Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees in 2023 in Pakistan

highest paying bachelors degree in 2023 in Pakistan

Inflation is on the rise in Pakistan in 2023. It does not seem to decrease anytime soon. Therefore, it is the idea to invest time, effort, and mind in high-paying bachelor’s degrees in 2023. In this way, you will be able to start your career life with a monetary relaxation to move your households in a better way once they are completed. PGC lists them in this article below.  

Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) 

BBA is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. BBA is one of the most demanded professional degrees in Pakistan. The reason is the wideness and broadness of the curriculum. Universities and authorised colleges offer a four-year degree in Business Administration.  

According to reliable web-resources, the graduate of BBA can earn up to 724k PKR in professional life with a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA). You can watch out for the learning opportunities here. Moreover, the degree of BBA is also offered in Pakistan on a large scale. UCP, Constituent Colleges, and other institutions. Admissions 2023 are open.  

BS Accounting and Finance  

In this advanced era of data analysis, doing a professional degree in accounting and finance in 2023 can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. BS Accounting and Finance not only increase professional knowledge but also adds up the hard and soft skills in the personality of the future professional. In addition, students can also get AI, Data Analytics certifications at the diploma level to work on remote bases. In this way, students can enhance their professional capacity for a better future.  

Moreover, the job survey portals show that the salary scale ranges with experience.  

BS Chemistry 

Next in the line is BS Chemistry, which is a bachelors degree specialising in chemistry. Anyone who is interested in biological sciences can opt for a quad-year program. You can be an academic researcher, chemical engineer, toxicologist, teacher, research scientist or join the teaching profession. The market value for a bachelor’s degree in chemistry is around 64k annually as you become a professional chemist.   

BS Computer Science 

Next, we have a professional bs in computer science on our list. We are living in a time of technology. Computer Science is ultimately the future. Once you earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you will become eligible for high-paying jobs and career prospects like software developers, hardware engineers, and system administrators. In addition, video game developers, computer scientists, and many others are out there in the professional spectrum.  

In addition, the earning potential is explained as 867k per year. If you are interested in more details, pls visit.  

BS Economics 

Economics is a popular and crucial subject worldwide. However, its importance multiplies in developing countries like Pakistan. Therefore, a BS Economics can open opportunities in public and private institutions due to the in-demanded skills.  

You can either become an economist, financial trader, budget analyst, statistician, professor, or researcher in economics. However, the salary ranges vary as per the job title. Starting from 45k and peak up to 90k 1080k/ year.  

BS English 

English is the universal tool of communication. Having a bachelor’s degree in a worldwide accepted language opens tons of opportunity doors for the holder. You can explore various opportunities all around the world. No matter, whether your job preference is onsite or remote content. By getting BS English as a graduate degree, you can enjoy the following capacities and many more.  

  1. ⁃ Teaching 
  2. ⁃ Professor 
  3. ⁃ Content writer 
  4. ⁃ Copywriter 
  5. ⁃ Editor 
  6. ⁃ Communication expert 
  7. ⁃ SEO analyst  
  8. -Online Language Trainer 
  9. -Correspondent and Translator 

According to online resources, a BS English graduate can earn up to 150K PKR. However, soft skills and hard skills must be exceptional.  

BS Mathematics, BS Physics, BS Psychology, and BS Zoology are some other high-paying graduating programs.  

Where to Study These Bachelors?

In Pakistan, you can earn these high-paying bachelor’s degrees from both public and private institutions. You can also get the opportunity in the constituent colleges of UCP. The sister institution to PGC.  


This article covers the highest-paying bachelor’s degrees in 2023. You can earn these professional degrees around Pakistan.  


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