How Can Students Benefit from Career Counselling?

In a student’s life, the selection of the right career is one of the most important and life-changing decisions. If it is not taken seriously enough, it may result in lifetime regret, frustration and demotivation. However, effective supervision from a professional educational advisor takes a student down the path to success. Career counselling for students helps develop and expand their enthusiasm for who they are and what they are truly capable of being.

Career counselling in Pakistan depicts a very sad picture as there is no career counselling after the 10th class or at the college level. A lot of students end up opting for majors with zero interests either owing to societal pressure or parental choice. Therefore, it is a crucial need for students to have career counselling sessions at the school and college levels to realize their potential for a successful career choice. To understand its significance in student’s life, this article discusses the multiple benefits that students can gain from career counselling.

To understand market trends and scope

Market trends shift from time to time. There was a time when earning a doctorate or an engineering degree ensured a student’s future. But now, many new professions are providing students with other career possibilities. Career counselling assists students in setting realistic expectations for their chosen profession. A career counsellor also enlightens and tells them about additional possibilities that they may not have discovered. Such a career in computer science or information technology has gained the most popularity among students due to its numerous possibilities in this digital age. Thus, it is better to consult with career counsellors to understand the dynamics of market needs and demands.

To choose the right career

Most of the students are unaware of their potential. Many of them live their life without choosing their career of interest. This leads to unhappiness, depression and frustration in society. To excel in your life, you must choose the right career according to your interests and personality traits. Career Counselors are experts at assessing students’ aptitude, personality, interests, and other aspects. They use this evaluation to suggest the best career options from all the available and relevant options. Therefore, career counselling at an early stage in life is highly crucial

To gain confidence and insight

Before deciding on your career choice, it is important to gain complete insight into the prospects of your chosen career and to understand what kind of skills are required and what would it take to excel in it. Career Counselling helps students understand the hurdles and requirements in  his/her career path. This knowledge helps to develop the confidence to overcome these hurdles and fulfil the requirements.

To bring stability to life

It is very stressful for students in their teenage to decide what career their life will depend on. Most students, without proper career guidance and career counselling remain unstable throughout their life. They develop no interests, resulting in unsuccessful careers for themselves. Some of them also keep on hopping from one career choice to another. But career counselling can help you remain calm when it comes to taking a career decision. Counselling helps bring about focus, and maintain that focus throughout your activities. Through proper scheduling and planning, they try and make your life more organized and manageable. Through this, you are not pushed under the bus. They help you succeed in your goal one step at a time.

To change unwanted behavior patterns

Most often, students and professionals are dealing with bad habits that are hard to break such as procrastinating not keeping updated on the latest developments in their chosen career paths, neglecting emotional and mental health and not trying to self-motivate. But with the help of career counselling, students can come out of such behavioural patterns that lead to unproductive activities as they make students aware of their true potential and support them throughout the entire process, ultimately motivating the students.

To remove career-related frustration

Deciding on a career can be a demanding task for both parents and children. A lack of any source for expressing emotions and thoughts may add to the existing frustration. Career Counselling provides a platform for reducing such frustrations and refocusing attention on the best career possibilities. It is the best way to express all concerns and worries regarding a career so that it is easy to move forward with the plan with confidence and a clear mind.

To understand your strength and weakness

As a student, we tend to get distracted by money, peer pressure or other factors in selecting a career. However, it may not be a suitable profession for a particular student. Your aptitude, skill set, and personality plays a significant role in choosing an occupation. A career counselling session helps students understand their traits. Students can better know their strengths and weaknesses to see which job will suit them the best. Thus, students need to choose the career that they like, rather than getting into a profession just for the sake of earning money. If you do not like your profession, you will not be able to become very successful at it

To better focus on your energies

You can better plan your career once you have identified your career based on your strengths and weaknesses. Goals will become much clearer, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Once you know what career you want to pursue, ask your career counsellor to help you with the steps you need to take. Your career counsellor will assist you in preparing for your future career. Clarity of professional goals goes a long way in accomplishing the milestones you set for yourself.

