Universal Primary Education

It is the need of hour to understand the importance of primary education. Somehow, this is one aspect that has been neglected not only in our region but many other countries in the world. The world on the whole is now working towards the primary education of children. It is mostly the unstable regions where there are primary school dropouts or those that never attend a school. UNICEF is playing a major role in trying to eliminate illiteracy from the growing countries. Universal Primary Education is one of the its programs that is working towards every child’s right to primary education.

Globalisation And Primary Education Development In Pakistan

The world has become a global village. Globalization has influenced every aspect of life, since it has brought people of all continents on one platform of technology. Today anything that happens in one place is known by the remotest of areas. People are aware of their rights and needs; they now understand about the lacking of their lives and facilities of economical better countries. Globalization and primary education have a close relationship. In the field of education, it is required to instruct students with the same quality of education. It is globalisation which has made Universal Primary Education program possible in many underdeveloped regions of the world.

Unfortunately, there is a massive difference in the standard of education within schools of the same country. Same is the case within the education system of the world.  Globalisation and primary education development in Pakistan is a much-sought subject. Pakistan has been way behind in educating the masses. It is now blooming by planning on better systems in the government schools. In that way an average child can also benefit from quality education.

Importance of Primary Education

Where we talk about various aspects of education; one should not forget the importance of primary education in a child’s life. Primary education is the foundation of the educational journey. It is the first milestone in the life of a student. If this foundation is laid properly the student would not fail in any field provided hard work is done in later years.

Primary education all over the world covers specific goals in a child’s life. During the primary years of education, a child learns to interact with peers and to follow instructions. The initial education is not only about colours, crayons and swings with friends, it is much more than that. It gives independence to the children and enable them to develop a decision-making personality. It also teaches them to take care of themselves. Moreover, it develops and enhances their reading and writing skills.  Universal Primary Education Program ensures that every child is equipped with at least their basic level education.

The importance of primary education cannot be over looked in a child’s initial years, the environment that a school provides cannot be given at home. A child needs to be with other children to learn to interact in groups and be accommodative of the pace and personality of peers. Moreover, parents influence their children and it is important for them to leave over protective environment of home and learn to follow instructions of their teachers.

Universal Primary Education

Advantages of Primary Education

Out of many, here are a few advantages of primary education:

  • supports social and emotional development
  • Teaches confidence and independence
  • Enhances vocabulary
  • Boosts reading skills

Unfortunately, in our country not all schools provide such an environment for their children. The schools located in rural areas strictly teach course books to their students without realizing the importance of the basic skills that they need to learn. The practice of rote learning and cramming is common in schools of rural areas and some low calibre schools in cities. Children are made to cram books and personality building curriculums are missed out. The problem is not only lack of awareness but lack of resources is also there. Such schools are somehow neglected by the government and are self-run not realizing that in a child’s life there are many advantages of primary education which should not be disregarded. Universal Primary Education is also making sure to benefit such school by providing awareness towards the importance of education to reduce poverty and improve personal hygiene to help eradicate disease.

Development of Primary Education

Primary education has a key role in the educational development of a child, it prepares the child for higher classes and extended learning in later years. Although Pakistan has been a growing country and has faced several highs and lows but has always worked its best to improve the field of education. There are various universities, colleges and schools that provide the best of education however there are still schools and colleges that are way behind the modern education system which prevents many students from the growth and exposure they deserve.

Development of primary education is an important factor that is under consideration now in Pakistan. Many new schools are being established along with improved educational systems and lesson plans so that education at primary level can be improved all over the country. Globalisation and primary education development in Pakistan go side by side since our country is bringing its educational standards to the international levels. Through technology the development of primary education is becoming possible. Schools are adopting modern methods of teaching that are used by schools in developed countries. Their curriculums are available on internet which are being adopted to bring our own students to the international levels of education.

Role of Primary Education in Development

There is a distinct role of primary education in development of the personality of a child. It is a prerequisite and right of a child. Primary education is important to provide children with the opportunities of self-development and to become an important part of the society. Good primary education plays a vital role in creating minds that are critical thinkers, leader and innovators. It is believed that future of a country lies in the education of its children, basic education helps build nations. A quality primary education grows individuals that are caring and are supportive towards their fellows, it also instills intelligence and sensitivity towards humanity. The role of primary education in development of a child and a country cannot be denied. During initial years of education, a child learns moral lessons and develops a positive attitude towards life.

Many educational websites benefit the teachers however many educated parents can also learn various methods of helping their children with syllabi by using these sites. These websites provide thorough insight on the modern teaching methodologies. Globalization in education is also incorporated by providing teaching materials that can be used all over the world. This has impacted education all over the world.

In Pakistan there are many schools that are benefiting from the educational websites.  They are easy to understand and provide teaching material as well. Educational websites also make available many different worksheets and explanation to scientific terms so that the teachers and students both can utilize this material.

Universal Education

The situation of education in our country is quite dire. There are millions of children that never attend a school due to poverty or lack of awareness of parents. It is a common practice in rural areas to keep the girls at home and not educate them. Children admitted to schools often drop out or run away for various reasons. In this scenario, Universal Primary Education program is supporting the Ministry of Education by running various programs of training teachers and providing extra teaching staff. This program is facilitating education system to sustain and improve the quality of education country wide. The government in coordination with Universal Education is trying to achieve the level at which children of all classes are provided with quality education, good morals and a favourable environment.

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