PGC Student Survey- A Chance to Win & Improve

PGC Student Survey

Businesses all around the world use survey as a research tool to uncover the answers to specific & important questions. These questions are varied, and cover a diverse range of topics & business decisions that require feedback to solve them.

A Way to Improve

Punjab Colleges launched a Student Survey on 15th December, conducted on the PGC Student and Web Portal. This survey aims to collect feedback regarding the quality of its academics and campus facilities. This initiative will help identify the hidden issues that students are facing, which will ultimately improve the quality of the service of Punjab Colleges. Through Student Survey, PGC aims:

  • To improve the existing services.
  • To enhance student satisfaction.
  • To bridge the gap between administration & students
  • To fulfil the uncovered gaps in current services

A Chance to Win 

The most exciting part of this survey is that students will get a chance to win exciting prizes. To win a prize, students need to fill the survey. All respondents will be entered into a lucky draw, and then selected winners will get a chance to win:

  • 25 Bikes
  • 50 Tablets
  • 250 Gift hampers

How to participate? 

To participate, download the latest version of the PGC App or visit the Web Portal:



Sign in to PGC App or Portal with your Microsoft credentials and then fill Student Survey.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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