Best Career after FSC Pre-Medical in Pakistan

FSC Pre-Medical:

After Matriculation, the first class in college is intermediate level. The 12th class includes different programs (ICS, FA, FSC Pre-Medical, ICOM, and FA-GS) with different combinations of subjects. FSC means the Faculty of Science that teaches the basics of science field and profession. It depends upon the student’s choice to select any relevant program. Usually, those who have done matric in biology science are eligible for FSC Pre-Medical program. It is a career-oriented field that students choose to study to become a doctor, medical engineer, or any supportive figure in the medical field. Read details of Best Career after FSC Pre-Medical in Pakistan here.

Best Career after FSC:

Those who have got an intermediate degree, wish to start a career right after this stage of education.
Some of them are in hurry because of their need for money and others are people who either don’t get good marks/fail or have no interest in studies at all.
Education is a milestone that lets students explore unlimited opportunities in the future. It is always better to get a professional education and then start a career. After FSC Pre-Medical, there is a variety of programs offered to students in University.

Degree Programs:

Two-year Associate Degrees are the undergraduate programs offered in the form of Associate Degree of Arts (ADA), Associate Degree of Science (ADS), an Associate Degree of Commerce (ADC).
There is a wide range of four-year degree programs that are being offered in different Colleges and Universities around the world.
Students can choose; B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science), Doctor of Pharmacy (D. Pharmacy), Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S), BS. Biotechnology, BS. Nanotechnology, BS. Microbiology, BS. Psychology, Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Bachelor in Engineering (BE), BSIT, BSCS, BS. Agriculture, BS. English Literature, BS. Economics and many more.

However, students who cannot afford studies after FSC or do not want to spend much time in studies and wish to be professional at the same time, there are options for short courses and diplomas that will enable them to flourish as professionals.

Students interested in short courses and diplomas can go for; diploma in B Pharmacy, course of Certified Nursing Assistant, Quality Assurance, get certification from The Institute of Banking Pakistan, Dental Surgeon Assistant, Diploma in Hotel Management, Textile Designing, Computer courses, Machinist, Catering, Printing and Graphic Arts, UN Certified Courses and many more.


The Central Superior Services exam is one way of immediate progression for an individual. The exam conduct is based on subjects like Mathematics, General Knowledge, English, etc. CSS is the best option for such students who need to become a higher authority in less time and money. passing this exam means direct posting to a high-level position in a recognized Government sector.

Pak Army:

Many students desire to provide their services to the homeland during their careers. For them, specific positions are available for this level of students in the Pakistan Army. Students can apply online using this website link; for registration and get this opportunity to serve the land with zeal and passion.

Pak Navy:

Joining the Pak Navy as a career is another best way to serve and succeed. This career provides opportunities to explore the seaside warrior’s life and gain experience.


Students can search for a job in Police and apply in a relevant department. People take it as a profession and struggle hard to achieve a higher position to bring good changes in society.

Pak Air Force:

It is the dream of many students to become a pilot since their childhood. students who are interested in this career must apply for Permanent Commission (PC Courses) for getting eligible in this field.
Students who did FSC Pre- Medical but are interested in different fields for a career may apply in;


It is a common career that attracts the young community to work in. It includes posts like Web content writing, Advertising coordinator, marketing specialist, E-Commerce Manager, and so on. Through this profession, students get to have great exposure, they learn new things and have more opportunities.

Human Resource:

This field has a great scope in corporate sectors. Students simply can get skilled through any HRMS related courses and get hired. This profession involves the handling of all employees’ affairs. From hiring to resignations all matters are managed at the HR end.

Customer Services:

Customer service means having direct dealings with customers via calls or face to face interaction. Students with intermediate degrees are welcomed and trained for these jobs. These posts are available in government and private both sectors in Pakistan.


Jobs like Cashier, General banking Officer, and any type of Assistant can be considered for inter students after FSC Pre-Medical according to their interest.

Government Sectors:

Pak Army, Pak Navy, Pak Air Force, and Police are the immediate sectors where students can apply and get great career opportunities. Other than these, there are several more job options available for such students to apply for.

Printing Press:

It is the place where every kind of person can work or start this setup as a business. This type of job is easily accessible and workable for people and gives experience for future progress.


Creating blogs, writing articles, or typing for the newspaper is something that can be acquired as a career.
It gives a great learning experience and exposure to worldly news and current affairs. It is the best way to enhance one’s knowledge and research skills.

Management Representative:

It is easier for inter-level students to choose this career as it requires minimum qualification. Management Representatives deal directly with the public and is easily accessible for students right after they are done with FSC and start finding work.


Certainly, to start any kind of business, this mush experience is enough. Education not only gives knowledge but it also teaches civilization, manners, dealing, and lessons for life. All these things play a vital role in business and empower people to make their business matters smooth and profitable.

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