PGC Online Intermediate Admissions 2023 with Scholarships

PGC Online Admissions 2023 Scholarships available
Accept the heartiest congratulations on your wonderful matric results. We know that you are looking for the best intermediate institution. Here, we are going to tell you that the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) are accepting online intermediate admissions 2023 applications. And big scholarships are available for the high achievers!  All details are available in this article. Also, the admission form link is attached for your direct and easy access. So, stay tuned till the end of this article.

Welcome to Intermediate 2023

Now that you have passed your glorious school education with wonderful scores in matric exams. It is the best time in the world to move one step ahead! Yes, We at Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) welcome you to your college life. 

The major disciplines you can join while doing Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) under the BISE are as follows.  

  1. FSC. (Pre-Medical) 
  2. FSC. (Pre-Engineering) 
  3. ICS. 
  4. ICOM. 
  5. F.A 

These are two-year programmes. They are subsequently subdivided into two separate years. These years are known as class 11th and 12th. Also, as intermediate part I and part II. The board examinations are conducted for each year separately. This is the same thing you have experienced in your matric years.  

PGC offers the best experience of school-to-college transformation. In addition, the best learning experience and other benefits majorly focusing the benefits for students in every possible way. The content below highlights the benefits you will have while you take intermediate admissions 2023.  

PGC Brings the Best on the Table

For the last 38 years, PGC has been enlightening the educational sphere in Pakistan. The PGC is a proud sister institution of a complete network comprising schools, colleges, and universities. Students and their quality education have been our focal point in all these years.  Therefore, we are all still standing tall for our youth. With various offers as follows.  

  • Quality Education 
  • Merit-Based Scholarships 
  • Need-Based Scholarships 
  • Incentives for PGC Students 
  • Best Learning Experience 

Let’s Celebrate with Scholarships

Keeping the long-lived tradition of scholarship alive, PGC is offering tremendous merit-based options for intermediate admissions in 2023. The details of topper scholarship options are as under. These scholarships are for the top 10 position holders in matric 2023.

Punjab Colleges offer educational scholarships to the top 10 position holders of all Punjab Boards and the federal board upon their admission to any of our Campuses:

Positions 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9-10 
Scholarships  10 lacs  05 lacs  03 lacs  02 lacs  01 lac  50 k  50k  50k  50k 

Other scholarships are available in the following.  

Efforts, hard work and brilliance, are encouraged in Punjab Colleges. Students that thrive academically are eligible for a special scholarship from us. They are eligible for fee waivers of up to 100%. At the time of admission, students with grades of 75% or higher are entitled to apply for free education. Other options for fee concessions are as follows. 

  1. Teachers’ Children Scholarships 
  2. Kinship Scholarships 
  3. Assistance to Orphan Students 
  4. 1122 Employee Benefits 
  5. Need-Based Concession 
  6. Incentive Policies for High Achievers 
  7. Incentive Policies for PGC Students for Further Education 
  8. Shuhada’s Children Incentives 
  9. Special Circumstantial Scholarships  

To learn complete details, you can visit the scholarship page.  

Other Things Remain the Same

In addition to the scholarships, and high-quality education, PGC offers the rich experience of college life. You can enjoy a well-balanced college life with curricular and co-curricular activities during your intermediate 2023 with us.  We have societies, hobby and cause clubs, and regular healthy activities. Some of them are mentioned below.  

  • Literary Society 
  • Music Club 
  • Drama Club 
  • Debating Society 
  • Sports Club 
  • Blood Donation Society 
  • Islamic Society 
  • Entrepreneurial Society 

Online Admission Portal 2023

 Now that you have got a detailed overview, it is your time to choose the intermediate discipline from the list and apply through the online admission 2023 form. PGC is the best option for Pakistan’s students to get knowledge and skills.  


Online Intermediate Admissions 2023 are open at PGC. Massive scholarship options are available. To know more, visit us at, and to get yourself enrolled, apply online 

Intermediate Admissions 2023: Get Enrolled in ICOM Today

Intermediate Admissions 2023: PGC ICOM

The season of intermediate admissions 2023 is here. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) have opened the application admission portal. Enrol today for the best college experience in Punjab. Punjab Colleges is a synonym for success and educational excellence in Pakistan. Hence, you can get the best education for your new journey with us. PGC offers inter-admissions for various disciplines, including ICOM. This article covers the amenities concerning study, extracurricular and personality development. The admission link is available at the end of this piece. Let’s begin.  

Intermediate Admissions 2023

The admissions for intermediate 2023 are open. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) offers a comprehensive range of intermediate classes. The following disciplines are available for intermediate classes at the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC). 

  • FSC (pre-medical) 
  • FSC (pre-engineering) 
  • ICS 
  • ICOM 
  • FA 

Hence, you can apply in any other discipline if you fulfil the eligibility criteria. However, this article will thoroughly cover the intermediate in commerce. (ICOM). ICOM allows you to enter into the distinctive business, trade, and commerce professions. 

