Short Courses after ICS

What is ICS?

ICS stands for Intermediate of Computer Sciences. it is an interdisciplinary program about science and computer. It is a general education program in Computer Science and Software Development.
It is evident that the modern business world evolves around new technologies and the computer is the finest of the inventions. The computer plays a vital role in any type of workspace. It has become the utmost priority of all workers all over the world. Having the basic knowledge about computer applications not only helps to enhance your problem solving, analytical and critical thinking but also adds to your aptitude and makes you capable of building a well-established future.
Different educational institutes have introduced some expedient computer courses for those who do not be able to get higher education due to less money or any responsibility. However, people manage to get education till 12th class. After completing 12 years of education, people can avail of the opportunity to polish their skills with professional knowledge.
The article entails some very effective computer Short Courses after ICS details that will be helpful for you in finding a career-oriented job.

Following is the List of Short Courses after ICS.

• Basic Computer Course
• Web Designing / Web Development
• Graphic Designing
• Digital Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Animation
• Mobile App Development
• Software Engineer
• Cyber Security Course
• Data Entry Operator
• Advanced Diploma in Computer Application
• Computer Programming
• Computer Science and Engineering
• Microsoft Office
• Hardware Maintenance

Basic Computer Course:

This course educates a person about using a computer in general. Usage of a computer for various tasks is included in the course work. This course is designed especially for rural area community who is not familiar with computers at all. It gives a basic understanding of using a computer. Turing on, Restart, Settings, Basic Word, Paint, Shutdown, and many more.

Web Designing / Web Development:

This type of course involves the production and maintenance of different websites. The term web design mostly refers to the front-end development that is to be used by the client, while web development, in general, may include the backend and front end both types of learning during the course.

Graphic Designing:

Graphic design is the creation of visual communal content based on a message.
In this course, students learn the skills to create pictorial messages, interactive designs, and different layouts based on any situation and criteria.

Digital Marketing:

It means the marketing of different products through online based digital media involving computers and mobiles. People post adds on different websites to increase their purchase rate and make it reachable and acquainted with everyone through the media. Adds on TV is also one example of digital marketing.

Search Engine Marketing:

SEM is the way to expedite your display place. In short, people can make the adds, information, or product searchable by increasing its visibility in search engine result pages. It is primarily done on the paid content.

Content Marketing:

In this course program, the student learns to create effective content that is readable, understandable, and focuses on a specific audience online. It may include different topics based on any situation or product. An article consists of content that is informative and helpful for the public.

Search Engine Optimization:

It is the process in which a person learns to manage and improve the quality and quantity of public traffic on a website. It increases the search for the content through search engine results. It is a crucial part of marketing.


Animations focus more on cartoons based movies or advertisements. One can learn to create an animated movie through this course of learning.


The visual effect is the best source of adding delusive effects to live actions. It is mostly designed for filmmakers who can learn the methods to efficiently mix artificiality to reality in movies. Using this software has made artists’ life so easy that a hero who is required to jump from the height does not really have to jump because VFX can add the effect that illustrates the hero jumping in real. In short, through this affordable course, one can use a painting or other techniques to create detailed effects for exclusive live shots.

Mobile App Development:

Focuses more on the development of mobile applications. It includes android and IOS application installation and design. Students can learn to develop a mobile application, integration, and use of advanced features in this course. It has a great scope for jobs in the market.

Software Engineer:

People who deal with software development through coding and ensure its maintenance to provide error-free service to clients are software engineers. Students also learn to resolve issues applications throughout this course.

Cyber Security Course:

To defend any outside damage to the application, data, server, or devices is called cyber security, it also includes the prevention of disrupted services to the clients.

Data Entry Operator:

Data Entry Operator’s responsibility is to enter data into a different computer database, manage and maintain effective records. However, they may also organize files, collect and manage data that need to be entered into a computer. Students learn a quick typing skill to fasten up their speed to enter data from a paper document. Few word techniques are also part of the course that will make a person an expert in the field.

Advanced Diploma in Computer Application:

This type of diploma course gives a deep understanding of computer applications. The DCA program conveys scientific, practical, and technical knowledge to the pupils about various computer tools that are useful and accessible in day to day life.

Computer Programming Certification course:

Computer programming courses develop an understanding of computer networks, operating systems, database systems, algorithms, and web design. Students in this type of course become familiar with different programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, HTML, and Pascal. These languages are used for programming through Coding and Debugging techniques.

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering:

This is a combined course study of computer science and engineering. It comprises scientific and engineering aspects of computing that include microprocessors to implanted computer devices to laptop and desktop systems to supercomputers. It deals with computers using both methods.

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office, or Office, is a set of client software, server software, and services developed by Microsoft. It contains; Office desktop apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access for Windows computers, as well as access to additional OneNote or other features.

Hardware Maintenance:

Computer hardware maintenance associates with the maintenance of a computer’s physical components like Monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, and internal CD or DVD drives. Students learn about the fixing of outer parts and how they can repair it. This course study also includes Cleaning of the computers to keep it dust-free and smooth for working.

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