How to Excel in 10th class maths with Prep by PGC

If you are a matric student facing difficulty in preparing 10th class maths subject then this article is a must-read for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the important tips that will help you achieve maximum marks in the maths matric exam. But before we jump onto the tips, the main key player in excelling 10th class maths is Prep by PGC app. This app is introduced by Punjab Group of Colleges, a renowned name in academics, that gives you Free access to the latest matric preparatory resources. With this, we will let you know how you can easily ace 10th class maths with Prep by PGC app, which is free!

Prepare Maths Long and Short Questions

Preparing mathematical long and short questions can be quite a complicated task since one mistake in the mathematical equation can put you in trouble. This is why it is important to strengthen this part of the matric exam. For this, you must practice long and short questions from Prep by PGC in a separate rough register, because Prep by PGC includes all those important questions that are most likely to come in matric exams.

Clear Concepts With 10th class maths Video Lectures 

For mathematics, it is necessary to clear the concept first, since the calculations cannot be memorized. To have a full grip on maths and excel in its matric exams, you can lean on the Prep by PGC app. This app features video lectures that are pre-recorded and can be watched anytime and anywhere. Therefore, you must clear your concepts through 10th class maths video lectures in Prep by PGC app for you to get full marks in your maths matric exam.

10th Class Math App

Practice Maths MCQs 

MCQs or objective part is the trickiest section of the exam. Especially when it comes to maths, such tricky MCQs can be risky and can cost you a lot during exams. So, you must refer to 5000+ MCQs in Prep by PGC that will thoroughly prepare you for all kinds of MCQs. It is important to go through them, practice them repeatedly until you get a full grip on the concepts.

Revise Maths Past papers 

Once you have cleared your concepts and practiced them well, it is time to revise them all before your exam. While revising seems easy, it is very difficult for a student to revise all of the course in a short time. This is why past papers come in handy when it comes to revision. Past papers not only help you revise in a small time but also guides you on what kind of exam will come and which questions are most likely to come in your paper. Prep by PGC has all the latest maths past papers that will fully prepare you for your matric maths exam.

Self-Assess Your Maths Performance 

When you have followed all the steps of preparation from conceptualization, to practising and revising it thoroughly, it is time to finally assess your preparation to become confident about your preparation. While you need a teacher or a tuition center to assess your preparation, Prep by PGC offers you an online self-assessment test that you can take at the comfort of your home with absolutely no cost. With such self-assessment tests, you can analyse where your preparation stands and what more should be done to achieve your exam goals. Therefore, for 10th class maths, self-assessment tests of Prep by PGC app will completely prepare you and guide you in excelling in your maths matric exam.

So, if you are a matric student facing difficulty in 10th class maths then download Prep by PGC app and register yourself to get FREE access to latest preparatory resources of MCQs, short and long questions, past papers, video lecture and more for matric 10th class maths.


Best Apps For Schools for Online Matric Lectures

Are you bombarding Google’s search box with searches like best apps for schools or best apps for matric students? If yes, you need to stop right now as the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has got your back. With the launch of the Prep By PGC – website and the app – PGC has provided matric students an opportunity to learn from the best teachers of country, and that too for FREE! Prep By PGC contains online lectures for class 9 and online lectures for class 10 of English, Maths, Physics, Urdu, Chemistry, and other subjects.  Let’s go down into the nitty-gritty to find out more about Prep By PGC – a historic education initiative by the Punjab Group. 

 Learn From the Best 

Did you know that students of the Punjab Colleges have secured 488 top positions across all Punjab Boards in 2021? These astounding numbers speak volumes about the success of the PGC, its staff, and the quality of the education it imparts. And what makes this app the best free education app for matric students is the fact that Pakistan’s top education experts and lecturers– who enabled PGC students to secure 488 top positions in different boards of Punjab in 2021 – have prepared all the content for Prep By PGC.  

