Punjab College FA Admissions 2022

Punjab College FA Admissions 2022


Are you done with your matriculation examination and have chosen the field of Faculty of Arts (FA) for intermediate education? Then we have good news for you. FA admissions 2022  for the Punjab Group of Colleges are now open.  

What is FA? 

The Faculty of Arts (FA) is a two-year intermediate degree. You basically study two major fields in this degree: 

  1. Arts: It consists of subjects that deal with creativity. For example, literature.  
  1. Humanities: It comprises all the subjects that deal with aspects of human society and its culture.  

So, if you have a knack for becoming an artist, lawyer, journalist, psychiatrist, philosopher, politician, mathematician, or government servant, then you should opt for the FA degree.  

Types of FA Degree 

There are two main types of FA degrees: 

  • FA Humanities: Students interested in pursuing careers in the arts, humanities, journalism, media, and other relevant fields should consider thisFA humanities program. 
  • FA General Science: Students interested in pursuing jobs in science should consider theFA General Science program. 

Curriculum Detail of FA 

The course comprises two main categories: Compulsory subjects and elective subjects. The Punjab Group of Colleges ensures that you get a high-quality education by following the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) protocols.  

Compulsory Subjects  for FA

  • Urdu 
  • English 
  • Islamic Studies 
  • Pakistan Studies 

As far as the elective subjects are concerned, you will have the opportunity to choose from the three groups given by the Pakistan Boards.  

Elective Subjects for FA Humanities 

  1. Civics 
  1. Phy.Education 
  1. Economics 
  1. Fine Arts 
  1. English Literature 
  1. Home Economics 
  1. Islamiyat Elective 

Elective Subjects for FA General Science 

  1. Physics 
  1. Mathematics 
  1. Statistics 
  1. Computer science 
  1. Economics 

FA Combination List of Elective Subjects 

Different colleges offer various types of elective subject combinations. If you are interested in any competitive exams, such as CSS and PMS, you must choose your subjects accordingly. You should also try to choose your favourite subjects for FA. 

Why PGC for Intermediate in FA? 

The Punjab Group of Colleges offers every educational facility to its students. Keep reading to know why you should choose PGC for your FA degree.  

A History of Academic Excellence 

PGC has never failed in providing students with premium knowledge and preparing them to ace their intermediate board exams. We have secured around 450 top positions across all Punjab boards in 2021.  

Highly-Qualified Faculty 

PGC takes pride in having the experienced and professional faculty of FA. The teachers are well educated and have full command of the subjects they teach. So, they will prepare you not only for the final exams but also for practical life.  

Fully Stocked Libraries 

All campuses of PGC have air-conditioned, extensive academic libraries. You will have access to a wide range of periodicals, journals, textbooks, encyclopedias, etc. In addition, books on religion, language, literature, and other disciplines are available in the libraries.  

State-of-the-Art Laboratories 

The fully equipped laboratories are another facility that PGC offers. These labs are up to date and equipped with modern requirements. Whether you want to practice the concepts of computer science, biology, physics, or chemistry, you will have access to the labs. In addition, the highly qualified staff will assist you in operating the latest apparatus.  

E-Learning and Virtual Programs 

PGC has taken the initiative in e-learning. While on your educational journey for a Faculty of Arts degree, you can learn from the interactive video lectures through the e-learning portal.  

Free Microsoft Certifications 

We are offering free Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications in collaboration with Microsoft to our students. You can now save up to $160. The certifications are for these three categories: 

  • MS Office 
  • MS Word 
  • MS PowerPoint 

Extra-Curricular Activities at PGC 

We believe that to perform well in studies, you need a healthy mind residing in a healthy body. That is why, to refresh your mind from the exhausting study routine, we offer our students quality time to engage in healthy physical activities. That is why we have this for you: 

Societies and Clubs 

There are numerous societies and clubs that you can join. These activities will help you build teamwork, leadership, and self-confidence. By actively participating in these engaging, educational, and enjoyable activities, you will explore your hidden talents and learn new skills.  

Look at the list of our societies and clubs: 

  • Debating Society 
  • Music Society 
  • Dramatics Club 
  • IT Club 
  • Health Awareness Club 
  • Islamic Society 

Sports Activities 

You will have a lot of opportunities to participate in local, regional, and national sports competitions. Thus, during your FA degree, you will indulge in the spirit of sports and hone your sportsmanship skills.  

The diverse range of sports activities that PGC offers are: 

  • Cricket 
  • Football 
  • Badminton 
  • Volleyball 
  • Basket Ball 
  • Swimming 
  • Cycling 

Campus Life at The Punjab Group of Colleges 

Along with different educational and sports activities, PGC offers social activities for you. reason? We want to provide you with well-balanced campus life. 

Welcome and Farewell Parties 

We honour and celebrate your presence at our institute by giving you exceptional welcome and farewell parties.  


We organize concerts with renowned musicians and singers on all our campuses. We do so to promote the culture and art of our country and to provide you with a fun time.  

Study and Recreational Trips 

By joining us on these exciting cultural trips to northern areas, you will have the chance to experience the beauty of our country. Our highly competent staff supervises these trips to ensure your safety.  

Cultural Festivals and Fun Fairs 

You can exhibit your artistic potential in the cultural festivals and funfairs we arrange.  

Incentives and Scholarships for Students: 

We reward our hardworking students by giving them scholarships. In addition, if you cannot afford to pay for your education, we offer multiple fee concessions and incentives to deserving students.  

The incentives we offer are as follows: 

  • Merit-Based Scholarship 
  • Student with Special Needs 
  • Need Base Concessions 
  • Orphan Students 
  • Kinship 
  • Special Circumstances Financial Aid 

PGC FA Admissions 2022 Are Now Open! 

If you want to be a part of our community and get the best education with majors in FA, now is your chance to do so. The Faculty of Arts (FA) Humanitiesand FA General Scienceadmissions 2022 of PGC are now open.  

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