Make 10th class Physics notes from Ch 1 to Ch 5 from video lectures

10th class Physics notes lectures

Matric exams 2023 are nearing fast. To secure top grades, you need to be fully prepared. One of the most difficult subjects for matric students is Physics. So, if you are searching for 10th class Physics notes, stop doing so as the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) got your back. Now you can have unlimited and free access to Physics video lectures along with MCQs, short questions, and long questions. 

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Updated Physics Video Lectures 2023

The education experts here at Punjab Group continuously update the video lectures, short questions, long questions, and MCQs in accordance with different boards such as Lahore Board, Multan Board, Faisalabad Board, Federal Board, and KPK board. Therefore, you can always make quality Physics notes for class 10 through these video lectures. Rest assured, Prep By PGC covers every topic. 


Learn in Language You Speak & Understand

Punjab Colleges have eliminated the language barrier for all matric students across Pakistan as it offers short questions, long questions, MCQs, and video lectures in the Urdu language, too. It means you will make the most out of your Physics notes for class 10 from chapter 1 to chapter 5 through this app. 

We take pride in being the hub of educational excellence but at the same time, consider the same as an onus to provide equal access to quality education to the masses across the country. Prep By PGC is one such initiative that provides equal access to all matric students. And by eliminating the language barrier, the app has made the whole learning journey easy for matric students. 

10th Class Physics Notes for Ch 10 to Ch 14 from Video Lectures

You can make 10th-class Physics notes for chapter 10 to chapter 14 through video lectures. 


  • Lecture 1: Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Lecture 2: Damped Oscillations & Wave Motion
  • Lecture 3: Types of Mechanical Wave
  • Lecture 4: Ripple Tank
  • Lecture 5: MCQs



  • Soundwaves
  • Characteristics of Sounds
  • Reflection of Sounds & Speed of Sounds
  • Noise Pollution & Importance of Acoustics
  • Audible Frequency Range and Ultrasound



  • Reflection of Light
  • Spherical Mirrors
  • Image Location by Spherical Mirror Formula
  • Refraction of Light
  • Total Internal Reflection



  • Production of Electric Charges
  • Electroscope
  • Coulomb’s Law
  • Electric Field and Electric Field Intensity
  • Electrostatic Potential



  • Electric Current
  • Conventional Current
  • Potential Difference
  • Electromotive Force
  • Ohm’s Law


Set Self-Assessments to Test Your Knowledge 

All that you have learned by making notes for 10th-class Physics can be put to test by setting up self-assessment tests. Yes, the app has an amazing feature that let you set self-assessments so that you can find out how prepared you are for the matric exams in 2023. 

Self-assessments bring out a crystal clear picture of your preparation. And by continuously putting your preparation to evaluations, you can ace matric exams and secure top marks in 10th-class Physics. 

Access 10th-Class Physics Past Papers 

The app lets you access 10th-class Physics past papers. These past papers are another important medium to test your knowledge and preparation. You can also practice the timing through these past papers. By continuously solving past papers, you can learn how to pace yourself. Thus, you can strategically divide your time into sections, and can still have time to revise your paper at least two times before submitting it to the examiners.

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