Online Education: Aye or Nay!!!

In your early childhood, at some point of time or many times you may have thought why do you have to study? Why are there schools? Who invented books? Couldn’t I just live without having to read all the books in my bag? Well, every child goes through this phase before getting to realize the importance of formal and proper education. Education is not only the acquisition of knowledge but also the development of skills, behavior, values and habits.

A lot of people perceive education as only a source of being able to read and write, whereas education in itself is a lot more than what it is thought. Often education is confused with literacy. Let’s take a moment to learn the difference between the two. Literacy is being able to read books and write text and understand the scientific concepts or the mathematical equations whereas education is something that is within and inculcates high levels of morality, principles and integrity. Now here I absolutely do not mean that being literate is any less than being educated. But a blend of both in a person is a perfect match. There are examples of people who were highly literate but lowly educated due to which they became a source of failure for themselves as well as their nations.

online education

I wouldn’t want to advocate here on literacy or education but there is one other upcoming trend which is Online Education. It is a means of gaining education while not having to go anywhere or talk to anyone and acquiring education while sitting at home. The world is advancing at a great pace and undoubtedly man is inventing comfort in every kind of work.

Online education is cost effective since a lot of people cannot afford the high fee structure of schools and colleges. Nowadays many students are opting to study from an online system than to attend expensive colleges. Online education is specially a good idea for those who live in remote areas and regularly attending schools is not so easy for them. Online education provides the comfort of time for those that work to support their families. And the top most, you can study at your own pace without the pressure of time and place on you.

Pros And Cons Of Education

Education is a system of gaining knowledge but living in a world which consists of only books and not the real people around doesn’t make you a thoughtful person. In our country name any system and it possesses a couple of flaws, we will just consider a few pros and cons of education here.

More and more people are enrolling their children in prestigious schools so that they acquire a good lifeThere is a great number of families living below the poverty line whose children go out to labour at a very young age so that they can eat
Government is planning on free primary educationGovernment schools do not provide quality education
Plans on having education for allIn our country the problem of gender discrimination still exists due to which many girls are not encouraged to attend school
Prestigious schools provide advanced environment to studentsSchools with low income are unable to provide even the basic facilities to the students
Higher the marks are attained by a student the better future he securesA student’s capabilities are weighed in his marks attained not his talents

Benefits of Education

Education brings about a new angle of thinking to the mind, education creates change in the way of living it makes a simple man into a more responsible person. There are many benefits of being educated which includes the correct utilization of skills that are instill in you while reading books. Regrettably, in our country there are still many areas and tribes in which education is considered unhealthy for the mind. People do not want their children to attend school fearing that they will forget the ways of their forefathers and the family traditions. They do not accept the benefits of education. Let’s just list a few benefits of education here:

  • Education reduces poverty by educating the students of various means of earning and developing skills
  • With the development of skills better in income will occur
  • Education is not only about the development of mind but it benefits by giving you know how of the health benefits of various food items resultantly making you healthier
  • Educated parents can provide better lies to their children specially while looking after their health and medications as well as by giving them insight into various worldly hazards around them
  • Another benefit of education is that by all means it promotes gender equality

Advantages Of Education

Education in every form has advantages for the growth of humanity, as knowledge is shared and transferred from one generation to another.

While there are many advantages of education the sense of responsibility that it instills is supreme. When you are in your college life and there are assignment to be completed and tests to be learned, you find yourself responsible to do your own work. Nobody can come and blend information in you, this is your job and you have to do it, which makes you mature enough to handle your own tasks. While studying sciences you gain enough knowledge to analyse your surroundings logically. You can critically reason everything, you gain the capacity to question what is being taught or the information provided to you.

Another advantage of education is that while attending formal studies you experience being with people, you socialize and learn to live in harmony with those that differ in thoughts and approach. You get to have more opportunities of employment and chances of being placed in a good environment.  This empowers you to face new challenges and encounter obstacles with valour.

If you work towards acquiring education and toil towards your personal development, you can move on to professional education that can enable you to attain skills needed to make you place in the professional market. Your professional education can take you to the heights of success where your skill and competence will be your key to moving on. Don’t forget that education never ceases, and your continued education will keep you moving towards the accomplishments that you have always dreamed of. People who want to gain understanding and expertise believe in continued education for themselves.

Pros And Cons Of Online Education

Education is a blessing, we can learn from our peers, from books and from available resources. Online education has gained popularity and even teachers are now preferring to publish notes or keep students involved in various activities through emails. Although schools and faculty clearly understand the pros and cons of online learning but with the advancements in technology and the rising trends of online education they have started using it as a secondary method of keeping the students involved. Modern educational systems have You have read a lot about the benefits and advantages of education and the pros and cons of various education systems, let’s just now take a quick look on the pros and cons of the online education.

There is flexible schedule so you can study at your own timeYou cannot interact with your instructor and can miss out so much which is learned in one to one lecture
You have the time to search and wait for the programs until they are offeredYou may lose your quality time while waiting for the programs or course combinations you desire
24/7 access to lectures on different softwaresDon’t forget that technology is unreliable, it may leave you with a broken system or slow internet when you require it the most
You do not need to travel anywhere for your classesA new environment can teach you much and give you different perspective or approach on what you learn
You are self-motivated towards your plans and achievementsLack of social interaction can limit your learning and also your peers and instructors always motivate you when you need it

College Education Pros And Cons

College education is like icing on the cake, as cake is incomplete without good icing and decoration so is your education. College is a must and fulfills the core purpose of your educational program. It is always worth it to invest in your college education. A good college education creates a foundation of success for you coming life by giving you opportunities for advantageous jobs. After your college degree you have better chances of earning more than those who do not possess it. College education provides you with deep insight and knowledge of the subject that you learn.

Along with all this many you must be thinking that out of college education pros and cons there should be all pros and no cons to the subjects. Let’s elaborate a little, college degree is time consuming and needs a lot of effort and expenses. It may not ensure a job in the field that you have studied since specialized job is lesser in number. There are many jobs out there that actually do not require a college degree, you can excel in these jobs by your interest and expertise alone.

Finally! At least I would conclude that education is a blessing and is a must in no matter which form. You get it online or formally from a college or even if you get to learn from any other source, acquire it, it will benefit someday.

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