Thus, Prep By PGC provides you an opportunity to learn from the best in the country. And by fully utilizing this opportunity, you can ace matric exams and get admission to the country’s top colleges.  

All you need to start learning is to get a device desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablets] and an uninterrupted internet connection. Bingo! You are all set to ace matric exams. The sole and noble objective of creating this platform is to provide every student access to quality education across the country.  

 Online Lectures For Class 9 & 10 

As stated above, Prep By PGC covers the syllabus of all education boards of Punjab. The app contains over 1500 video lectures for classes 9 and 10, over 5000 MCQs, 4000 short questions, over 1000 long questions, and past papers for all subjects of matric. Thus, Prep By PGC combines all resources at a single platform and provides you access to everything you need to ace matric exams.  

Another feature that makes this initiative one of the best apps for schools students is that you can create self-assessment tests. Therefore, you have a chance to gauge the level of your preparation for matric exams, identify areas and subjects where you are lagging behind, and cover the weaker spots.  

Through past papers, you can cover a considerable portion of your matric course and understand the pattern of the exam as well. 

Prep By PGC is Free – It Costs Nothing  

Yes, you read it right! The best app for schools students is absolutely free. All you need to do is to sign up using your Facebook or Google credentials. Once your account is created, the app provides you free access to over 1500 video lectures for classes 9 and 10, over 5000 MCQs, 4000 short questions, over 1000 long questions, past papers for all subjects of matric, and self-assessment tests.  

Thus, if you utilize this app properly, you can significantly reduce your educational costs by getting rid of academies. It is a fact that academy expenses constitute a major chunk of a student’s overall education expenses; as a matter of fact, it has been observed that academy fees are higher than schools and colleges in several cities of Pakistan.  

Learn From Anywhere, Anytime 

Prep By PGC gives you an opportunity to learn from the comfort of your home. Unlike academies where you have to make a physical appearance at specific timings, the app gives you an opportunity to learn anytime and from anywhere. It is a proven fact that when your mind is at complete peace, you learn and understand things quickly.  

Another great feature is that it is extremely easy to navigate and use different tools and features of the website and the app. As the sole purpose is to facilitate users and provide them access to quality education, the interface is user-friendly.  

Thus far, the response to the app has been overwhelming. Tens of thousands of students have downloaded the app and used the website to benefit from the quality educational resources 

Android and iPhone users can download the app . Desktop users can click go to the website directly and start learning immediately.  If you are facing any trouble using the app or website, you can reach out to us at 

Prep By PGC is a one-of-its-kind initiative in the education sector of Pakistan. By getting the most out of this best free educational app, you can score excellent marks in the matric exams and get admission to top colleges in the country.  

Best Freelancing Skills To Have As High School Student

Freelancing skills

Why sit idle after matric or inter exams when you can learn these in-demand freelancing skills in 2022 and earn a handsome income? As industry pundits expect global E-commerce market volume to reach a whopping $8 trillion mark by 2028, there is always a dearth of skilled workforce. You can acquire in-demand freelancing skills, enter a rapidly growing market, and get your piece of the pie by doing a simple certification.

Let’s dive a bit deeper and learn more about the most in-demand freelancing skills.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

There’s a common saying among marketers that the best place to hide something is to put it on Google’s 2nd page. And there’s a reason behind this.

Studies by multiple sources have claimed that only 25% of the users go to the second page of the search results; the majority – 75% of the users – stick to the first page. And because of the very same reason, owners “optimize” their websites for search engines. And the person who optimizes websites for higher rankings in Google’s search results is called the Search Engine Optimization specialist.

