What should I do after BS English?

What is BS English?

BS English Literature is one of the widely held programs among students who like the English language. It is the form of artistic writing. People who naturally like to pen down their thoughts and ideas take this specialization subject. This program is a four years’ degree program that allows the student to explore the world from all aspects. It gives liberty of mind and a person understands the right of speech verbally or through writing.

Through this type of degree program, students get to know what the English language is, how it was originated, what is the purpose of speech and how can it be meaningful in different ways. language is undoubtedly the best source of communication and learning the English language has become necessary since it is an international language. People can easily survive anywhere in the world if they know to speak English.

What should I do after BS English?

Understanding a language and then making the right use of it is a victory for any person. Pakistan is full of such writers who did not only learn the language but also took it as a helpful source to convey their ideas and messages to the public. A wide range of novels, poems, poetry, plays, and a lot more precious piece of writing has been published by our Pakistani writers. Many of them also got Nobel prizes and other awards for their remarkable style and ideological writings.

After graduation in this program, students can either look for a good job option or they can pursue their higher studies in M. Phil. Or MS. English Literature. Those who had obtained good marks can go for various national or international scholarships. There is a high chance for brilliant students to get the scholarship and continue their higher studies abroad which then can help build their professional careers.

After the education is completed, you may wonder about what should you do after this degree program? so many conflicts and the question may arise in mind, but don’t worry! This article will help you know about the best possibilities you can opt for a successful professional career.

What is the Scope of BS English:

What should I do after BS English? Students who graduate in this program have great talent and observation, Teaching is not the only option for such students. People with this degree have a lot more opportunities to explore and showcase their skills through work. Content writing, SEO Analyst, Administrator, Communication expert, and numerous other posts and fields can be available for English graduate students. People with good English communication skills who have a good accent are like the cherry on the cake for employers. Communication is the elementary source of any good planning, deals, and supervision. It can not only put a great impact on the client but also adds to the aura of the surroundings. Effective speech can either make it or take it for the best of any company. Students with good communication and working skills are in high demand and can easily get jobs in the market. They can also start their own business of their interest.

Hard work never lets anyone down and pays off with a great reward. Knowing a language and learning it with enthusiasm is the key to success for those who pursue it as a career. The creativity of writing can lead to become a renowned writer and prosper through helpful writing. Novels, poems, poetry, and plays convey the rightful messages if written in an attention-grabbing style. People can be inspired by many writers and their style of writing. Stimulations can then also bring changes in society to make it better.


This is one of the most assumed profession after this degree program. As a fact, this is one of the best professions that one can choose but not the only option. Teaching means enabling students to become educated, civilized, aware, and confident in life. Transferring good and meaningful education is the best teaching that one can provide. Teachers have a significant role in society. They can bring revolutionary changes through education. Undoubtedly English teachers are highly in demand and can get jobs easily in any school, college, and university-based on their skills. People of government colleges get more benefits than private. Government job vacancies are usually posted in newspapers and people can easily apply by following the mentioned process.

Content Writing:

This is the second-best profession of its relevance. Students who have done their bachelor’s or masters in English must be fond of reading and writing. For them, this could be the finest option as they have built up creative writing skills. It is easier for them to create content of any kind and any topic. they also stay updated about news and talks which can ultimately help them in writing.


Editing the content is also a valuable matter. Before publishing the article there is always an editor who once go through a certain piece of writing, edit it accordingly, and make it worth publishing. Editing is also helpful in increasing ranking and grab the public’s attention. The more traffic an article gets, the more that website gets popular. These aspects take place with the efforts of such people who put their tremendous efforts at the backup.


Since an administrator of any company is always indulged in multitasking. Organizing events, dealing with employees, company general matters, and ensuring the provision of all stud and maintenance of the office decorum. These things involve a lot of public dealing. This is the time where the English language can help in communication with multiple people of a different type.

SEO Analyst:

Search Engine Optimization is the core of increasing traffic and ranking of the website. The SEO expert puts all the efforts to show its website results on the top. Using different techniques also helps to achieve good ranking and results. English Literature can be helpful in this work type and people can find jobs easily.

Human Resource:

This again involves public dealing in the matters of hiring, interviews, and other human resource related activities. This type of job requires good communication skills along with experience and relevant knowledge. That is how this degree program can help people in finding good jobs.

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