What is an ADP Degree?


Associate degree Program (ADP) is a two-year degree program comprised of four semesters.  This is an authorised and approved degree program by the higher education commission (HEC) in Pakistan. It was introduced to replace the traditional BA and BSc two-year degrees. However, The ADP degree comprises dual years, but it has some other features that differentiate it from regular BA/ BSC, which the explained below.  

Know Associate Degree Program (ADP) Degree in Detail 

The constituent colleges of UCP offer the ADP admissions 2023 in the most demanded skills in Pakistan. The students will get an opportunity to have a skill-focused degree in less time than a complete four-year degree program, subdivided into eight semesters of equal length.  

After ADP, students can choose two pathways. Either they can enter the workforce or join the BS program from the fifth semester to proceed with further education.  

Duration And Methodology of ADP 

Associate degree Program (ADP) expands over a period of two years with four semesters. The course curriculum and the teaching methodology completely outshine the old traditional course and way of teaching in annual classes.  

The semester system is fast-tracked and effective, helping students learn more knowledge and information within a limited time frame.  Furthermore, the syllabus and course content also demand the latest trends, like presentations and project-based learning modules.  

Programs Offered in ADP 

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) have always been the leader in education. We have always tried our best to offer our students the latest education in terms of knowledge and facilities, aiming to develop trending and in-demand skills among our younger generation. The same value is expanded through other sister institutions.  Students will earn a university degree from UCP in ADP. 

Furthermore, the programs offered under the umbrella of associate degree programs (ADP) are the most demanded and sought-after programs on national and international levels.  

  • ADP Accounting & Finance
  • ADP Business Administration
  • ADP Computer Science
  • ADP Chemistry, Botany & Zoology
  • ADS Double Math & Physics 

Get a Degree from UCP 

In addition to covering skill-based education in half a time in comparison to the regular four-year degree program, ADP at PGC brings more to your table.  

Furthermore, the degree earned in the associate degree program offers massive opportunities in various fields. For instance, teaching, marketing, auditing, banking, sales, human resources, computers, maths, data analysis, and many others are possible with respect to the line of your choice.  

Admissions for ADP 2023 are Open 

The great news regarding the associate degree program is that admissions for 2023 ADP are open. Don’t miss a chance to earn a university degree for a less time investment. The ADP programs also offer a chance to enrol in the regular BS program in your related field once the ADP degree is completely pursued further studies.  

Learn More 

If you want to learn more about the associate degree program (ADP) you can get a read here. Furthermore, the scope of ADP is massive. You can also watch out the further education options after ADP.  

Benefits of a University Degree 

Studying at UCP Colleges brings the following advantages, read to learn more. 

  • You will earn a professional degree from the University of the Punjab. 
  • You will get a chance to learn from the world-class faculty teachers. 
  • You can avail of numerous scholarships and concessions. 
  • The campuses are equipped with the latest technology to enhance the learning experience. 
  • A chance to explore the possibilities of the university campus in your city 


To develop skill-based education over the period of two years, the associate degree programs (ADP) are the most suitable, authentic, and authorised degree formulations approved by HEC. You can get yourself enrolled in any of the ADP programs and earn a prestigious university degree from the University of Central Punjab (UCP) in your city.  



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