SEO specialists craft strategies to help websites achieve higher rankings on search engines, such as Google and Bing. There are two ways of gaining higher rankings:

  • Organic (unpaid)
  • Inorganic (paid such ads)

SEO is all about organic methods. SEO specialists deploy various techniques to achieve higher rankings and bring more traffic. In a nutshell, an SEO specialist optimizes a website for search engines and the users or target audience. Following are the 3 types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO – deals with optimizing the front end of the website for a seamless user experience.
  • Off-Page SEO – deals with acquiring authoritative backlinks to the website.
  • Technical SEO – deals with optimizing the back-end of the website.

As more and more businesses continue to digitalize, there’s always a shortage of SEO specialists in the market. Experts believe that SEO skills will remain one of the most in-demand freelancing skills in the years to come.

Copywriting & Technical Writing

When it comes to the digital multiverse, writers act as a bridge between business owners and customers. A top-notch writer converts the target audience into leads and plays a major role in uplifting sales. Both B2B and B2C businesses need writers to prosper and flourish. Therefore, copywriting and technical writing are 2 of the highly in-demand freelancing skills on popular platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

While beginner writers start from as low as $5 per hour, seasoned wordsmiths can go as high as $150 per hour.

You can complete a copywriting or technical writing certification in 2 to 3 months.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers woo the audience with their creativity. There exist design needs across every industry.

As a graphic designer, your job will be to use text and illustrations to create visual compositions. A top-notch graphic designer grabs the audience’s attention by creating stunning visuals for different digital platforms. Because of the same reason, there’s always a shortage of graphic designers in the global market, and clients continue to hire designers at above-market rates.

A gig on popular freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr can let you earn as high as $150 per hour. For creative people and students, graphic designing is the perfect career to pursue as it will be one of the highly-rewarding freelancing skills in 2022.

Data & Analytics Mastery

In 2006, British Mathematician Clive Humby famously said that data is the new oil and if anything, the time has only proved him right. Small, medium, and large-sized companies, software houses, and E-commerce setups are willing to pay anything to top-notch data scientists. Why? Because data-driven decisions and strategies are producing intended results.

You can kick-start your career as a beginner-level data analyst through a simple certification. If you want to become a top-rated data scientist, you need to get a degree from a top-rated university – such as BS Data Science from the University of Central Punjab.

E-mail Marketing

When it comes to the digital multiverse, E-mail marketing belongs to the old school as it is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. As conversion rates are higher in this medium, it remains relevant.

To become a top-rated E-mail marketer, all you need to do is get a simple certification from a reputable institution. A top-rated E-mail marketer can earn up to $150 an hour from a single gig on Fiverr or Upwork.

The world is becoming a highly competitive place. Therefore, if you need to survive and stay relevant, there’s no shortcut but to acquire new skills. So, instead of sitting idle after matric or intermediate exams, you should pursue certifications in any of the said fields. By doing so, you shall not only acquire new skills but can also take good care of your expenses, too

PGC Student Survey- A Chance to Win & Improve

PGC Student Survey

Businesses all around the world use survey as a research tool to uncover the answers to specific & important questions. These questions are varied, cover a diverse range of topics & business decisions that require feedback to solve them.

A Way to Improve

Punjab Colleges has launched a Student Survey on 15th December which is being conducted on the PGC Student and Web Portal. The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback regarding the quality of its academics and campus facilities. This initiative will help identify the hidden issues that students are facing which will ultimately improve the quality of the service of Punjab Colleges. Through Student Survey, PGC aims:

  • To improve the existing services
  • To enhance student satisfaction
  • To bridge the gap between administration & students
  • To fulfil the uncovered gaps in current services

A Chance to Win 

The most exciting part of this survey is that students will get a chance to win exciting prizes. To win a prize, students need to fill the survey. All respondents will be entered into a lucky draw and then selected winners will get a chance to win:

  • 25 Bikes
  • 50 Tablets
  • 250 Gift hampers

How to participate? 

