Life at Punjab Colleges


Entering college life is an exciting event in student life. Having a feel to enter a college education after completing the school education is a milestone. When choosing a college, students want two elements in any institution. One is the high-quality education that enables them to ace their professional career, and the other is the presence of high-quality non-curricular activities. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) holds a proper and well-managed status in terms of education and the overall college atmosphere. It is one of the preferred colleges in Pakistan. A comprehensive view of life at a Punjab college is penned in this article.  

PGC-Educational Excellence  

Established in 1958, and today we are the epitome of educational success. Punjab group of colleges (PGC) is the largest private education network, with 417 campuses in 118 cities. Moreover, over the years, Punjab Colleges have marked their top positions throughout the education boards of Pakistan. The college offers intermediate education, BS, and graduate programs. In addition, the colleges emphasise proper care for the creative side of their students. The extracurricular activities are provided to the students to polish their talents and mark their presence.  

Life at PGC  

At Punjab Colleges, student life is another learning, grooming, and development level. There are exceptional cultural, educational, sports, and social options. The availability of educational opportunities and a pleasant co-curricular environment make PGC a top-notched and much-liked institution for college education.  

In the text below, some of the life elements of PGC are taken for discussion.  

Cultural Festivals  

Every year, we put up entertaining cultural festivals and fairs where students can showcase their artistic abilities.  


Funfairs are also a prominent part of life at PGC. Students take part in funfair stalls and other activities. Make memories and learn teamwork and management skills together.  

Welcome & Farewell Parties  

We make every effort to provide our students with an unforgettable experience from the moment they arrive at our administration at any campus till the moment they go. We share these special times of joy and excitement with our pupils each year.  

Study & Recreational Trips  

Trips are a significant source of life-long learning. PGC understands this exceptionally well. Therefore, PGC arranges excursions for all its student to vibrant cultural and northern places. The activities are governed by regulations and overseen by our team of experts.  

Sports Gala & Competitions  

Every year, all students can participate in the sports gala and compete against one another. The victors are acknowledged by PGC and appropriately honoured, allowing them the chance to compete for clubs at the national level. Furthermore, PGC has developed many national-level players. The sports gala is one of many sports events at PGC. There are regular sports events and competitions, including hockey and cricket.  

Science & Arts Exhibitions  

At Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC), we conduct science and art exhibitions every year to allow our students to follow their interests and passions. This creates a platform for creativity and innovation.  

Seminars & Workshops  

We arrange seminars and workshops with business executives and motivational speakers from all walks of life to give our students experiential learning opportunities. Success stories and real-world examples are beneficial to students.  

Societies & Activities  

In addition to these activities, life at Punjab Colleges is incomplete without the societies and development of creativity among students. Some societies are cause-based, while others are talent-based. A brief introduction to the social life at PGC is as follows.  

Blood Donors Society  

The Blood Donor Society’s purpose is to gather a talented group of driven students who will work tirelessly to recruit volunteers to donate blood among the college’s students, instructors, and staff. Society has to make sure that blood is available in an emergency or for routine instances.  

Debating Society  

Students are given many opportunities to test their debate and public speaking skills, thanks in large part to the Debating Society. The society holds biannual and monthly bilingual discussions.  

Dramatics Society  

Dramas, short plays, and skits are a significant component of Punjab Colleges’ welcome parties, concerts, and other events. Students need a suitable setup in this regard to improve the calibre of such activities so that they can demonstrate and strengthen their theatrical abilities.  

Music Society   

The Music Society aims to enhance students’ natural musical and singing abilities. Atif Aslam, Abrar-ul-Haq, Goher Mumtaz, and Mustafa Zahid, some of Pakistan’s most well-known celebrities, began their successful careers in this society.  

Literary Circle  

This club aims to encourage students to develop proficient reading and writing habits. The circle holds regular meetings, each consisting of a reading from a particular prose or poetry book, followed by a discussion of the author, selected passages, and significant chapters. All participants are required to provide a brief review and feedback following the session. The courses are held in both English and Urdu literature.  

Health Awareness Club   

Health Awareness Club of PGC aims to raise awareness of crucial health-related issues, including self-medication and mental health; seminars are held in collaboration with knowledgeable local doctors.  

Science Club  

Science Group is committed to offering students a club that is centred on activities related to science.  

Art Club   

The Art Club is one of the most vibrant societies of Punjab Colleges. The students of the art club are busy throughout the year. This is because it helps the events of college for an entire year.  

In addition, there are other clubs, including the IT club, welfare society, entrepreneurs club, Islamic society, photography society, Tourism Society and Sports Club.


Well-balanced academic and co-curricular activities are the best and most influential element in choosing a college for education. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) is one of the most preferred colleges in Pakistan due to the fulfilling and exciting life at Punjab College.  


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