Two Year Bachelor Degree Programs in Lahore.

According to the changes made recently in the education system by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), a new policy has been introduced about 2 years’ bachelor degree programs.
It has been notified to all the colleges and Universities that two years’ bachelor’s degree will now be exterminated and instead of two years, bachelors will be completed in 4 years similar to BS and other four-year degrees. Hence they have introduced a new name for a two years degree which is an Associate degree which can be done in two years after inter and before bachelor.

Following are the two-year Associate Degree programs:

• Associate Degree of Arts (ADA)
• Associate Degree of (ADC)
• Associate Degree of (ADS)
These programs have been specifically designed for students who wish to complete their studies in less possible time and start a career professionally.
A meeting was held for the public announcement about this policy to ensure a successful implementation of the policy. Furthermore, it was cleared during the meeting that students who are already studying in two years degree program, will be given an Associate degree at the end of the completion of the course.
This policy was revealed with a feasibility factor for students. It was said that people who are in the middle of an Associate degree and wish to continue studying for four years, will be able to do so. They have the opportunity to stay and continue with a bachelor degree which would be completed in four years and the student will get a professional relevant degree.

Two Year Bachelor Degree Programs in Lahore:

Students can get admission in this program once their intermediate, 12th class has been passed. Details of  Two Year Bachelor Degree Programs in Lahore here. Through this degree, they will learn all the basic professional skills and will be able to rise and shine in the corporate world.
This type of education is easily accessible and affordable for students. Those who want to get more knowledge without spending a long time in education, they can choose a short course or diploma along with this to get into a specific profession.

Following are the Two Year Bachelor Degree Programs:

• Associate Degree (AD) – Finance & Accounting.
• Associate Degree (AD) – Computer Science.
• Associate Degree (AD) – Information Technology Management.
• Associate Degree (AD) – Commerce
• Associate Degree (AD) – Arts
• Associate Degree (AD) – Sales and Marketing
• Associate Degree (AD) – Science
Students also have the options to choose the following subjects in Associate Degrees Programs according to their previous study and results.
Accounting, Arts, Banking, Biology, Business Administration, Business Law, Civil, Engineering, Communications, Computer Science, Database Administration, Digital Media, E-Commerce, Economics, Education, Engineering, English, Finance, Graphic Design, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Multimedia, Pharmacy, Political Science, Psychology, Sales, Software Engineering, Teaching.

Which degree is more valuable?

Since the Associate degree is newly introduced in the education system, it can manage student’s complete education in the very less time and money. They can become a college graduate and learn elementary professional skills through this degree program. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to continue studies if a student has changed his/her mind from 2 years to 4 years degree during the studies.

Through 4 years bachelor degree program students get a professional degree and are recognized as a specialised person in the relevant degree. It let people explore all the field related aspects to illuminate their understanding and abilities. It is an adequate choice for those who want to get into a high profile job or business. The demand for people with such degrees is higher than those with 2 years’ degrees.
A good career in a job or business also depends on the willingness and how keen one is to pursue a dream and desire to become successful.

How a 2 Year Degree can benefit you?

The benefits of this degree program are higher than Intermediate degree. It allows students to explore more, learn more, and get proficient in the chosen professional field. Many companies have opportunities for them in the corporate world. After this degree, people also choose to go for a short course or a diploma which helps them to be professionally recognized and help to prosper in the selected career and succeed. Some colleges offer this program on annual basis and some offer in the semester system.

How a 4 Year Degree can benefit you?

This degree program is more valuable and considerable in the corporate sectors. No doubt, this degree takes a long time but during that period one gets professionally skilled and becomes an expert in the area of work. It requires a lot of money and time but in terms of knowledge, career-oriented jobs or business, and experience, it benefits one in many ways.
Students directly get eligible for MS or M. Phil programs after 4 years of education.
This new policy has been introduced to improve the education system all over in Pakistan. Gradually all the educational management has adopted and implemented this policy.

College Experience:

Students get a great experience to learn new things in college. They get opportunities to explore worldly matters, way of dealings, and many other things according to their interests. They get a chance to speak and express their ideas. Sports and other activities are also part of college life which allows students to interact with each other. Appropriate training is given to students in many ways. A number of internships are offered to them based on the fields at the end of the year. Internship experience makes them capable of working in corporate sectors and plays an important role in their professional lives.

Online Degree:

Since distant education has become so popular among students especially female students, working people, and those who cannot manage expenses or go out and get an education. For online studies, students get admission to certain Universities that offer online programs. Allama Iqbal Open University and Virtual University offer online degrees in different programs. Students take benefit from these online programs without any hassle. Corse books and assignments are also delivered on their doorsteps. Not only this, but these universities also provide other facilities such as face-to-face meetings with teachers, proper guidance, and training sessions when required.
These Universities offer many courses and programs in a very reliable education system. During the course work of any chosen program, students are required to complete and submit all assignments on time and appear in exams to complete this whole process. Exams are conducted in the specific examination centres at the end of the year or semester.

What to do after getting a Degree?

Right after the degree is in hand, the next step is to search for a relevant job. From here students start experiencing the job process. They go through several interviews during the period. This is the career-defining point where one has to be efficient and smart while choosing the right field and path.
Several private and government sectors easily consider people with less education based on their experience and expertise.
Side by side, there is an option of a short course or diploma for people with two years of education to get skilled in the field. They can spend time at a job to gain experience and then proceed for a business setup. Enthusiasm is the crucial thing in professionalism. People with great keenness, choose the right thing at the right time that prevails all failures in life.

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