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Physics notes class
Physics notes class

Physics is one of the most difficult subjects for matric students in Pakistan. In the absence of quality material, you need to spend hours to clear your concepts. However, Prep By PGC has solved this problem by providing free and unlimited access to quality Physics notes for class 10 to all matric students across Pakistan.

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Prep By PGC offers you access to class 10 Physics video lectures, MCQs, short questions, and long questions. Likewise, you can set your own self-assessment tests to find out how prepared you are for the matric exams in 2023.

Physics Notes for Class 10 – Topics

Prep By PGC covers all topics for Physics notes for class 10. The list is as follows:

Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves

  • Lecture 1: Simple Harmonic Motion

  • Lecture 2: Damped Oscillations & Wave Motion

  • Lecture 3: Types of Mechanical Wave

  • Lecture 4: Ripple Tank

  • Lecture 5: MCQs


  • Soundwaves

  • Characteristics of Sounds

  • Reflection of Sounds & Speed of Sounds

  • Noise Pollution & Importance of Acoustics

  • Audible Frequency Range and Ultrasound

Geometrical Optics

  • Reflection of Light

  • Spherical Mirrors

  • Image Location by Spherical Mirror Formula

  • Refraction of Light

  • Total Internal Reflection


  • Production of Electric Charges

  • Electroscope

  • Coulomb’s Law

  • Electric Field and Electric Field Intensity

  • Electrostatic Potential

Current Electricity

  • Electric Current

  • Conventional Current

  • Potential Difference

  • Electromotive Force

  • Ohm’s Law


  • Magnet Effects of Steady Current

  • Force on a Current-carrying Conductor

  • Turning Effect on a Current-Carrying Coil

  • D.C Motor

  • Electromagnetic Induction

Basic Electronics

  • Thermionic Emission

  • Cathode-ray of Oscilloscope

  • Analogue and Digital Electronics

  • Basic Operations of Digital Electronics Logic Gates

  • AND Operations, OR Operations, and NOT Operations

Information and Communication Technology

  • Components of Computer-based Information System

  • Flow of Information

  • Transmission of Electrical Signals Through Wires

  • Transmission of Radiowaves Through Space

Atomic & Nuclear Physics

  • Atom & Atomic Nucleus

  • Natural Radioactivity & Background Radiations

  • Nuclear Transmutations

  • Nature & Properties of Radiations

  • Half-life and its Measurements

Raise Issues & Ask Questions

Besides setting self-assessment tests for testing your preparation, you can use this matric app to raise issues ad to ask questions. This will let you understand difficult concepts of different Physics notes for class 10.

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Our study materials are tailored specifically to the matric curriculum, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most relevant and up-to-date information.

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Our app is perfect for self-study, or for use in the classroom. Our teachers and experts regularly update the materials to ensure they are accurate and relevant. Prep By PGC gives you the freedom to study at your own pace, and on your own schedule, so you can study whenever and wherever you want.

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So, if you are searching for free and unlimited access to Physics notes for class 10, stop doing so because Prep by PGC has everything you need on a single platform.

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