In recent times, few major changes have been made in the education system by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) who has amended bachelor’s degree policy. All the colleges and Universities have been informed through the notice that two years’ bachelor’s degree will be eradicated and all bachelor’s programs will be.... Read more

The ultimate evolution of learning process is the advent of eLearning solutions. Gone are the times when students had to rely on classroom lectures and resort to rote learning. All students struggle with bundles and bundles of books and the drill of having to carry them around. Students even compete.... Read more

Well! well! well! We all know how important education is. The pursuit of education is one of the most crucial aspect of life. Education is what empowers us. It gives us the knowledge of the world and allows us to experience life in all its wonderful colors. One cannot truly.... Read more

When it comes to learning, there are some factors on which successful retention of knowledge dependent upon. Good learning is catalyzed by effective study strategies. Best study strategies such as regular revision, practical application, and assessment tests help students to learn and to remember what they study. Best Study Strategies.... Read more

Intermediate 1st Year Results 2021 [pgc_bise_1styear_result] The clock is ticking. Your fate is still in your hands. After your first year you will still have a second chance. Your 1st year result 2021 will be out soon. You can visit us as soon as the results are declared and see.... Read more

Punjab Group of Colleges bags 148 Top Positions in All Intermediate Boards Results ’17 3 overall top positions in BISE Lahore Result ’17 24 Top Positions in BISE Lahore Result ’17 24 Top Positions in BISE Gujranwala Result ’17 13 Top Positions in BISE Multan Result ’17 16 Top Positions.... Read more

The 4 year bachelor degree is becoming a wise and modern degree option for the students who want to graduate. These programs are not only beneficial for the students due to the weightage they have among educational criterions but also their recognition by the job market. The best 4 year.... Read more

College, the very name of the place has somehow fascination attached to it. College life is glorified and glamorized in such a way that students expect it to be something liberating and amazing. Starting a college is not a piece of cake nor it is some journey to a haunted.... Read more

Effective teaching skills can improve our education and social system and have an impact on all aspects of life. Every teacher needs to implement all techniques and strategies that can improve the academic and moral qualities of all students according to their abilities. Some students have God gifted skills and.... Read more

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