What is FA Degree?

FA (Fine Arts / Faculty of Arts):

FA is the 11th and 12th two years combined class that comes after matric. It consists of a variety of combinations and subjects. Subjects can vary in the first year (Part-I) and 2nd year (Part-I)

Students choose this program based on their matric results or their plan to study something relevant in the future.

BISE conduct terminal examination for 1st year and 2nd year separately.

What is FA Degree?

What is FA Degree? FA degree is two years’ degree program that all students can acquire after matric. It is usually offered in all educational college-level sectors. After Matric, it is the first step of student’s education towards professionalism.

FA degree program is very popular among students and has a great value in educational setup.

It depends on pupils to choose what combination and which subject they wish to study apart from the compulsory subject.

FA Program subjects are classified into two parallel types.

Compulsory subjects are a necessary part of the degree and students cannot choose between them while the elective subjects are meant to be chosen in the form of offered combinations in the college.

Compulsory Subjects are as follows;

English, Urdu, Islamiyat, and Pakistan Studies.

Elective Subjects have a wide range;

Civics, Physical Education, Economics, Fine Arts, English Literature, Home Economics, Islamiyat Elective, Arabic, etc.

Students who are willing to continue in arts-related fields, mostly choose to study in the FA program. Fields like designer, musician, and artist are associated with this degree or to specialize in a specific subject like English literature and Urdu can also be considered relevant.

This degree can be attained in two ways, regular and private.

Regular students can take admission in relevant college and the college takes all responsibility of students’ 2 years’ study and to process board examination matters as the candidate follows their set pattern according to the selected program.

Private students can apply for admission through any relevant board of their choice or Allama Iqbal Open University also offers intermediate programs for private studies. This type of study means to prepare for board examination of the program from home even Allama Iqbal University deliver books and online assignment for student’s convenience.

The Requirement for Admission in FA:

Based on specific eligibility criteria different colleges take admission of numerous students in this program. Each criterion can differ from college to college rules and regulations.

Candidate must have 10 years of education. Mark sheet of matric or in case of O-Level, the equivalent would be required along with any other academic certificates. All the transcripts and certificates must be attested.

Matric can be done in arts and science, both students will be eligible for admission.

Results with supply will not be considered until the student passes all papers. However, very few colleges offer admission on the condition that the student will clear the supply and will submit the result sheet with pass status again.

Foreign candidates need to apply through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan to have a NOC letter.

Students with FA degree are not eligible to take admission in medical or engineering fields and will have to continue in arts fields or any subject specialization.

Scope of FA Degree:

Apart from this misconception about this degree that it doesn’t have a scope for career-oriented fields, there is a wide range of successors belonging to this field. One has to be focused on the goal. Most of the topmost industries pertain to the profession of fashion, modelling, singing, acting, and film making and all of them pertain to arts all around the world.

All forms of education can derive wonders out of it. A person can take full advantage of learning from any program.

Courses and Programs after FA Degree:

Students can choose multiple degree programs after completing their FA in College.

Following are the bachelor programs, students are eligible for:

  • BA (Bachelors of Arts)
  • Ed. (Bachelors of Education)
  • LLB (Bachelors of Law)
  • Com (Bachelors of Commerce)
  • BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)
  • CSS Test
  • Diploma Courses

Now you may be wondering about what career you can choose with these programs?

First of all, you should have clarity in the mind of what course or program is suitable and relevant to the career you are interested in whether it is to become a lecturer, musician, fashion designer, or an actor subject, and courses may vary to each one of them.

Details of careers according to the degrees will be discussed below.


BA is one simple and suitable program after FA. Students can easily get admission in this program. The duration of completion of BA is 2 years. It offers 3 compulsory subjects, English Language, Islamiyat, and Pakistan Studies. Furthermore, there are two elective subjects of your choice and an optional subject. while selecting the elective subjects, a student can choose profession related subjects which may help them in building their goal in the future. For example:

Bachelors of Designing

Bachelors Fine Arts in Graphic Designing, Textile Design, Painting, Textile Design

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, History, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Marketing Management, or the field of Architecture.


  1. Ed. is specifically for those who want to become teachers and professors in the future. Teaching is one of the best and respectful professions in terms of honor the highest place that they receive from the world and Islam. The student learns all the teaching methods during this program. It is the Teaching learning process and in a Four Years Honors program (B.Ed. Hons). After this degree, many teachers go for M.Ed. and then M.Phil. or Ph.D. to increase their knowledge as teachers with these degrees are highly in demand among colleges and universities.


Students who wish to become a lawyer or advocate go for Bachelors of Law (LLB) degree. This is a five years’ program based on the study of law, court, and other social issues along with their solutions. This study offers many occupations in the same field.

Subjects you may study in LLB are; Legal Methods, Contracts, Political Science, Jurisprudence, Code of Civil Procedure, and Litigation Advocacy.

These subjects require a lot of research that increases one’s knowledge in many ways.


Apart from any arts-related field, you can still choose to have other options after FA and go for a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) degree as the Minister of education has not permitted arts students to take admission to this program. This is a banking field with a wide range of posts offered in banking sectors as well as in other finance-related spaces.


Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is not an Arts field but pupils can study in this program after FA. It is a two years’ program, somehow related to banking and finance. You get to study multiple subjects associated with business, Marketing, and Finance. Careers that you can choose after having this degree.

Finance, Business Administration Researcher, Human Resource, Research and Development, Business Consultant, Information Systems, and Marketing.

BSc (Bachelors of General Science):

If you choose to attain a BSc degree, yes it is a good option but remember that you can only take admission to BSc Electronics, BSc Mass Communication BSc in Journalism, and BSc in Media Advertising and cannot choose Medical or Engineering fields as for that FSC degree is necessary.

Diploma Courses After FA:

Want to become a professional but cannot study more? There is good news! Students with FA degree who tend to get an education but cannot take admission in bachelor programs. Nothing to worry about. The education system has more accommodating ways than you think.

Diploma Courses after an FA degree can be the best option for all types of students. This is another type of education that a student acquires to join a specific profession. It provides students the maximum knowledge of something in the minimum time and money.

Some diploma courses are as follows:

  • Information Technology
  • Fashion Designing
  • Professional Makeup Artist
  • Interior Designing
  • Radio Jockey (RJ)
  • Disk Jockey (DJ)
  • Multimedia

All the above mentioned diplomas carry an advanced type of knowledge that can make an individual capable, competent and professionally skilled in the relevant field.

CSS (Central Superior Services) :

CSS (Central Superior Services) is very popular among people. Most of the students are keen to pass this exam and become a valuable figure for the nation. This allows a person to serve the country with a high spirit of being selfless. After becoming a CSS Officer, this field provides numerous opportunities and facilities people can dream about. It takes a lot of effort and a quality-oriented vision to achieve this place in society. Candidates between the age of 21 and 30 can apply for the CSS exam. This exam is majorly based on two types of assessment, written test and a viva (interview) that include English, Mathematics, Islamiyat, General Science, and General knowledge subjects as essentials and all other subjects as optional.


Concluding to the point that FA is not an underrated degree among others in Pakistan. Students with this type of education can do more and achieve better. What matters the most is your motivation level, enthusiasm, desire to learn, spirit to achieve, and the intention to prove yourself going beyond the expectations. Improvement Comes with Betterment in Attitudes.


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