PGC FSC Pre Engineering Admissions 2022 – Last Date to Apply

PGC FSC Pre Engineering Admissions 2022 - Last Date to Apply

FSC Pre-Engineering is your gateway to a prosperous career in chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. To enrol in an educational institution that is the synonym for excellence and quality in the education sector in Pakistan with a history of 37 years, get yourself enrolled in PGC FSC Pre Engineering through online admissions PGC 2022. Please read the article to know the benefits and do it now before the last date gets off.  

Introduction to FSC Pre Engineering at PGC  

The FSC Pre-Engineering programme is one of the most reliable options for students who want to pursue successful careers in a variety of engineering sectors. The programme serves as a springboard for preparing students to pursue bachelor’s degrees in prestigious universities and colleges.  

Subjects in FSC Pre Engineering Part I-II    

Punjab Group of Colleges PGC offers a rich curriculum for FSC Pre Engineering aligned with the guidelines of national boards’ approved curriculum. Students will learn the following subjects in their 11th and 12th classes.  

  1. Urdu  
  2. English  
  3. Islamic Studies  
  4. Pakistan Studies  
  5. Physics  
  6. Chemistry  
  7. Mathematics  

PGC incorporates the rich values of innovation, discipline, integrity, and empathy. Also, the technology is duly employed in teaching and training students to acing their tomorrow. For the same reason, online admissions PGC are commenced on the web portal. 

Record of Past Positions 

In 2020, there were 153 top positions bagged by the students all over the boards. The students of FSC engineering were also in the winning positions.  Position grabbing is a continuous phenomenon that is linked with PGC. This highlights the quality and assurance of the promises we deliver. 

Duration of FSC Pre Engineering I-II   

It takes two years to complete the curriculum. First-year and second-year final exams are conducted separately by the national boards of intermediate and secondary education, commonly known as BISE.  

State-of-the-Art Facilities at PGC for Pre-Engineering  

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) offers state-of-the-art facilities to its students enrolled in FSC Pre Engineering. The students will enjoy their education at PGC campuses.  

  • Qualified and Trained Faculty  
  • Well Equipped and Updated Labs   
  • Availability of Books and Reference Materials at Libraries  
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply  
  • Water Filtration Plants  
  • Digitally Equipped Classrooms  

Scholarships and Financial Assistance at PGC Pre-Engineering  

Students can have a wide variety of financial assistance and scholarship options in the Punjab Group of Colleges. The types of scholarships are described below.  

  • Merit Scholarship  
  • Financial Assistance  
  • 1122 Workers Concession  
  • Teachers’ Children Concession  
  • Kinship Concessions  
  • Shuhada’s Children  
  • Orphan Students  
  • Need-Based Scholarships  
  • Special Circumstantial Coverage  

The details of scholarships and concessions are available here.  

Extra-Curricular Activities at Punjab Group of Colleges  

Students will have a massively enjoyable atmosphere during their stay at Punjab Colleges for FSC Pre Engineering. Students can get their hobbies and talents addressed at PGC in addition to the focus on their studies. Certain societies and clubs are available that support diverse objectives. The details are available below.  

  • Debating Society  
  • Dramatic Society  
  • Music Society  
  • Literary Circle  
  • Sports Club  
  • Health Awareness Club  
  • Go Green Club  
  • Science Club  
  • Arts Club  
  • Tourism Club  
  • IT Club  
  • Young Entrepreneur Club  
  • Welfare Society  
  • Islamic Society  
  • Photography Society  

You can know here if you are interested in learning more about societies and clubs!  

Admissions are Open for FSC Pre Engineering 2022  

In 2022, as the matric results are declared, Punjab Colleges are accepting new batches for FSC Pre Engineering 2022. The online admissions PGC are open. You can fill out the form here.  

Do not Miss the Last Date of FSC Pre Engineering 2022  

It is essential to apply as soon as possible if you are interested in earning the FSC pre-engineering with clarity of concepts and awareness of the future dimensions. Punjab Colleges prepare their students for a better future through working knowledge and promising skills developments. However, visiting your nearest Punjab College Campus is essential to ensure your admission. Because every campus enrols its students as per their capacity, do not wait for the last date and visit your campus today to get admission to PGC pre-engineering 2022.  


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