BBA Scope in Pakistan

BBA Scope in Pakistan


Business Administration is one of the most opted specialisations in Pakistan. It is abbreviated as BBA. It is a bachelor’s degree in business administration and commerce. You can get work in major multinational companies, in the government sector and abroad as well. The article below curates the scope of BBA in Pakistan.  

BBA Scope in Pakistan 2021 

The BBA program’s scope in Pakistan has improved recently in business-related sectors. A student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Pakistan has a myriad of options for learning more about exposure to business and its administration. You have a better chance of landing a managerial position than a student with a degree. And to top it off, if there is a queue of interns who have applied for a position at a bank or a multinational corporation, your value increases, and you receive more preference. The jobs and career opportunities you can obtain after completing this four-year study plan are on the other side. 

Career Prospects after BBA 

The students after having BBA are preferred by employers in comparison to any other degree in business, commerce, and management, just as you were in the scope sector. Therefore, there are numerous professional prospects for BBA graduates in Pakistan that will allow them to keep a successful career in the future. The following states offer employment opportunities. 

  • Banks 
  • Business Advisory Services 
  • Houses of Business 
  • Educational Establishments 
  • Export Businesses 
  • Monetary Institutions 
  • Industrial Residences 
  • International Businesses 
  • Marketing Businesses 

The topic of employment is currently the most crucial one for Pakistani students to debate. 90% of students only enrol in classes in order to graduate with a degree in hand and get a better career. A different story is the lower employment rate compared to graduates. But this time, we have discovered that you have the following employment options in Pakistan after earning your BBA. 

  • Finance Managers 
  • Finance Managers  
  • Human Resource Managers  
  • Information Systems Managers  
  • Production Managers  
  • Management Accountants  
  • Marketing Managers 
  • Bank Manager 
  • Business Consultant  
  • Business Administration Researcher 
  • Business Administration Professor 

Study Plan in BBA in Pakistan  

Bachelor’s of Business Administration is a basic professional course that creates a robust foundation of business and related subjects. This broadness in curriculum empowers students to get a clear idea about every part of business management.  

From basic principles of marketing, accounting, statistics, economics, English, business communications, human resource management, management, and risk management, the funnel narrows down to operational management, finance, and advanced subjects as per the specialisation chosen.  

In Pakistan, the BBA is offered with a major specialisation in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain, and Information Technology. However, as the times are changing, the opportunities for specialisations are ever changing. Therefore, it is advisable to do proper research and choose what goes with your career goals.  

The duration of the same degree is approx about four years. These four years are divided into eight consequent semesters. 

BBA Skills Scope in Pakistan  

After doing BBA, the students get massive skills. These may range from personal to intrapersonal, technical, and knowledge-based skills. Some of the skills are mentioned below.  

  • Entrepreneurial skills 
  • Report Writing Skills 
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Research Skills 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Financial Analysis Skills 
  • Risk Analysis Skills 
  • Time Management Skills 
  • People Management Skills 
  • Business Correspondence 
  • Understanding of Financial Reports & Charts 
  • Close Eye on the Market developments 
  • IT Based Skills  

Earning Potential After completing BBA in Pakistan 

Though BBA students are preferred in various positions on national and international levels. Though, predicting the exact amount of remunerations is impossible technically. The compensation packages vary from organisation to organisation, location to location, and most importantly, how the interview goes. However, data from public surveys depict that after BBA completion, it is a chance that a person might earn up to Rs. 670k per year. (PKR) However, the entry-level and experienced-level pays are different. Thus, it is advised to do proper market research before appearing for any interview.  


BBA scope in Pakistan is great when it comes to connecting you to a business or job opportunity. It raises your chances of becoming an entrepreneur. Among other professional degrees, it is one program that enables one to have enough knowledge about business administration. This course has been designed specifically for future businesspeople. It comprises all the business administrative skills and enables one to have a successful business grip over it. 


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