What is Scaffolding in Education?


Did you know that Scaffolding in Education is much more present than you might think? It is a tool that allows students to reach their potential development to progress in learning.
Scaffolding or mediation is called the process developed during the interaction. Through this, a learner is guided in his learning by his interlocutor. Many educational experts have tried to illustrate the teaching-learning processes that take place in didactic interactions.

Scaffolding in education, why is it so important?

What is Scaffolding in Education?

Although the term scaffolding may cause us confusion. The truth is that much more is carried out in education than we think. It is extremely useful to promote learning. In addition to the development of skills. However, this is not only intended for young people in kindergarten or primary education. Also to students of secondary education or, even, university.

What are the 3 types of Scaffolds?

  1. Suspended Scaffolds.
  2. Supported Scaffolds.
  3. Aerial Lifts.

How could we define the concept of scaffolding?

If we take into account, some studies we can say that “the scaffolding refers to the different levels of help offered by the adult to the child. The help is provided to facilitate the learner. A student usually avails it in the completion of the task that he has not been able to solve. However, we have indicated that the scaffolding can also be used for university students.

Scaffolding education examples and benefits:

Students who are not attracted to educational stuff can get help from their supervisors through this. They can develop their fondness of getting an education. It will also help them to struggle hard and get prosperous.
The student must get involved in the activity as it is essential. It contributes to one’s personal development.
Development of structured learning. Activities or tasks are organized in a way that provides natural development and progress.
The person who guides the scaffolding acts as a collaborator while guiding the student. This has been done through an interaction where communication is understandable.


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