To participate, download the latest version of the PGC App or visit the Web Portal:



Sign into PGC App or Portal with your Microsoft credentials and then fill Student Survey.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

PGC Music Festival- It’s More Than Just Music

PGC Music Festival

Importance of Music Festivals 

Music festivals offer a unique sense of engagement within a community that binds group members of a larger culture, allowing them to participate in social activities. It provides a platform for self-expression and mood enhancement. Researchers believe engagement with music contributes to self-identification. It develops a sense & place of belonging that helps people engage effectively in social activities and make them feel accepted, valued and needed in lifelong learning.

Punjab Colleges has always been the torchbearer in enhancing students’ learning experiences. For years, Punjab Colleges has arranged multiple musical concerts on all its campuses. The following are the benefits that students gain from music festivals.

1-Improves Emotional Development

Several researchers have found the connection between emotional development and music. One can experience mood enhancement and self-expression with music. Such music events create a sense of belonging for people to relate, thus developing emotional abilities in people. Therefore, such events promote emotional development that helps students in lifelong learning.

2-Works as a Stress Reducer

Music is a widely known stress reducer. The right kind of music along with the environment of music concerts help students de-stress and relax to prepare them for the big exams.

3- Improves Mental & Social Abilities

Music events provide a platform for students to socially interact with each other. Such opportunities improve social skills. Improving social skills directly impact students’ mental abilities and enhance their mental skills. A break from hard-long study hours also plays a role in the development of mental & social skills.

4-Enhances Concentration & Focus

The introduction of music concerts in the middle of lengthy courses breaks the monotony and help students concentrate better on their studies. Such music concerts are much needed for students to relax their minds and enjoy the moment to have a better focus on their goals.

5-Provides Motivation & Inspiration

Music events provide a much-needed break from the monotonous routine for students that not only relaxes their minds but also motivates them to strive harder towards their goals. It provides a new rush of energy that motivates & inspires them to move forward with a clear vision and hard work.

6- Acts as a Learning Aid

Music events help students study better and more effectively by de-stressing, inspiring, and strengthening emotional and mental skills.

PGC Music Festival’21

This year, Punjab Colleges has organized a musical event under the name of PGC Music Festival 2021 with the favourite artists of Pakistan. Asim Azhar, Aima Baig & Sahir Ali Bagga will be performing Live at more than 50 concerts in 18 cities of Pakistan.

Schedule of Music Festival:

No. City Date Timings Director/Principal No. of Shows




4-12-21 Saturday 09.30 am Mr Hamid Iqbal 2
4-12-21 Saturday 02.00pm
3 Multan 5-12-21 Sunday 02.00pm Mr Osama Qureshi


4 6-12-21 Monday 02.00pm
5 Bhawalpur


7-12-21 Tuesday 10.00 am Mr Irfan 2
6 7-12-21 Tuesday 02.00pm
7 Rahim yar khan 8-12-21 Wednesday 11.00 am Mr Asif Jalil


8 9-12-21 Thursday 11.00am
9 Buraiwala 13-12-21 10:00 am Prof Majeed Akbar 2
10 2:00pm
11 Vehari 14-12-21 10:00 am Prof. Khalid Mehmood 2
12 02:00pm
13 Jhang 15-12-21 10:00am Prof Naveed 2
14 02:00pm
15 Wazirabad 16-12-21 10:00am Prof Asif Usmani 2
16 02:00pm
17 Kasur 17-12-21 10:00am Prof Osama Dar 2
18 02:00pm
20 Faisalabad 20-12-21  Monday 02.00pm Mr Riffat Iqbal


21 21-12-21 Tuesday 02.00pm
22 22-12-21 Wednesday 02.00pm
23 23-12-21 Thursday 02.00pm
24 Gujranawala 24-12-21 Friday 03.00pm Mr. Shahzad Rafique


25 25-12-21 Saturday 03.00pm
26 26-12-21 Sunday 11.00am
27 27-12-21 Monday 11.00am
28 Phalia 28-12-21 Tuesday 09.30am Mr.  Mian Ilyas 2
29 28-12-21 Tuesday 02.00pm
30 CUST 29-12-21 Wednesday 10.00am Mr. Umar Toor 2
31 29-12-21 Wednesday 03.00pm
32 Islamabad/Rawalpindi 30-12-21 Thursday 02.00pm Mr. Akram Ch.


