Best Apps For Schools for Online Matric Lectures

Are you bombarding Google’s search box with searches like best apps for schools or best apps for matric students? If yes, you need to stop right now as the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has got your back. With the launch of the Prep By PGC – website and the app – PGC has provided matric students an opportunity to learn from the best teachers of country, and that too for FREE! Prep By PGC contains online lectures for class 9 and online lectures for class 10 of English, Maths, Physics, Urdu, Chemistry, and other subjects.  Let’s go down into the nitty-gritty to find out more about Prep By PGC – a historic education initiative by the Punjab Group. 

 Learn From the Best 

Did you know that students of the Punjab Colleges have secured 488 top positions across all Punjab Boards in 2021? These astounding numbers speak volumes about the success of the PGC, its staff, and the quality of the education it imparts. And what makes this app the best free education app for matric students is the fact that Pakistan’s top education experts and lecturers– who enabled PGC students to secure 488 top positions in different boards of Punjab in 2021 – have prepared all the content for Prep By PGC.  

Thus, Prep By PGC provides you an opportunity to learn from the best in the country. And by fully utilizing this opportunity, you can ace matric exams and get admission to the country’s top colleges.  

All you need to start learning is to get a device desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablets] and an uninterrupted internet connection. Bingo! You are all set to ace matric exams. The sole and noble objective of creating this platform is to provide every student access to quality education across the country.  

 Online Lectures For Class 9 & 10 

As stated above, Prep By PGC covers the syllabus of all education boards of Punjab. The app contains over 1500 video lectures for classes 9 and 10, over 5000 MCQs, 4000 short questions, over 1000 long questions, and past papers for all subjects of matric. Thus, Prep By PGC combines all resources at a single platform and provides you access to everything you need to ace matric exams.  

Another feature that makes this initiative one of the best apps for schools students is that you can create self-assessment tests. Therefore, you have a chance to gauge the level of your preparation for matric exams, identify areas and subjects where you are lagging behind, and cover the weaker spots.  

Through past papers, you can cover a considerable portion of your matric course and understand the pattern of the exam as well. 

Prep By PGC is Free – It Costs Nothing  

Yes, you read it right! The best app for schools students is absolutely free. All you need to do is to sign up using your Facebook or Google credentials. Once your account is created, the app provides you free access to over 1500 video lectures for classes 9 and 10, over 5000 MCQs, 4000 short questions, over 1000 long questions, past papers for all subjects of matric, and self-assessment tests.  

Thus, if you utilize this app properly, you can significantly reduce your educational costs by getting rid of academies. It is a fact that academy expenses constitute a major chunk of a student’s overall education expenses; as a matter of fact, it has been observed that academy fees are higher than schools and colleges in several cities of Pakistan.  

Learn From Anywhere, Anytime 

Prep By PGC gives you an opportunity to learn from the comfort of your home. Unlike academies where you have to make a physical appearance at specific timings, the app gives you an opportunity to learn anytime and from anywhere. It is a proven fact that when your mind is at complete peace, you learn and understand things quickly.  

Another great feature is that it is extremely easy to navigate and use different tools and features of the website and the app. As the sole purpose is to facilitate users and provide them access to quality education, the interface is user-friendly.  

Thus far, the response to the app has been overwhelming. Tens of thousands of students have downloaded the app and used the website to benefit from the quality educational resources 

Android and iPhone users can download the app . Desktop users can click go to the website directly and start learning immediately.  If you are facing any trouble using the app or website, you can reach out to us at 

Prep By PGC is a one-of-its-kind initiative in the education sector of Pakistan. By getting the most out of this best free educational app, you can score excellent marks in the matric exams and get admission to top colleges in the country.  

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