Life at Punjab Colleges

Your first year in college brings a lot of new experiences with new challenges. It is different from the monotonous routine of school. The stakes are higher and your studies get tougher with the new faces of your classmates. During such circumstances, you must find a way to make the most out of college life as it is to be cherished forever.

Punjab Colleges takes great pride in allowing creative and leisure freedom for students to make memories for a lifetime. It offers a vast range of educational, sports, cultural and social activities to create a conducive and vibrant environment for students to nurture their personal growth apart from academics. Extra-curriculars and recreational activities provide the easiest way for students to become a part of the college community thus enhancing one’s own learning experience by being active in campus life.

The following is the list of activities that Punjab Colleges offers to make your college life a vibrant and lively one at the campus:

Welcome and Farewell Party

Punjab Colleges arranges a celebratory event to welcome new students or to bid a good farewell to students who are leaving, to create memorable moments of fun and joy with their students each year.

Clubs & Societies

Beyond the classroom, Punjab Colleges provide several opportunities to showcase the talent and interests of students in the form of societies & clubs such as Dramatics, Music, Debating, literary, IT, sports and more.

Sports Gala

The Sports Gala is an annual sporting event in which all students compete against one another. Punjab Colleges recognise and reward the champions, as well as provide them with opportunities to participate in national level clubs.

Recreational Trips

Punjab Colleges offers trips to great cultural and northern places. Our professional personnel supervises the trips, which are governed by restrictions.

Seminars and Workshops

Punjab Colleges organizes seminars and workshops with industry leaders and motivating speakers from many walks of life to give hands-on experience and inspiration with real-life examples and success stories to students.


From time to time, students get a chance to live their life with full zest at concerts of famous artists which are organized by Punjab Colleges to promote arts and culture.

Cultural Festival & Fun Fairs

Every year, Punjab Colleges organize fun-filled cultural festivals and fairs where students get a chance to exhibit their artistic potential

Science & Art Exhibitions

Every year at Punjab Colleges, Science and Arts Exhibitions are hosted to encourage creativity and innovation among students and provide them with a space to pursue their lifelong passions and interests.

Therefore, with more than 10 academic, cultural and recreational clubs to choose from, plus recreational trips, concerts, cultural festivals and so much more—your day can be anything but ordinary at Punjab Colleges.