33 31-12-21 Friday 03.00pm
34 1-01-22 Saturday 10.00am
35 1-01-22 Saturday 02.00pm
36 2-01-22 Sunday 02.00pm
37 3-01-22 Monday 02.00pm
38 Peshawar 4-01-22 Tuesday 10.00am Mr. Rana Mazahar


39 4-01-22 Tuesday 02.00pm
40 Sialkot 5-01-22 Wednesday 11.00am Mr. Akmal Rehman 2
41 6-01-22 Thursday 11.00am
42 Gujrat 7-01-22 Friday 09.00pm Mr. Rana Yunas 2
43 8-01-22 Saturday 11.00am
44 Sargodha 10-01-22 Monday 10.00am Mr. Rao Asif


45 11-01-22 Tuesday 10.00am
46 Lahore City, JTC,CRC, Shalamar and MPC 12-01-22 Wednesday 03.00pm Girls 2
47 13-01-22 Thursday 03.00pm Boys
48 Lahore Muslim Town 14-01-22 03.00pm Mr. Arif Ch 4
49 15-01-22 03.00pm
50 16-01-22 03.00pm
51 17-01-22 03.00pm
52 UCP 18-01-22 03.00pm Mr. Amjad Niaz 2
53 19-01-22 03.00pm
54 PGC (Family) 20-01-22 03.00pm 1
                                                                                                                     Total 54

Life at Punjab Colleges

Your first year in college brings a lot of new experiences with new challenges. It is different from the monotonous routine of school. The stakes are higher and your studies get tougher with the new faces of your classmates. During such circumstances, you must find a way to make the most out of college life as it is to be cherished forever.

Punjab Colleges takes great pride in allowing creative and leisure freedom for students to make memories for a lifetime. It offers a vast range of educational, sports, cultural and social activities to create a conducive and vibrant environment for students to nurture their personal growth apart from academics. Extra-curriculars and recreational activities provide the easiest way for students to become a part of the college community thus enhancing one’s own learning experience by being active in campus life.

The following is the list of activities that Punjab Colleges offers to make your college life a vibrant and lively one at the campus:

Welcome and Farewell Party

Punjab Colleges arranges a celebratory event to welcome new students or to bid a good farewell to students who are leaving, to create memorable moments of fun and joy with their students each year.

Clubs & Societies

Beyond the classroom, Punjab Colleges provide several opportunities to showcase the talent and interests of students in the form of societies & clubs such as Dramatics, Music, Debating, literary, IT, sports and more.

Sports Gala

The Sports Gala is an annual sporting event in which all students compete against one another. Punjab Colleges recognise and reward the champions, as well as provide them with opportunities to participate in national level clubs.

Recreational Trips

Punjab Colleges offers trips to great cultural and northern places. Our professional personnel supervises the trips, which are governed by restrictions.

Seminars and Workshops

Punjab Colleges organizes seminars and workshops with industry leaders and motivating speakers from many walks of life to give hands-on experience and inspiration with real-life examples and success stories to students.


From time to time, students get a chance to live their life with full zest at concerts of famous artists which are organized by Punjab Colleges to promote arts and culture.

Cultural Festival & Fun Fairs

Every year, Punjab Colleges organize fun-filled cultural festivals and fairs where students get a chance to exhibit their artistic potential

Science & Art Exhibitions

Every year at Punjab Colleges, Science and Arts Exhibitions are hosted to encourage creativity and innovation among students and provide them with a space to pursue their lifelong passions and interests.