Complex Study Made Easy for ICOM

Intermediate, also known as classes 11 and 12. Or first-year and second-year classes with a commerce specialisation are known as intermediate in commerce (ICOM). ICOM has a variety of subjects relating to the marvellous and astonishing field of industry and commerce.  

The subjects for ICOM include the subjects like accounting, commerce, business maths, and banking. In addition, general subjects like English, Islamyat and Pak Studies are part of the study scheme. However, these courses are subdivided into two years as per the regulatory guidelines. 

ICOM is a footing step for further professional degrees in business, commerce, and accounting. Hence, to land in the top business schools in Pakistan, scoring high and developing core concepts is crucial for career growth and focused learning.  

Keeping this in mind, the teaching faculty at Punjab Colleges undertake effective teaching methodologies to grab the best results. Major business schools have a significant number of PGC students every year. This discloses the quality of education and the teaching spirit of our people.   

Attention Towards Personality Grooming

Punjab Colleges (PGC) provide a 360-degree education plan for students in all disciplines for intermediate. The underlying reason for this effort is the connection between a student and professional aftermath.  

Therefore, at Punjab Colleges, students are not only taught about in-depth subject concepts and curations but also about the skills and certifications of the modern world. We also provide valued certifications to our intermediate students to fulfil their industrial and professional requirements. The Microsoft certification is the most essential and pre-requisite technical requirement in most of the job opportunities.   

Education, Skills, and Talent Goes Hand-in-hand Here 

PGC focuses edu, talents. skills

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) put tremendous efforts into preparing students for further education and professional life. For this reason, we include certification from Microsoft (MOS) featuring Office and tools. Moreover, state-of-the-art campuses, the robotics lab, digitally equipped classrooms and developed labs are strong points for studying at PGC.    

In addition, the talents of our students are well-addressed at all campuses of PGC for intermediate and other classes. The clubs and activities are available for further reading.  

Furthermore, the examination pattern and tips are also a part of our regular intermediate classes with us.  

Scholarships & Incentives are Available for All

Moreover, at the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC), students are supported and accommodated on all levels. The vast options for merit-based and need-based scholarships are available for all.   

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) for Intermediate Admissions 2023

Intermediate 2023 admissions are on a roll at PGC. You can become a part of the legacy of success. For the last 38 years, PGC’s students’ take-up most of the positions in intermediate examinations throughout the boards.   

For instance, in 2022, 176 of our students grabbed the top positions in intermediate board exams.  You can also be the topper tomorrow. Applications for intermediate admissions are welcomed.  

Admission forms are available. Apply today 


After matric results are out, the next step in the journey of education is intermediate admissions 2023. Students can apply today to complete 11th and 12th with the majors of commerce, business and trade to cater to modern industrial needs. Best of luck!  


Expand your Horizons with Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) from PGC

Take admissions intermediate ICS 2023 PGC

Intermediate is a foundation step for professional education. Starting after the completion of matric years, or school life, inter has its own charm and futuristic approach. However, students often get puzzled about the education choices which they could or should opt for in their 11
th and 12th classes. This article will cover the opportunity to enter the field of technology, also known as an Intermediate in computer science. Also known as ICS. Know what ICS is all about and what the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) have to offer.  

Learn the Basics of Computer Sciences

Inter in computer science is all about the basic concepts of information technology. The students can enhance their knowledge and ability about information technology with this discipline. Class 11th and 12th are two separate years to study a variety of subjects and essential topics.  

The course curriculum for ICS at PGC is completely prepared after careful drafting of the official guideline as per the BISE of Punjab. Furthermore, the course is also updated in case of any changes on the official grounds.  

Expert Faculty is Ready to Teach You

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) take pride in its highly qualified and trained faculty. Not only in expertise, but our teachers are also skilful enough to transfer the knowledge in the most effective way. Moreover, our faculty members are empathetic towards the students’ queries, as their queries and questions are always welcomed at PGC.  

Available Essentials for ICS at PGC

ICS is a practical course. You can understand its nature and degree requirement by knowing the fact that it is focusing on computer science. Therefore, computer programming, basic commands and such things lead to the practical that is possible under professional guidance from mentors.  

For the same reason, the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) campuses are well-equipped with the latest IT Labs. This ensures that students take ample learning and practical knowledge to get a hands-on approach with respect to the expertise to proceed with computer science in the later years of professional education and career growth.  

Intermediate admissions 2023 PGC offers benefits

Study Hard, Play Harder

While putting our primary focus on education in various ways, we enable our students to excel in their chosen disciplines in intermediate to get the best-shaped future ahead of them.  At the same time, we try to give a growing environment to the young kids. Which ultimately empowers them to work on their talents, skills, and natural humanitarian causes.  

