Punjab Colleges 1st Year Admissions 2023- Complete Guide

PGC Intermediate admissions 2023 Complete Guide

Intermediate is a crucial part of one’s education in Pakistan. School life ends, and professional life starts from here. There are five professional career lines created in the intermediate. Students have so many things in mind, dreams in their eyes and wish for a better future. The professional institution comes in here to make them choose the best for them. Punjab Colleges are the prominent choice of toppers in matriculation. Here, we have developed a complete and detailed guide for 1st-year admissions in 2023 in Punjab Colleges.

Introduction to PGC (Punjab Group of Colleges)

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) started back in 1985. Rest is history. Today, the group has proven to be a leader in educational excellence. In the last 38 years, the group expanded and maximised its potential. Currently, PGC stands headstrong in more than 124 cities with 433 campuses.

Punjab Group of Colleges offers an excellent learning environment for its students. The students continue to grab top positions in the board exams and land in the finest universities in Pakistan. In 2022, 176 top positions in board exams were in intermediate results bagged by the PGC students.

PGC offers five programs for students to get Admission in 1st year. The details are as follows.

Intermediate Programme Disciplines at PGC

Intermediate, including first and second years, also known as 11th and 12th, are the ground-breaking years to choose a career path. In Pakistan, intermediate has five listed dimensions. The introduction to these is as follows.

  • FSC (Pre-Medical)
  • FSC(Pre-Engineering)
  • Commerce (ICom)
  • Computer Sciences (ICS)
  • Fine Arts (F.A.)

FSC Pre-Engineering

FSC Pre-Engineering is a program that aims to prepare students with practical knowledge and education in the engineering field. The teaching method draws clear concepts about engineering education that enable students to ace the subject for landing in the top engineering universities for higher education after completing the FSC Pre-Engineering.

FSC Pre-Medical

The FSC Pre-Medical focuses on the healing field of medical sciences. FSC pre-medical at PGC aims to enrich students with knowledge and education that make them excel in medicine and related areas. The students get challenging concepts in effective teaching methods, which enables them to land in top medical institutions in the future.


The F.A. program caters the students willing to pursue a career in the Humanities. Fine Arts, Journalism, Media Studies and linguistics are some of the options.


ICS is abbreviated for intermediate in computer sciences. It is designed for students interested in informational technology and computer sciences. The students get the best primary education to get Admission to prominent institutions for I.T. and related fields in their future career growth.


The ICOM at PGC is classic program cratering commerce and accounting. Those students interested in promising careers in accounting, finance, and business can undoubtedly get Admission to ICom.

Campus Life at PGC

Quality education is incomplete without extra-curricular activities. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) understands that a sound mind stays in a good body. Therefore, extra-curricular activities and educational trips are arranged at regular intervals. Classroom lessons need an environment to get reinforcements. The details are continuing below.

Club & Society

In addition to educational excellence, PGC polishes creativity among students. The students have a good platform in the PGC through societies and clubs to display talents in dramatics, music, literature, sports and more.

Annual Sports Gala

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) arranges an annual sports gala for students. The students have an opportunity to take part in different sports and compete on regional levels.

Study and Recreational Trips

Punjab Colleges arrange study and recreational trips for students. Our institution is well aware of the importance of travel and exploration in education.

Welcome and Farewell Events

Punjab Colleges celebrate occasions with students. The start of college life calls for one. Therefore, Punjab Colleges have a tradition of making students stay memorable from their first day to their last one.


Campus facilities play a crucial role in thoroughly educating students. Punjab Colleges never neglect or overlook the campus requirements to make studying easy for the students. Over the period, PGC has developed rich ultramodern campus facilitations for students. Details are understated, Have a look.

Purpose-built Campuses

Punjab Colleges ensure to make students stay comfortable on campus. Students are provided with several facilities putting students at ease while they learn. The campuses have air-conditioned classrooms, halls, I.T. boards and projectors for virtual learning. Furthermore, the campuses are free-from-load shedding as alternative sources are arranged adequately by the PGC.

Well-equipped Labs & Libraries

All Punjab Colleges have rich sources of libraries and labs. Students can read books on various subjects. Punjab Colleges aim to increase the practical knowledge of its students equally.

Microsoft Certifications

In recent years, Punjab Colleges have collaborated with Microsoft Inc. The college offers its students free certification as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). The certificate is provided in MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel. These three pieces of software are essential for future learning and growth.

Robotics Labs

At Punjab Colleges, students have a massive chance to learn, re-learn and adapt the latest technologies and inter-disciplinary work roles with practical learning in Robotic Labs.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Punjab Colleges are solid believers in rewarding deserving students. Hence, PGC offers several types of financial aid to their students.

  • Merit Scholarship
  • Need-Based Financial Aid
  • Kinship Options
  • Orphan Students
  • Students with Special Needs
  • 1122 Employees
  • Shuhada’s Children
  • Incentives For Position Holders
  • Incentives For Matric Toppers
  • Incentives For PGC students in universities
  • Incentives for afternoon-enrolled students

Scholarship details are available here.

How to get Admission for the 1st year 2023 in PGC?

It’s your chance to excel in your college education. Getting a quality education is your birthright. 1st Year Admissions, 2023, are about to open at Punjab Group of Colleges. To get started, you can click here. Make sure you don’t miss a chance to make your college journey beautiful, exciting and rewarding.

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