Therefore, with more than 10 academic, cultural and recreational clubs to choose from, plus recreational trips, concerts, cultural festivals and so much more—your day can be anything but ordinary at Punjab Colleges.

Free Microsoft Certification at Punjab Colleges

Free Microsoft Certification at Punjab Colleges

Microsoft Certification

Continuing the legacy of innovation, Punjab Colleges is offering Free Microsoft Certification to their students to equip them with lifelong skills that are now necessary for every aspect of practical life. The purpose of Microsoft Certification is to give market-oriented knowledge and skills through new project-based testing, real-world exercises and full command over the entire features of a specific Microsoft Office program. Well-equipped computer labs are built from the ground up with the latest and greatest equipment,  exposing students to a hands-on experience. The ultimate goal of this initiative by Punjab Colleges is to ensure the providence of foundational elements essential for students to excel in all types of functions in the practical world.

Types of Microsoft Certifications offered:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel

Benefits of MOS:

  • Free Certification (saving up to Rs. 25000)
  • Free Coaching Class
  • Improved productivity in academic assignments
  • Value addition to your CV
  • Increased Job opportunity
  • Lifetime Skills

Steps to earn MOS Certification at PGC:

Step1: Free Registration form from your campus

Step2: Fill the form and submit it to your coordinator of campus

Step3: Wait for the date of the coaching class to be announced after board exams

Step4: Internal Testing after taking coaching classes

Step5: International Exam to test your MOS skills

Step6: Certification is given after successfully acing the exam



Data is emerging as the most valuable commodity on the planet. Organizations all around the world are working on strategies to organise and use data to achieve their strategic goals as data is being referred to as the future oil and analytics are being referred to as the engine to effectively run the organizations.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a field of study that works with a big volume of facts and uses advanced tools and techniques to uncover hidden patterns, extract useful data, and make business decisions. The Data Science curriculum is the amalgamation of Computer Science, Computational Mathematics, Statistics, and Management. Better decision-making, predictive analysis, and pattern finding are all aided by data science or data-driven science.

What is the importance of data science around the world?

Given the vast volumes of data created nowadays, data science is a crucial aspect of any industry. Its popularity has expanded over time, and businesses have begun to use data science approaches to expand their operations and improve customer experience. In the coming decade, it is expected that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots, among other innovative technology, will likely rule the world.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Work Report 2020 predicts that by 2025, the job with the highest demand and growth will be that of a Data Scientist.

What are the major topics in data science?

  • Machine Learning
  • Modeling
  • Statistics
  • Programming
  • Databases

What are the qualifications required to become a data scientist?

  • Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) or FSC. Engineering is needed for foundation course
  • Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Bachelors in Information Technology
  • Bachelors in Data Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Diplomas and short courses in data science

What is the average salary of a data scientist in Pakistan?

It starts from 50K and goes up to 2 million depending upon your qualifications, competency and skills. The average salary of a data scientist in Pakistan is around 800k.



An Introduction to Intermediate in Computer Science

The intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) programme is a collective study of computer and science to provide a general education in information technology and software development. Computers have revolutionised the way we live today, and they are now employed in both school and everyday life. Our Intermediate Computer Science programme assists students in developing computer and information technology skills, as well as preparing them to work in this rapidly growing field. Our state-of-the-art teaching and lab facilities enable students in becoming IT professionals with number of career opportunities.

Intermediate in Computer Sciences ICS PGC

The Compulsory Subjects of ICS

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies

The Electives Subjects Combinations of ICS

  • Physics-Math-Computer Science
  • Physics-Statistics-Computer Science
  • Statistics-Economics-Computer Science

Facilities at PGC for ICS:

  • Well Equipped Computer labs
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Robotics Lab

Top fields to opt for after ICS

  • Software Engineering
  • BS Information Technology
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelors in Architecture
  • BS Space Sciences
  • BS Physics
  • BS Nanotechnology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer System Engineering
  • BS Computational Physics
  • Robotics, Embedded Systems & Control Engineering