To stay vigilantly productive, PGC has a variety of societies and clubs with proper and monitored operations. In addition, certain events are also a part of our academic calendar. The list of clubs and societies at PGC is as follows.  

  • Blood Donor Society 
  • Debating Society 
  • Dramatic Club 
  • Music Society 
  • Literary Circle 
  • Tourism Club 
  • IT Club 
  • Sports Club 
  • Photography Club 
  • Welfare Society 

You can also read out more about these activities here.   

Best Performers Get the Best Assistance at PGC

After we have discussed the routine matters, let’s move forward to the token of love and appreciation, which PGC holds ready for all our students. This is the information you are looking for if you are already looking for scholarships and fee concessions.  

Punjab Colleges (PGC) is a strong supporter of rewards and encouragement. Therefore, a wide variety of meri-based, need-based options are available.  

Intermediate Admissions 2023, Apply Online

It is high time to get on a path to enrol in ICS from PGC. Online applications are welcomed for intermediate admissions 2023. An online link is available. Apply Today 

PGC- A Legacy of Success 

As a reminder, we are going to give a short recap of the achievements PGC students made in 2022. Our students bagged 176 top positions in board examinations in 2022. Moreover, PGC graduates land in Pakistan’s top engineering, medical, IT and commerce institutions every year.  

Wait No Further

Last but not the least. Apply for an Intermediate in computer science (ICS) at Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) and expand your horizons of success. The quality of education and supportive environment does wonders and helps you to move up the miles to reach where you belong!  



Enrol in FSC First Year: PGC Admissions SPREE 2023

PGC Intermediate admissions 2023

Intermediate admissions 2023 opens at Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC). You can get enrolled in the faculty of science (FSC) for both FSC (pre-medical) and (pre-engineering) to achieve your dream career of being a doctor or engineer. This article will disclose the advantages and amenities you can have while you complete your 11th and 12th at Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) with us.  

Pursue Intermediate in Science at PGC

Both life sciences and technological sciences are a huge part of today’s world. The world is ever-changing and evolving. Therefore, students dream of joining the fields as per their interests and intellectual trends.  

However, there are two major intermediate diversions concerning the faculty of science (FSC). These are commonly known as the FSC pre-engineering and FSC pre-medical. Let’s discuss the scope of study in these two programmes. In addition, the environment, style of education, knowledge transfer and proper outlook will be discussed in the content below.  

FSC (Pre-Engineering) 

FSC (pre-engineering) is the first step to achieving the dream career of an engineer. There are numerous career options after doing FSC pre-engineering.  Students can join any one of the advanced courses after completing their FSC pre-engineering from Punjab Group of Colleges. The course details for FSC pre-engineering are available here.  

FSC (Pre-Medical) 

Those students who have an interest in biological or life sciences opt for the pre-medical in the faculty of sciences. The major aspect of the pre-medical is the service of human life. However, options are various, and variety is ever-expanding.  

The course curriculum offered at the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) is completely in accordance with the approved course outline as per the guidelines of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Punjab offers.  

Comprehensive Study Practices at PGC

Course content for all classes, including FSC pre-engineering and pre-medical, is a basic element for quality studies at the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC). In addition, PGC maintains a complete and comprehensive study plan for the students in all disciplines for intermediate programs.  

FSC, pre-medical and pre-engineering course details are mentioned on the PGC website. Our trained and well-acknowledged faculty explains the concepts in detail to the students, which ultimately structures the entire thing in the mind. And hence, our students become competent enough to solve complex situations and questions on their own.  Most of the time, students at PGC never opt for any other tuition because of our effective teaching methodology.  

Enjoy College Life at PGC

In addition to in-depth education, PGC understands the importance of a rich and learning-oriented campus life. To ensure students enjoy their precious college years, learn talents, and polish what lies hidden within them. A variety of activities are available at the Punjab Group of Colleges. A brief introduction is available in the text below.  

  • Welcome And Farewell Party 
  • Study & Recreational Trips 
  • Sports Gala 
  • Cultural Festivals & FunFairs 
  • Science & Arts Exhibitions 
  • Seminars & Workshops 
  • Concerts 

In addition to these occasional events. Continued activities are undertaken in various societies at PGC. These societies help multiple causes. 

  • Blood Donor Society 
  • Sports Club 
  • Debating Society 
  • Dramatic Club 
  • Music Society 
  • Health Awareness Club 
  • Go Green Club 
  • Science Club 
  • Arts Club 
  • Young Entrepreneurs Club 
  • Welfare Society 
  • Islamic Society
  • Photography Club

Scholarships & Advantages of Becoming a PGC Student 

Many bright students lose their education because of financial problems and issues. Therefore, PGC offers various options for financial assistance for students. It is highly believed at Punjab Group that no child should leave their education.  

The financial support options available at the PGC are as follows.  

