Revise Accurate Formulations with 10th Class Math Notes 

10 class math notes

The sole intention of making 10th-class math notes is to learn the maths formulations by heart. Attempting a correct method brings full marks for any question in the analytical subject of mathematics for the 10th class. Therefore, making accurate 10th-class math notes in the science group to score your best in matric class is essential. In the following article, we are going to tell you how the Punjab group of colleges (PGC) is helping the students of class 10th to get the correct formulae for maths with the best revisions.   

Download Prep by PGC  

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) is the synonym for educational excellence nationwide. Our students have always been a source of ultimate pride for us. The same quality was sustained in 2022 as our 176 students managed to bag top positions in board exams.   

The teachers and mentors at PGC are educationists in the true sense, as they never promote cramping and rote learning. Instead, they work on concept building and practice methods to bring a long-term impact for a better future and performance.   

A similar thinking pattern has been followed behind accommodating the students of matric classes, including 9th and 10th classes. Punjab group of colleges (PGC) have developed a free matric app (Prep by PGC) to provide all the learning resources for students to prepare the class 10th Maths notes with other subjects and ace their board exams.   

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Reasons to Download Prep by PGC   

As a student of class 10, it becomes essential to have comprehensive preparation for all subjects of the course. Therefore, Prep by PGC offers free video lectures for all subjects, with 10th-class math notes for science group students in the form of solved exercises. The huge bank of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and short questions are also included duly in the free matric app.   

Benefits of Correct Formulations in 10th class Math Notes  

The sole secret to scoring maximum in the 10th class math Punjab Board exams is to attempt the questions in appropriate steps and by applying the correct formulations. The students can also make the 10th-class math notes with the help of Prep by PGC.   

Learning Advantages of Prep by PGC   

Students can do a comprehensive exam preparation for 10th-class maths and other subjects. Prep by PGC offers the following features and aiding resources for quality exam prep.   

  1. Students can prepare for the courses of both matric years. They are also known as the 9th and 10th classes, respectively.   
  2. The course allocation dully addresses all the educational boards of the Punjab province of Pakistan.   
  3. All subjects are duly covered in video lectures, long & short questions, and MCQs with solved exercises.   
  4. Students can understand, learn, and make 10th-class Maths notes with the help of video lectures and solved exercise solutions.   
  5. In addition, past papers for all subjects are available.   
  6. Furthermore, students can test their knowledge for all subjects with the free assessment feature of Prep by PGC.  
  7. Prep by PGC is a smart app duly available for download in the Apple store and Google Play Store.   
  8. The quality of the content is guaranteed, as teachers and the technical team are continually monitoring.   
  9. The course is regularly updated and free of any bugs and errors.   
  10. English and Urdu, Mediums of Education, are equally available in Prep by PGC for students.  
  11.  Students can watch lectures for endless times as no access limitations are imposed.   
  12. The registration and login procedures are simple.   
  13. The user interface is minimal and user-friendly to the core.   

Make 10th Class Math Notes Science Group  

In order to achieve high scores in mathematics board exams, it is crucial to make mathematics notes for class 10 according to the syllabus of the Punjab Board. Therefore, download Prep by PGC, choose the 10th class from the list, go to video lectures, and learn all the chapters and exercises.   

Students can access the solved math problems while making and revising the 10th-class math notes. Hence, eliminate the fear of forgetting the trigonometry, theorems, and geometry of class 10 maths.    

After learning a single chapter from video lectures, and solving 10th-class math notes, students should check their level of understanding from self-assessment and practice tests. For the objective portion, go to a massive bank of MCQs to read from a bank of more than 5000+ MCQs and 4000+ short questions, respectively.    


To summarise this article, we remind the matric students to make 10th-class math notes with complete confidence from Prep by PGC on their mobiles. You can learn any subject from the professionally designed and developed 9th and 10th classes for all BISE in Punjab. Therefore, learn today to get maximum marks with proper formulations in the analytical subject of 10th-class maths.   



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