PGC Music Festival- It’s More Than Just Music

PGC Music Festival

Importance of Music Festivals 

Music festivals offer a unique sense of engagement within a community that binds group members of a larger culture, allowing them to participate in social activities. It provides a platform for self-expression and mood enhancement. Researchers believe engagement with music contributes to self-identification. It develops a sense & place of belonging that helps people engage effectively in social activities and make them feel accepted, valued and needed in lifelong learning.

Punjab Colleges has always been the torchbearer in enhancing students’ learning experiences. For years, Punjab Colleges has arranged multiple musical concerts on all its campuses. The following are the benefits that students gain from music festivals.

1-Improves Emotional Development

Several researchers have found the connection between emotional development and music. One can experience mood enhancement and self-expression with music. Such music events create a sense of belonging for people to relate, thus developing emotional abilities in people. Therefore, such events promote emotional development that helps students in lifelong learning.

2-Works as a Stress Reducer

Music is a widely known stress reducer. The right kind of music along with the environment of music concerts help students de-stress and relax to prepare them for the big exams.

3- Improves Mental & Social Abilities

Music events provide a platform for students to socially interact with each other. Such opportunities improve social skills. Improving social skills directly impact students’ mental abilities and enhance their mental skills. A break from hard-long study hours also plays a role in the development of mental & social skills.

4-Enhances Concentration & Focus

The introduction of music concerts in the middle of lengthy courses breaks the monotony and help students concentrate better on their studies. Such music concerts are much needed for students to relax their minds and enjoy the moment to have a better focus on their goals.

5-Provides Motivation & Inspiration

Music events provide a much-needed break from the monotonous routine for students that not only relaxes their minds but also motivates them to strive harder towards their goals. It provides a new rush of energy that motivates & inspires them to move forward with a clear vision and hard work.

6- Acts as a Learning Aid

Music events help students study better and more effectively by de-stressing, inspiring, and strengthening emotional and mental skills.

PGC Music Festival’21

This year, Punjab Colleges has organized a musical event under the name of PGC Music Festival 2021 with the favourite artists of Pakistan. Asim Azhar, Aima Baig & Sahir Ali Bagga will be performing Live at more than 50 concerts in 18 cities of Pakistan.

Schedule of Music Festival:

No. City Date Timings Director/Principal No. of Shows




4-12-21 Saturday 09.30 am Mr Hamid Iqbal 2
4-12-21 Saturday 02.00pm
3 Multan 5-12-21 Sunday 02.00pm Mr Osama Qureshi


4 6-12-21 Monday 02.00pm
5 Bhawalpur


7-12-21 Tuesday 10.00 am Mr Irfan 2
6 7-12-21 Tuesday 02.00pm
7 Rahim yar khan 8-12-21 Wednesday 11.00 am Mr Asif Jalil


8 9-12-21 Thursday 11.00am
9 Buraiwala 13-12-21 10:00 am Prof Majeed Akbar 2
10 2:00pm
11 Vehari 14-12-21 10:00 am Prof. Khalid Mehmood 2
12 02:00pm
13 Jhang 15-12-21 10:00am Prof Naveed 2
14 02:00pm
15 Wazirabad 16-12-21 10:00am Prof Asif Usmani 2
16 02:00pm
17 Kasur 17-12-21 10:00am Prof Osama Dar 2
18 02:00pm
20 Faisalabad 20-12-21  Monday 02.00pm Mr Riffat Iqbal


21 21-12-21 Tuesday 02.00pm
22 22-12-21 Wednesday 02.00pm
23 23-12-21 Thursday 02.00pm
24 Gujranawala 24-12-21 Friday 03.00pm Mr. Shahzad Rafique


25 25-12-21 Saturday 03.00pm
26 26-12-21 Sunday 11.00am
27 27-12-21 Monday 11.00am
28 Phalia 28-12-21 Tuesday 09.30am Mr.  Mian Ilyas 2
29 28-12-21 Tuesday 02.00pm
30 CUST 29-12-21 Wednesday 10.00am Mr. Umar Toor 2
31 29-12-21 Wednesday 03.00pm
32 Islamabad/Rawalpindi 30-12-21 Thursday 02.00pm Mr. Akram Ch.


33 31-12-21 Friday 03.00pm
34 1-01-22 Saturday 10.00am
35 1-01-22 Saturday 02.00pm
36 2-01-22 Sunday 02.00pm
37 3-01-22 Monday 02.00pm
38 Peshawar 4-01-22 Tuesday 10.00am Mr. Rana Mazahar


39 4-01-22 Tuesday 02.00pm
40 Sialkot 5-01-22 Wednesday 11.00am Mr. Akmal Rehman 2
41 6-01-22 Thursday 11.00am
42 Gujrat 7-01-22 Friday 09.00pm Mr. Rana Yunas 2
43 8-01-22 Saturday 11.00am
44 Sargodha 10-01-22 Monday 10.00am Mr. Rao Asif


45 11-01-22 Tuesday 10.00am
46 Lahore City, JTC,CRC, Shalamar and MPC 12-01-22 Wednesday 03.00pm Girls 2
47 13-01-22 Thursday 03.00pm Boys
48 Lahore Muslim Town 14-01-22 03.00pm Mr. Arif Ch 4
49 15-01-22 03.00pm
50 16-01-22 03.00pm
51 17-01-22 03.00pm
52 UCP 18-01-22 03.00pm Mr. Amjad Niaz 2
53 19-01-22 03.00pm
54 PGC (Family) 20-01-22 03.00pm 1
                                                                                                                     Total 54