  • Orphan Students 
  • Kinship Based Assistance 
  • Students with Special Needs 
  • Need-Based Concessions 
  • 1122 Employees 
  • Shuhada’s Children 
  • Special Circumstantial Help 

Furthermore, merit-based scholarships for high achievers are also a part of our regular plan. In addition, other incentives for high achievers are regular for PGC students. You can check out the complete details for scholarships and concessions here.  

Apply Today 

Admissions 2023 at PGC are open! Get yourself enrolled today and reimagine your future in a more productive way. Apply online.  





Your Search for the Best Colleges in Punjab Completes here at PGC

Best Colleges in Punjab- PGC

Completing a school education is a huge milestone in a student’s life. The next step is the college. Transfer and evolution from school life to college life is a different experience for everyone. Therefore, some get adjusted quickly, some do not even care about change, and some get stuck at this step which ultimately reflects on the class performance, learning efforts, and board results. However, the single answer to all your questions and confusion about the best colleges in Punjab is the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC). Read this article to know how and why? 

PGC Offers Smooth Shift  

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) ensures every student feels easy to adapt to the college atmosphere. Therefore, they take certain steps that make students set in the college and adapt to the new and advanced upgraded level of education.  

Similarly, the options for study and education are available for students to choose from. The details are penned below in brief.  

All Intermediate Disciplines Available 

All the disciplines approved by the authority of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Punjab are duly offered at the Punjab Colleges campuses. Quality education makes us the best colleges in Punjab. Let’s have a look at them.  

Faculty Of Science (FSC) 

FSC is the most popular and demanded field in intermediate classes.  Faculty of Sciences, also known as FSC, is a major head of science subjects. Which further subdivides into FSC pre-engineering and pre-medical.  

FSC Pre-Engineering 

FSC Pre-Engineering is the intermediate degree for students who opt for engineering subjects. FSC pre-engineering is a two-year class, also known as classes 11 and 12. Complete details for the course are available for a read.  

FSC Pre-Medical 

The other option under the faculty of science is FSC pre-medical. As the name displays, the degree covers the medical and life sciences in inter. The course curriculum is subdivided into a couple of classes, 11 and 12. The subject details and other details are available here.  

Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) 

The students who are more interested in information technology (IT), software, cyber security, and data sciences can opt for the intermediate in computer science. (ICS). The degree comprises the approved syllabus by the regulatory body. You can check out the program content here.

Intermediate in Commerce (ICOM) 

If a child wants to become a financial advisor or aims to have a bank job or become an entrepreneur. The best path to follow is the intermediate in commerce (ICOM). Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) offers the best teaching experience for all disciples, including ICOM. Therefore, a commerce degree in intermediate can do wonders for those who are keen on trade and industry.   

Faculty of Arts (FA) 

Last but not least, when the humanities are your preference, you are more attracted towards the social sciences like psychology, linguistics, and arts. You can also opt for the Faculty of Arts at the intermediate level of education.  

In addition to other disciplines, PGC also has FA on their menu. And there is uniformity in the standard and quality of education pertained.  

Duration of Inter Classes  

No matter which field you choose for intermediate in 2023. The duration of the entire level is of two years. These count for inter-part I and inter-part II. These are commonly known as class 11 and class 12.  the board examinations are regularly conducted every year separately by all the boards of education in Punjab as per the official policy.  

‘Learning’ Made Easy at PGC Campuses 

PGC makes Learning Easy

As we have discussed the offered inter programs, we have adequately structured our campuses with basic utilities. That is properly backed up by systems. Just because of this, the student’s learning experience becomes enhanced, and the students get sustained focus and efficiency during the on-campus stay.  

At PGC, we have:  

  1. State-of-the-art College Campuses 
  2. Well-equipped And Professionally Drafted Computer Labs and Science Laboratories.  
  3. Digitally Equipped Classrooms with Air Conditioners and Power Backups. 
  4. Well, Furnished Campuses with Graded Cafeteria Facilities.   
  5. Furthermore, we also have transport arrangements for students.  
  6. Microsoft Certification.

Never Worry About the Increased Fees 

Most importantly, while a child is enrolled at PGC, there is no need to worry about fees and study expenses. PGC believes that no student must leave their education due to the unavailability of funds. Due to this thought process, we have a wide range of merit-based and need-based scholarships and financial assistance for our students. The available options for scholarships  

  • Merit-Based Scholarships 
  • Need-Based Scholarships 
  • Teachers’ Children Scholarship 
  • Kinship Scholarship 

You can visit the scholarships for complete details.  

Experience the College Life in a Better Way 

Education is the priority at Punjab Colleges. Therefore, it is the first choice of the toppers. However, at PGC, extra-curricular activities are also fully supported. For the same purpose, various clubs, societies, and events are regularly organised at the PGC campuses. After all, college life needs some memories for a lifetime.  

