Import Meaning in Urdu

درآمد کریں

What is Import?

Import means, to bring something into our country through the international boundary. People import things and sell them in their own countries. Generally, things that are not produced within the homeland, are imported. Those are brought through shipping or planes. Import plays an important part in growing any business and progressing the country with useful stuff.

What are Import and Export?

Import and export are two different things. Import is purchasing and bringing things to one country from another. Export means things that are shipped to the other country. It involves selling your thing to the other countries and import is the vice versa. You get to purchase and bring in imports.

Which is better import or export?

A healthy economy means imports and exports both are growing. Both should go side by side. If the import is good, then selling rate of the products should be higher as well. That will keep a beneficial balance in purchasing and selling. If the export rate decreases, it is not good for our country. Exports enable us to get more money. That’s how our economy is strengthened. People should uphold a good business for import while in exports, they sell things and earn money.