I.Com Subjects 1st Year in Pakistan

What is I.Com?

I.Com means the Intermediate of Commerce. It is an optimal degree program as thousands of students get admission in I.Com every year. Students usually choose this program because it is a career-oriented field. Especially those who are interested in banking and mathematical things from the very beginning of their schooling, get admission in this program. Moreover, it is considered to be a mediocre degree program in comparison to FA and FSC. FA is more on the easier side while FSC is quite tough. This program provides students with a strong grounding of a financial role in the business fields. It allows students to understand the elementary operational financial management techniques and matters of the companies. It enables on to deal with calculative financial ratios of any business. They develop an understanding of beneficial investments that can raise the capital. Therefore, many people go with I.Com and try to find a relevant profession. It is offered in almost all colleges and also some commerce colleges have been introduced who specialize in this degree program because of its high demand.
Initially, in class 1st year, students get to study the basics of course work. It consists of the subjects of the Mathematics category. People get the knowledge of calculations and management of all financial matters in a different state of affairs.

I.Com Subjects in 1st Year (11th Class):

Altogether 7 subjects are included in the first year in which 3 are compulsory subjects and 4 are elective subjects that students choose from the given list at the time of admission. More or less all colleges have the same scheme of study for the I. Com degree program.
List of I.Com Subjects 1st Year in Pakistan may be as follows:
• Principles of Economics
• Principles of Accounting
• Principles of Business Mathematics
• Principles of Commerce
Compulsory subjects are:
• Urdu
• English
• Islamiyat (Ethics for non-Muslims)
List of I.Com 2nd Year (12th Class) subjects may be as follows:
• Principles of Accounting
• Banking / Computer Studies
• Commercial Geography
• Statistics
Compulsory subjects are:
• Urdu
• English
• Pakistan Studies

Eligibility Criteria:

• After the attainment of 10 years of education (matriculation or O-Levels), students become eligible for admission in the I. Com program.
• Admissions are made based on merit lists that can be different every year.
• Students must have their academic certificates, result’s mark sheet, B-form, father’s CNIC, and a passport size photo to apply for admission.
• Foreign students need to route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
Study after I. Com:
There is a massive range of options for courses and degree programs for I. Com students. After they are done with I. Com and want to specialize in the same field, can take admission to the commerce bachelor degree programs. However, if a student wishes to change the field and want to continue further studies in a different program, have the option to choose another program and get admission according to the eligibility criteria and merit of the specific university.

Following is the list of Bachelor Degree Programs after I. Com:

• Bachelors in Commerce
• Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)
• BS in Business Economics
• BS of Islamic Banking
• BS in Economics and Management
• BS Public Administration
• BS Sales and Marketing
• BS Accounting
• BS Banking and Finance
• BS Finance and Investments
• BS in Economics and Finance
• Chartered Accountancy (CA)
And many others based on your interest.

People who want to get a two-year bachelor’s degree for any reason can take admission to the Associate Degree program which is ADC (Associate Degree of Commerce).

Also, students with I. Com degrees who want to study more but have not enough resources or are in hurry to step into a professional life can opt to do short courses or diplomas and get specialized in the relevant field.
Diploma or short course in;
• Accounting
• Banking
• Finance
• Economics
• Law
• Business Management
• Mathematics
• Statistics
• Computer Science
• Investment Banking and Capital Markets
Several specialized certification opportunities are also available for students who want to get professional learning to enhance their skills and improve their proficiency of work.
• Sales Management
• Marketing
• Finance
• Accounting
• Business Intelligence and Analyst
• Taxation
• Retail Management
• Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
• Certified Management Accountant
• Certified Banking and Credit Analyst (CBCA)
• Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
• Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
• Certificate from IBP – Institute of Banking Pakistan
• Financial Risk Management (FRM)
• Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)


Demand for accountants or any other financial expert’s role is high in the market. A great number of jobs after doing I.Com is more than another field as each organization requires a financial expert who can deal with all financial matters. Persons with such qualifications get jobs easily because all the business firms and companies need a professional who can handle, increase, and proficiently invest the assets in the best possible ways. People who put all the efforts to achieve their goal and reach a point in the commerce field, they keep going without counting the hurdles and achieve to have fruitful and commendable outcomes.
The certainty of people’s talent and passion leads them towards success in the future. Their work pays off without any doubt.
This type of study enables them to become experts in the commerce field and groom their personalities so they can stand out among others and become successful.
People with I. Com degree can pursue their studies further Bachelors programs to get skilled or they can also prepare for the CSS (Central Superior Services) exam to successfully achieve a government-level position along with countless benefits.


Competency and talent are what bring one an inevitable victory. Ample of career opportunities are available for I.Com students around the country.
It depends on people what type of job or business they want to pursue for the future. People quest for the most beneficial career through which they can make more money in less time.
Following is the list of relevant career options:
• Banking Officer
• Accountant
• Business Development Representative
• Market Specialist
• Financial Analyst
• Business Consultant
• Financial Expert
• Event Marketing
• Trader
• Public Relation Spcialist
• Auditor
• Money Manager
• Construction
• Business Management
• Finance Control Manager
And a lot more.

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