With Education, You Get Personality Grooming 

Time is changing fast. Today, a degree alone is not enough for the success you deserve. It takes a lot more to stay on top. In terms of personality development, skills learning, adaptation, and presentation, PGC never compromises on its students.
For instance, we bring Microsoft certifications for our students to add feathers to their CVs in their later years. Moreover, our hardworking, groomed, and empathetic teachers also assist our students in a way that enables them to succeed.  

Intermediate Admissions 2023 is Now Open 

Now, you know why the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) are the best colleges in Punjab. If you are willing to change your life and achieve your dreams. Wait no longer, as intermediate admissions 2023 are open at Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC). 

Don’t Miss a Chance! 

Finally, we have told you all the advantages and benefits you may have after you enrol at Punjab Group of Colleges. We intact education with skills, outlook, and personality in our students for the last 38 years of excellence!  Admissions for intermediate for sessions 2023-2025 are open. Move forward! And stay competitive!


Punjab Colleges 1st Year Admissions 2023- Complete Guide

PGC Intermediate admissions 2023 Complete Guide

Intermediate is a crucial part of one’s education in Pakistan. School life ends, and professional life starts from here. There are five professional career lines created in the intermediate. Students have so many things in mind, dreams in their eyes and wish for a better future. The professional institution comes in here to make them choose the best for them. Punjab Colleges are the prominent choice of toppers in matriculation. Here, we have developed a complete and detailed guide for 1st-year admissions in 2023 in Punjab Colleges.

Introduction to PGC (Punjab Group of Colleges)

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) started back in 1985. Rest is history. Today, the group has proven to be a leader in educational excellence. In the last 38 years, the group expanded and maximised its potential. Currently, PGC stands headstrong in more than 124 cities with 433 campuses.

Punjab Group of Colleges offers an excellent learning environment for its students. The students continue to grab top positions in the board exams and land in the finest universities in Pakistan. In 2022, 176 top positions in board exams were in intermediate results bagged by the PGC students.

PGC offers five programs for students to get Admission in 1st year. The details are as follows.

Intermediate Programme Disciplines at PGC

Intermediate, including first and second years, also known as 11th and 12th, are the ground-breaking years to choose a career path. In Pakistan, intermediate has five listed dimensions. The introduction to these is as follows.

  • FSC (Pre-Medical)
  • FSC(Pre-Engineering)
  • Commerce (ICom)
  • Computer Sciences (ICS)
  • Fine Arts (F.A.)

FSC Pre-Engineering

FSC Pre-Engineering is a program that aims to prepare students with practical knowledge and education in the engineering field. The teaching method draws clear concepts about engineering education that enable students to ace the subject for landing in the top engineering universities for higher education after completing the FSC Pre-Engineering.

FSC Pre-Medical

The FSC Pre-Medical focuses on the healing field of medical sciences. FSC pre-medical at PGC aims to enrich students with knowledge and education that make them excel in medicine and related areas. The students get challenging concepts in effective teaching methods, which enables them to land in top medical institutions in the future.


The F.A. program caters the students willing to pursue a career in the Humanities. Fine Arts, Journalism, Media Studies and linguistics are some of the options.


ICS is abbreviated for intermediate in computer sciences. It is designed for students interested in informational technology and computer sciences. The students get the best primary education to get Admission to prominent institutions for I.T. and related fields in their future career growth.


The ICOM at PGC is classic program cratering commerce and accounting. Those students interested in promising careers in accounting, finance, and business can undoubtedly get Admission to ICom.

Campus Life at PGC

Quality education is incomplete without extra-curricular activities. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) understands that a sound mind stays in a good body. Therefore, extra-curricular activities and educational trips are arranged at regular intervals. Classroom lessons need an environment to get reinforcements. The details are continuing below.

Club & Society

In addition to educational excellence, PGC polishes creativity among students. The students have a good platform in the PGC through societies and clubs to display talents in dramatics, music, literature, sports and more.

Annual Sports Gala

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) arranges an annual sports gala for students. The students have an opportunity to take part in different sports and compete on regional levels.

Study and Recreational Trips

Punjab Colleges arrange study and recreational trips for students. Our institution is well aware of the importance of travel and exploration in education.

Welcome and Farewell Events

Punjab Colleges celebrate occasions with students. The start of college life calls for one. Therefore, Punjab Colleges have a tradition of making students stay memorable from their first day to their last one.


Campus facilities play a crucial role in thoroughly educating students. Punjab Colleges never neglect or overlook the campus requirements to make studying easy for the students. Over the period, PGC has developed rich ultramodern campus facilitations for students. Details are understated, Have a look.

Purpose-built Campuses

Punjab Colleges ensure to make students stay comfortable on campus. Students are provided with several facilities putting students at ease while they learn. The campuses have air-conditioned classrooms, halls, I.T. boards and projectors for virtual learning. Furthermore, the campuses are free-from-load shedding as alternative sources are arranged adequately by the PGC.

