environment with a suitable temperature where there is no high sensation of heat, as that will make you sleepy. Likewise, it should be a space away from the noise so that your concentration can be the maximum possible.

Also, try to change places throughout the week, this will allow your brain to wake up and be much more active. In addition, with this, you will improve motivation and involvement in the study.

2. Avoid distractions:

The best advice for studying well is to stay away from all distractions. This includes phone calls, text messages, the Internet, music, television, etc.

When it is time to start studying, it is important to remove all elements that can distract you or hurt your concentration.

Currently, one of the biggest distractions for students lies in the use of mobile phones. These devices should be away from the study table, kept in the backpack, and silent.

3. Take breaks:

Taking breaks between study times is essential to clear your mind, strengthen knowledge and improve productivity.

With each hour of study, it is convenient to invest 10 minutes of rest. Take the opportunity to leave the study place, eat a snack and talk with colleagues.

After finishing the study, practice a little sport. You will be able to stimulate the brain, reduce anxiety and feel refreshed after a hard day at work.

It is very helpful to take a five or ten-minute pause after a 50 minute study period.

4. Highlight what’s important:

Highlighting or underlining the most important content is another very useful strategy when studying.

It is always good to classify and rank the information that has already been processed. In this procedure, it is recommended to use different colors.

5. Study in the group:

Many people tend to study in a group. However, this strategy is only effective if all members have previously read and studied the content to be discussed.

6. Eat properly:

Good nutrition is very useful for all activities of daily life. Only a good diet can guarantee you the best predisposition to study.

7. Sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle:

The hours we spend sleeping, as well as the diet we maintain, also influences the preparation of an exam.

Sleep, among other benefits, allows you to consolidate learning. Therefore, it is always necessary to sleep between 7 and 8 hours.

Both the night before the exam and those relating to the study days must establish adequate hours of sleep. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Your performance will largely depend on your rest.

In the same way, you must maintain a good diet that gives you enough energy to tackle a day of study. Do not forget to include carbohydrates in your meals and take nuts.

8. Review the syllabus studied:

Many people review minutes before the test. However, this is a big mistake as it can lead to anxiety. Reviewing the contents studied is essential to ensure that they have been perfectly understood and that they have been stored in our memory.

If we do not spend time reviewing important data on the subject can be forgotten. For this reason, it is vital to review the topics studied and thus maintain the knowledge in the long term.

What do you think of these tips on how to prepare for an exam? Do you know other helpful techniques? Leave them in the comments, we are looking forward to reading from you.

If you would like to use Flip for your academy or training center to help in the academic development of your students, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be looking forward to serving you.

9. Do mock exams and practice exercises:

One of the methods that best helps to prepare for an exam is self-evaluation. This technique will serve to establish and consolidate knowledge, identify in which areas you need to reinforce the study, and obtain greater confidence on the day of the exam.

To do this, think about the type of questions that could appear in the exam, repeat exercises that your teachers have sent you throughout the course, review the activities carried out, etc.

Before you begin to answer the real exam, it is a good idea to read and review all the questions. That way, you can start with the one that suits you best.

10. Evaluate the questions:

In the general observation before the exam, it is also important to analyze factors such as time, difficulty, and the assigned score.


Mentioned above are the most beneficial and workable top 10 tips for exam preparations. These can help you get through the examination and test procedures smoothly without any stress. Many students take stress during exams and that prevents them from focusing on their studies.

These tips will ultimately keep your mind fresh and healthy. Follow these guidelines and get magical results.

Child Labor

Child Labor

What is child labor in Pakistan?

Child labor is an economic activity opt as a survival strategy. It can be paid or even unpaid. The minimum age for admission to employment or work is 16 years. For those who have not completed compulsory schooling or who have not reached the age of 18, their work is called child labor. It is dangerous and prohibited in almost all countries.

Does Pakistan have child labor?

Every country that undergoes a financial crisis has child labor. These problems take place with the occurrence of fewer resources. Pakistan has the highest rate of poverty which is increasing rapidly in days. That will give birth to more crisis like these and will bring harm to the development of society.

Is child labor illegal in Pakistan?

Yes, child labor is illegal in Pakistan. Those who employ children under the age of 18 can have a lawful penalty.

What are the major reasons for child labor in Pakistan?

There are different factors behind child labor. It is the economy of Pakistan that encourages many families to use the entire labor force to achieve subsistence. The government has also made it difficult for the poor men to survive through such circumstances.

The forms of child labor cover almost all economic sectors. It occurs to a greater extent in agriculture and livestock. However, we can find children in industry, construction, public roads, commerce, mining, fishing, or the domestic sphere.