Well-equipped Labs & Libraries

All Punjab Colleges have rich sources of libraries and labs. Students can read books on various subjects. Punjab Colleges aim to increase the practical knowledge of its students equally.

Microsoft Certifications

In recent years, Punjab Colleges have collaborated with Microsoft Inc. The college offers its students free certification as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). The certificate is provided in MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel. These three pieces of software are essential for future learning and growth.

Robotics Labs

At Punjab Colleges, students have a massive chance to learn, re-learn and adapt the latest technologies and inter-disciplinary work roles with practical learning in Robotic Labs.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Punjab Colleges are solid believers in rewarding deserving students. Hence, PGC offers several types of financial aid to their students.

  • Merit Scholarship
  • Need-Based Financial Aid
  • Kinship Options
  • Orphan Students
  • Students with Special Needs
  • 1122 Employees
  • Shuhada’s Children
  • Incentives For Position Holders
  • Incentives For Matric Toppers
  • Incentives For PGC students in universities
  • Incentives for afternoon-enrolled students

Scholarship details are available here.

How to get Admission for the 1st year 2023 in PGC?

It’s your chance to excel in your college education. Getting a quality education is your birthright. 1st Year Admissions, 2023, are about to open at Punjab Group of Colleges. To get started, you can click here. Make sure you don’t miss a chance to make your college journey beautiful, exciting and rewarding.

Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees in 2023 in Pakistan

highest paying bachelors degree in 2023 in Pakistan

Inflation is on the rise in Pakistan in 2023. It does not seem to decrease anytime soon. Therefore, it is the idea to invest time, effort, and mind in high-paying bachelor’s degrees in 2023. In this way, you will be able to start your career life with a monetary relaxation to move your households in a better way once they are completed. PGC lists them in this article below.  

Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) 

BBA is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. BBA is one of the most demanded professional degrees in Pakistan. The reason is the wideness and broadness of the curriculum. Universities and authorised colleges offer a four-year degree in Business Administration.  

According to reliable web-resources, the graduate of BBA can earn up to 724k PKR in professional life with a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA). You can watch out for the learning opportunities here. Moreover, the degree of BBA is also offered in Pakistan on a large scale. UCP, Constituent Colleges, and other institutions. Admissions 2023 are open.  

BS Accounting and Finance  

In this advanced era of data analysis, doing a professional degree in accounting and finance in 2023 can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. BS Accounting and Finance not only increase professional knowledge but also adds up the hard and soft skills in the personality of the future professional. In addition, students can also get AI, Data Analytics certifications at the diploma level to work on remote bases. In this way, students can enhance their professional capacity for a better future.  

Moreover, the job survey portals show that the salary scale ranges with experience.  

BS Chemistry 

Next in the line is BS Chemistry, which is a bachelors degree specialising in chemistry. Anyone who is interested in biological sciences can opt for a quad-year program. You can be an academic researcher, chemical engineer, toxicologist, teacher, research scientist or join the teaching profession. The market value for a bachelor’s degree in chemistry is around 64k annually as you become a professional chemist.   

BS Computer Science 

Next, we have a professional bs in computer science on our list. We are living in a time of technology. Computer Science is ultimately the future. Once you earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you will become eligible for high-paying jobs and career prospects like software developers, hardware engineers, and system administrators. In addition, video game developers, computer scientists, and many others are out there in the professional spectrum.  

In addition, the earning potential is explained as 867k per year. If you are interested in more details, pls visit.  

BS Economics 

Economics is a popular and crucial subject worldwide. However, its importance multiplies in developing countries like Pakistan. Therefore, a BS Economics can open opportunities in public and private institutions due to the in-demanded skills.  

You can either become an economist, financial trader, budget analyst, statistician, professor, or researcher in economics. However, the salary ranges vary as per the job title. Starting from 45k and peak up to 90k 1080k/ year.  

BS English 

English is the universal tool of communication. Having a bachelor’s degree in a worldwide accepted language opens tons of opportunity doors for the holder. You can explore various opportunities all around the world. No matter, whether your job preference is onsite or remote content. By getting BS English as a graduate degree, you can enjoy the following capacities and many more.  

  1. ⁃ Teaching 
  2. ⁃ Professor 
  3. ⁃ Content writer 
  4. ⁃ Copywriter 
  5. ⁃ Editor 
  6. ⁃ Communication expert 
  7. ⁃ SEO analyst  
  8. -Online Language Trainer 
  9. -Correspondent and Translator 

According to online resources, a BS English graduate can earn up to 150K PKR. However, soft skills and hard skills must be exceptional.  

BS Mathematics, BS Physics, BS Psychology, and BS Zoology are some other high-paying graduating programs.  

Where to Study These Bachelors?

In Pakistan, you can earn these high-paying bachelor’s degrees from both public and private institutions. You can also get the opportunity in the constituent colleges of UCP. The sister institution to PGC.  


This article covers the highest-paying bachelor’s degrees in 2023. You can earn these professional degrees around Pakistan.  


Importance of Associate Degree Program (ADP) in Education

ADP Benefits in Education

If you are looking for a professional degree that offers flexibility and skills and broadens your horizons. You must choose the associate degree program, also known as ADP, in your relevant field. The degree is not only fast-paced but also offers other benefits. We at PGC have collected them for you to understand them better. 

Less Time Investment 

An ADP degree offers half of a time investment in comparison to a four-year degree program. The duration of ADP is a couple of years. Therefore, you can earn a professional upgrade in half time and can avail better opportunities.  In comparison to the regular four years (BS) degree, an ADP requires half-time for degree completion.  

Enhanced Job Opportunities 

When you earn an ADP Associate Degree Program, you have more job openings suitable for you than a student with a simple, intermediate degree. Therefore, having a professional associate degree in a relevant discipline would be a great plus if you want to enter the professional field.  Therefore, if you are not interested in investing four years, go for a two-year program. 

Advancement in Education 

In addition to the job chances, the associate degree program (ADP) also brings massive and vast scaled opportunities to pursue professional education. It is possible to shift to the fifth semester, which starts from the third year for any BS degree in Pakistan.  

This shift will help you convert your two-year degree to a four-year bachelor’s program.  

Flexible in Nature 

Flexibility is provided by associate degree programmes in many different ways. Earning your associate degree at a community college gives you the flexibility of attending part-time or full-time and offers courses in the evenings and online without sacrificing the quality of your education. Balancing a college education while maintaining a job or family can be challenging. 

ADP is Offered for Various Subjects 

There is a variety of subjects in which associate degree programs.  You can pursue your degree as per your career choice as ADP programs are available for multiple programs nationwide.  in addition, students can also move up to a four year program after the completion of ADP program. 

Cost Effective Option 

In this high inflation time, the expenses are beyond means. Therefore, every person thinks twice about taking any monetary decision. However, we cannot overlook the necessities, what-so-ever the conditions are.  

Therefore, to continue your education, you can opt for the associate degree program (ADP) at a lesser money expense. An ADP is a cost-effective option.  


To get an education, one must move, even to China. Hence, we must try our best to get the education to stay competitive and vigilant to move forward in our careers. This is essential to stay productive, successful and resourceful in these hard times.   



What is an ADP Degree?


Associate degree Program (ADP) is a two-year degree program comprised of four semesters.  This is an authorised and approved degree program by the higher education commission (HEC) in Pakistan. It was introduced to replace the traditional BA and BSc two-year degrees. However, The ADP degree comprises dual years, but it has some other features that differentiate it from regular BA/ BSC, which the explained below.  

Know Associate Degree Program (ADP) Degree in Detail 

The constituent colleges of UCP offer the ADP admissions 2023 in the most demanded skills in Pakistan. The students will get an opportunity to have a skill-focused degree in less time than a complete four-year degree program, subdivided into eight semesters of equal length.  

After ADP, students can choose two pathways. Either they can enter the workforce or join the BS program from the fifth semester to proceed with further education.  

Duration And Methodology of ADP 

Associate degree Program (ADP) expands over a period of two years with four semesters. The course curriculum and the teaching methodology completely outshine the old traditional course and way of teaching in annual classes.  

The semester system is fast-tracked and effective, helping students learn more knowledge and information within a limited time frame.  Furthermore, the syllabus and course content also demand the latest trends, like presentations and project-based learning modules.  

Programs Offered in ADP 

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) have always been the leader in education. We have always tried our best to offer our students the latest education in terms of knowledge and facilities, aiming to develop trending and in-demand skills among our younger generation. The same value is expanded through other sister institutions.  Students will earn a university degree from UCP in ADP. 

Furthermore, the programs offered under the umbrella of associate degree programs (ADP) are the most demanded and sought-after programs on national and international levels.  

  • ADP Accounting & Finance
  • ADP Business Administration
  • ADP Computer Science
  • ADP Chemistry, Botany & Zoology
  • ADS Double Math & Physics 

Get a Degree from UCP 

In addition to covering skill-based education in half a time in comparison to the regular four-year degree program, ADP at PGC brings more to your table.  

Furthermore, the degree earned in the associate degree program offers massive opportunities in various fields. For instance, teaching, marketing, auditing, banking, sales, human resources, computers, maths, data analysis, and many others are possible with respect to the line of your choice.  

Admissions for ADP 2023 are Open 

The great news regarding the associate degree program is that admissions for 2023 ADP are open. Don’t miss a chance to earn a university degree for a less time investment. The ADP programs also offer a chance to enrol in the regular BS program in your related field once the ADP degree is completely pursued further studies.  