Effects of child labor in Pakistan:

The jobs that boys and girls do, affect their mental and physical health and impede their childhood development. It limits their play and rest time and interferes with their education. No form or modality of child labor is formative.

Worst forms of child labor:

Economic exploitation of children and adolescents, assimilable to slavery, and forced labor, which should be considered crimes.

It is defined that all forms of child labor or these practices are similar to slavery. It is by its nature or the conditions in which it is carried out, is likely to harm the health, safety, or morals of children.

Child exploitation: what is it and what consequences does it have on children?

Imagine that your sons and daughters instead of getting up every morning to go to school and play had to go to work to help support the family. Child exploitation is a reality in many countries of the world.

Around the world, 218 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are engaged in economic production, and among them, 152 million are victims of child labor.

1 in 5 children in Pakistan is involved in child labor.

The highest concentration of child labor occurs in the agriculture sector (cotton, coffee, or sugar cane cultivation), followed by services and industry, especially mining (gold extraction).

The figures show us that child exploitation is a serious problem. However, we cannot forget that behind each number there is a boy or a girl who has lost their innocence and who lives in a situation of poverty.

What is child exploitation?

Child exploitation can be defined as the work carried out by children within the framework of a production system. In some cases, the term child exploitation is used as a synonym for child labor, but it is not the same, because exploitation involves the violation of a child’s right. Child exploitation, however, takes many forms:

  • Children are forced to work and their income is taken away.
  • Children perform work that is dangerous or puts their health at risk.
  • Minors are victims of the mafias, suffer slavery, are forced into prostitution, or are forcibly recruited to fight in the war.

To identify child labor as exploitation, a series of criteria must be given, such as the following:

  • Require exclusive dedication and not be adequately paid.
  • Prevent schooling and the full development of the child.
  • Undermine the dignity of the child (slavery or sexual exploitation).
  • Cause physical and mental stress.
  • Performed by boys and girls at a very early age.

What types of child exploitation are there?

Child exploitation not only takes the form of child labor but also other types of exploitation such as forced marriage. Most of the victims of forced marriages are girls and this type of marriage has been described as a type of modern slavery.

In some countries, although sanctions have been regulated to prevent forced marriage, it is difficult to control a custom entrenched for centuries, so awareness-raising and information work in schools is essential.

Causes of child exploitation:

Poverty in households. Many of the children who are victims of child exploitation come from very poor families that need more wages to survive.

Culture. In some rural areas, it is considered that, from the age of 10, children should engage in adult behaviors and therefore marry and work.

The gender. In some countries of the world, girls are considered inferior and are forced to do housework or work outside the home, and, at the same time, are prevented from going to school.

Consequences of child exploitation or labor:

The exploitation of children also has important consequences in many areas such as the following:

The perpetuation of poverty. Poverty is not only a cause of child exploitation, but it is also a consequence because when children have to work, they drop out of school and are not trained to access better jobs.

The health of boys and girls. The minors who are exploited through child labor have not fully developed from a physical and psychological point of view and the work they do can negatively affect their health, for example, children who work in mines in unsanitary conditions may suffer respiratory problems.

The psychological effects. A child who has been working from the age of 10 or earlier is forced to mature prematurely, unable to play and develop the characteristic skills of childhood. This means that the affected children, in the long term, may have low self-esteem, problems adapting to society, etc.

What can be done to eradicate child exploitation?

Solution of child labor:

The measures that can be taken against child exploitation depend on a common effort of both governments and citizens to achieve an end to the problem. Some of the actions that can be carried out are:

  • The signing of international agreements that regulate the prohibition of child labor and other forms of exploitation such as the forced marriage of boys and girls.
  • Establishment by the regulations of minimum age to work.
  • Promote access to free and quality education for all boys and girls.
  • Carry out awareness-raising actions both in schools for boys and girls, as well as in workshops for adults and teachers.
  • To achieve a good place in society, it is necessary to fight against child labor to eradicate it so that children can continue going to school and training to get out of the poverty in which they live and have a better future.
  • Many NGOs and other organizations help many boys and girls have an opportunity, favoring their training at school. They ensure that children have access to education and they work to protect children from exploitation and other dangers.

Best Freelancing Skills To Have As High School Student

Freelancing skills

Why sit idle after matric or inter exams when you can learn these in-demand freelancing skills in 2022 and earn a handsome income? As industry pundits expect global E-commerce market volume to reach a whopping $8 trillion mark by 2028, there is always a dearth of skilled workforce. You can acquire in-demand freelancing skills, enter a rapidly growing market, and get your piece of the pie by doing a simple certification.