Learn More 

If you want to learn more about the associate degree program (ADP) you can get a read here. Furthermore, the scope of ADP is massive. You can also watch out the further education options after ADP.  

Benefits of a University Degree 

Studying at UCP Colleges brings the following advantages, read to learn more. 

  • You will earn a professional degree from the University of the Punjab. 
  • You will get a chance to learn from the world-class faculty teachers. 
  • You can avail of numerous scholarships and concessions. 
  • The campuses are equipped with the latest technology to enhance the learning experience. 
  • A chance to explore the possibilities of the university campus in your city 


To develop skill-based education over the period of two years, the associate degree programs (ADP) are the most suitable, authentic, and authorised degree formulations approved by HEC. You can get yourself enrolled in any of the ADP programs and earn a prestigious university degree from the University of Central Punjab (UCP) in your city.  



Studying BS Accounting and Finance in 2023 Develops Market Driven Skills

BS Accounting and Finance 2023 at UCP Colleges

BS Accounting and Finance is one of the most studied degrees from the past few years. Broad career perspective and in-demand knowledge are the driving forces behind this pull. However, these are not alone. With the change in the professional sphere, knowledge alone doesn’t open doors to success. Instead, people with market-driven skills climb the ladder fast. This article will explore how it is beneficial to pursue BS Accounting and Finance in 2023 while considering the demanded skills.

Explore the Study Plan for BS Accounting and Finance 

Every degree has its own line, BS Accounting and Finance addresses the financial sector in its broader term.  The financial sector has various components like banking, taxation, costing, budgeting, insurance, risk management, data analysis and investment.  

Therefore, investing your hard earned money and time resources to the degree with the latest and updated course curriculum and learning resources is essential. Let’s look at the study plan of UCP Colleges for BS Accounting and Finance.  

The course is offered for 126 credit hours requirements. Compulsory, general, foundation, core, elective, and specialisation courses are part of this professional degree. In addition to these learning opportunities, the BS Accounting and Finance also demands for project and community service courses to offer you the taste of real-time life realities and operations. You can watch out for the subjects list and fee plans for BS Accounting and Finance here.  

Duration For the Degree Completion 

The duration for this degree is four years consisting of eight different semesters.  

Scope & Career Perspectives 

BS Accounting and Finance is a vast degree with massive market acceptance. The generalised scope of the same is discussed, however we shall touch on the possible job opportunities in the text below. You can enter any of the following as per your career preferences.  

  1. Cost Accountant 
  2. Financial Accountant 
  3. Regulatory Officer 
  4. Treasurer 
  5. Tax Accountant 
  6. Auditor 
  7. Financial Broker 
  8. Financial Advisor 
  9. Risk Evaluator 
  10. Data Analysis 
  11. Broker 
  12. Banker 
  13. Risk Manager 

Upgrade the Skill Set with BS Accounting & Finance 

With massive learning opportunities, the BS degree majoring in Accounting and Finance opens the door to developing various in-demand market skills in graduates. These skills can be subdivided into hard and soft skills. We are going to discuss them in detail below.  

BS Accounting and Finance 2023Hard Skills 

Hard skills are job-related skills if we define them in the simplest way. In other words, the abilities of the employee or individual to perform certain jobs in an effective way. For instance,  

  • Report Writing,  
  • Data Analysis,  
  • Market Analysis,  
  • Risk Analysis,  
  • Technical Proficiency,  
  • Project Management.  

Soft Skills 

On the contrary to hard skills, soft skills are the personal qualities that help professionals to thrive for progressive and fruitful career growth. These personal traits, once developed, help the holder in all walks of life. The soft skills could be anything from the following but aren’t limited to these.  

  • Cognitive Skills,  
  • Problem-Solving Skills,  
  • Communication, 
  • Creativity, 
  • Adaptability, 
  • Time Management, 
  • Teamwork, 
  • Active Listening, 
  • Emotional Intelligence, 
  • Collaboration 
  • Decision Making 

Choose UCP Colleges For the Best Learning Experience 

The University of the Punjab (UCP) offers admissions in its constituent colleges of UCP, also known as the UCP Colleges. These colleges offer professional degrees like BS in Accounting and Finance with the UCP degree. Also, the teaching faculty is prominent, experienced, and on the most knowledgeable in their line. 

Campuses of UCP Colleges are well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities on the physical and digital grounds. Moreover, the scholarships and fee concessions are also on the table.  

Admissions for BS 2023  

It could be the best decision to initiate the BS degree in Accounting and Finance from UCP Colleges due to its prestigious and recognised professional degree, with learning opportunities from world-class faculty and ate-of-the-art facilities. Admissions 2023 are open; you can apply online.  


BS Accounting and Finance is the most demanded professional degree in Pakistan. If you want to join the financial sector in national or international sphere, it is high time to get admission 2023 at UCP Colleges.  

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