Let’s dive a bit deeper and learn more about the most in-demand freelancing skills.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

There’s a common saying among marketers that the best place to hide something is to put it on Google’s 2nd page. And there’s a reason behind this.

Studies by multiple sources have claimed that only 25% of the users go to the second page of the search results; the majority – 75% of the users – stick to the first page. And because of the very same reason, owners “optimize” their websites for search engines. And the person who optimizes websites for higher rankings in Google’s search results is called the Search Engine Optimization specialist.

SEO specialists craft strategies to help websites achieve higher rankings on search engines, such as Google and Bing. There are two ways of gaining higher rankings:

  • Organic (unpaid)
  • Inorganic (paid such ads)

SEO is all about organic methods. SEO specialists deploy various techniques to achieve higher rankings and bring more traffic. In a nutshell, an SEO specialist optimizes a website for search engines and the users or target audience. Following are the 3 types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO – deals with optimizing the front end of the website for a seamless user experience.
  • Off-Page SEO – deals with acquiring authoritative backlinks to the website.
  • Technical SEO – deals with optimizing the back-end of the website.

As more and more businesses continue to digitalize, there’s always a shortage of SEO specialists in the market. Experts believe that SEO skills will remain one of the most in-demand freelancing skills in the years to come.

Copywriting & Technical Writing

When it comes to the digital multiverse, writers act as a bridge between business owners and customers. A top-notch writer converts the target audience into leads and plays a major role in uplifting sales. Both B2B and B2C businesses need writers to prosper and flourish. Therefore, copywriting and technical writing are 2 of the highly in-demand freelancing skills on popular platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

While beginner writers start from as low as $5 per hour, seasoned wordsmiths can go as high as $150 per hour.

You can complete a copywriting or technical writing certification in 2 to 3 months.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers woo the audience with their creativity. There exist design needs across every industry.

As a graphic designer, your job will be to use text and illustrations to create visual compositions. A top-notch graphic designer grabs the audience’s attention by creating stunning visuals for different digital platforms. Because of the same reason, there’s always a shortage of graphic designers in the global market, and clients continue to hire designers at above-market rates.

A gig on popular freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr can let you earn as high as $150 per hour. For creative people and students, graphic designing is the perfect career to pursue as it will be one of the highly-rewarding freelancing skills in 2022.

Data & Analytics Mastery

In 2006, British Mathematician Clive Humby famously said that data is the new oil and if anything, the time has only proved him right. Small, medium, and large-sized companies, software houses, and E-commerce setups are willing to pay anything to top-notch data scientists. Why? Because data-driven decisions and strategies are producing intended results.

You can kick-start your career as a beginner-level data analyst through a simple certification. If you want to become a top-rated data scientist, you need to get a degree from a top-rated university – such as BS Data Science from the University of Central Punjab.

E-mail Marketing

When it comes to the digital multiverse, E-mail marketing belongs to the old school as it is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. As conversion rates are higher in this medium, it remains relevant.

To become a top-rated E-mail marketer, all you need to do is get a simple certification from a reputable institution. A top-rated E-mail marketer can earn up to $150 an hour from a single gig on Fiverr or Upwork.

The world is becoming a highly competitive place. Therefore, if you need to survive and stay relevant, there’s no shortcut but to acquire new skills. So, instead of sitting idle after matric or intermediate exams, you should pursue certifications in any of the said fields. By doing so, you shall not only acquire new skills but can also take good care of your expenses, too

PGC Student Survey- A Chance to Win & Improve

PGC Student Survey

Businesses all around the world use survey as a research tool to uncover the answers to specific & important questions. These questions are varied, cover a diverse range of topics & business decisions that require feedback to solve them.

A Way to Improve

Punjab Colleges has launched a Student Survey on 15th December which is being conducted on the PGC Student and Web Portal. The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback regarding the quality of its academics and campus facilities. This initiative will help identify the hidden issues that students are facing which will ultimately improve the quality of the service of Punjab Colleges. Through Student Survey, PGC aims:

  • To improve the existing services
  • To enhance student satisfaction
  • To bridge the gap between administration & students
  • To fulfil the uncovered gaps in current services

A Chance to Win 

The most exciting part of this survey is that students will get a chance to win exciting prizes. To win a prize, students need to fill the survey. All respondents will be entered into a lucky draw and then selected winners will get a chance to win:

  • 25 Bikes
  • 50 Tablets
  • 250 Gift hampers

How to participate? 

To participate, download the latest version of the PGC App or visit the Web Portal:



Sign into PGC App or Portal with your Microsoft credentials and then fill Student Survey.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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